Moving Day

Today’s exercise consisted of moving! Nooo not the moving like a workout dvd or a power walk. But the moving as in finally getting my Mom moved out of her mobile. We are about 75% moved! WOOO HOOOO!!!! I had GREAT help!! Zac (I swear the guy is as strong as an OX!! Boxes I could barely SLIDE ‘em to the next room he was pickin’ up like they were empty!) Selena and Dan both came to help after they worked a full day!! I have the best kids!! Tomorrow morning 7am the fun begins again!! (I really prefer walking with Kaki over this moving workout!! Besides Kaki let’s me be done in less than an hour……. this multi-all day workout I’m not likin’ at all!!!) I’m sooo not telling you about my diet for the day. (Seriously, does anyone eat healthy on moving day!? EVER?!?!) See ya tomorrow!

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