Mom’s additions update

Since it’s been awhile since I’ve updated you on the room addition for my Mother…… you know the one that we were supposed to break ground on August first?  Looks like our plans were finally approved by the City of Vista.  The contractor said we should be starting next Monday September 13th, but I’ll believe it when I see it!!
This weekend DH and I started building the gate for the trucks to get in the backyard.
So let’s recap here with our progress in pictures.

I emptied my office. (NO I’m not re posting the before pictures! I got to much harassment on those!)

Contractor dug a hole in the front yard. In June.  Hole still there.  I still have no idea why we have a hole in the front yard. Again I say the addition goes on the BACK of the house!!
Everything from the back of house has been cleared away……. ready to start.  Can you say dead yard. (I say that so you will think we use to have grass back there.  You’d be wrong… but I’d like to think you thought that!!)
Started to work on the fence, creating a double gate for equipment.  We still have to work on the second side tomorrow. So lucky you… more pictures to come!!

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