I know… I do find weird crap…..

Today I found these pictures… I understand tattoos.  I have a tattoo…  I love it!  My daughter designed it.  It’s on my foot. I wouldn’t change thing about it. I LOVE my tattoo!

But, this? THIS! I don’t understand. When I found these pictures my first thought was WHY?  My second thought was ‘NO REALLY…. WHY!!!!!!!! 

Someday you could get married… have children….. go to parent teacher conference??  Walk your daughter down the aisle?  OHMYGOD be a grandparent!?!  Okay that scared ME so I think I’m done for tonight.

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  • Lael

    I sat here for a good five minutes trying to picture these guys as old men…all I could do was wince. Wasn’t there anybody there to tell them that it was a BAD idea?!?!!!

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