Mommy Make-Up Review

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love multi-tasking! BUT especially love multi-tasking with cosmetics! In particular when I travel. I love only having to pack one item for eyes, cheek and lips. If you are the same way, you NEED to check out Mommy Make-Up.
The ultimate multi-tasking cosmetic – Smudge-proof Eye Shadow, Cheek Color, and Lip Color all-in-one!!

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to try one of these Any Wear Creme awesome colors. I chose Anna which is a matte warm rosy beige. I was surprised when my Any Wear Creme arrived, it’s such very small jar. I was worried that it wouldn’t last me all summer. I couldn’t have been more wrong; you really use such a small amount!! Seriously, small amount! This jar will last all summer and then some!!  Another added bonus is the Cream Definer Brush that is included with your anywhere cream. A perfectly shaped brush that makes applying my color so easy!

After watching Debra Rubin-Roberts, the creator of Mommy Makeup use Anna I found it really is this easy and quick to apply. You’ll be ready to face the world quickly and with fewer products!!

One hint I want to give you when using the Any Wear Creme; is to do one cheek at a time. Don’t dot both cheeks and then blend. Dot and blend right away. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that my skin is dry or I took too long to blend but the first couple of times I did the dot on both cheeks I wasn’t able to really blend my cheek color for a natural look. So, for those of us that are a little older and with dry skin, dot and blend right away one cheek or eye at a time.

On my lips; a small amount is all you need. I love this color with a clear lip-gloss over it. It’s the perfect nude color that I’ve been searching for. The perfect summer color that stays PUT on my cheeks and lips! I don’t wear eye shadow normally but I did test the Any Wear Creme on my eyes and was thrilled that I had no creases and no smudges at the end of the day.

The Anna is the prefect color for me, I prefer the natural look and Anna gives me exactly that. It’s the perfect neutral color that gives me that natural look.

I watch 3-year-old Alice all week, I don’t have the time to put on make up. LET alone touch up my face during the day. I usually add a touch of blush and off I go, but by noon the blush is gone along with any semblance of a hair style. NOT so with Any Wear Creme. This product is Alice proof!!  I love that the Any Wear Creme is waterproof too! NOT just smudge proof! Ahhh now if only I had the same for my HAIR!!

Any Wear Creme is a cream to powder finish so it doesn’t sit in your fine lines or wrinkles.  It’s also oil free and paraben free; AND it’s also great for sensitive skin.

Any Wear Creme is a multi-tasking creme-to-powder product that can be worn on the eyes, cheeks and lips. With its water-proof, smudge-proof finish Any Wear Creme is ideal for long days when you will have no time for touch ups.

It blends on eyelids smoothly and easily; Glides on cheeks for a glow of color; A long wearing lip color. Any Wear Creme is Waterproof, Budge-proof, Crease-proof, Smudge-proof, Cream to powder finish, oil-free, paraben-free and conditions skin with Vitamins A and E.

If you like Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow, you will love our Any Wear Creme!

Available in 6 shades:
Elsa – A pale shimmering lilac
Pink Icing – A pale pearlized pink
Crystal – A pale shimmering pewter
Anna – A matte warm rosy beige
Golden Caramel – A caramel brown with golden shimmer
Hot Fudge – A milk chocolate brown with copper shimmer

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Are you kidding? I found a product that gives me that natural no make-up look! It goes on easily. It lasts ALL DAY LONG!! Any Wear Creme really is smudge proof!!

I can’t wait to try Debra’s Mommy Makeup Mineral Powder; it’s a Mineral Based 4-in-1 Product is your PRESSED Powder, Foundation, SPF 15 and Soft Focus Finish All in One!  I’d love to know which product you would love to try over at Mommy Make-Up



  • Tamra Phelps

    I think this is a great idea. I’ve seen these types of things in stores, but it always seemed to me each one was really more for one spot or the other-you know, really pink that seemed definitely more for cheeks, or a brownish that was more for eyes. This seems suitable for eyes/cheeks/lips all together!

  • Sandy Cain

    Sounds great – especially the “Anna” shade – Matte warm rosey beige. I love the natural “No make-up” look, too. That’s why I don’t wear make-up. Besides, I’m gorgeous without it.

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