My Babies………

So the dryer has been beeping at me for ohhhhh about an hour. (YES! I know it’s wasteful! I KNOW!!! Don’t judge me! I heard your dyer last week!) But I’ve been hitting the “View Next Blog” button over and over and over again.  I’ve realized soooo many things looking at other amazing blogs!  First I really truly miss when my kids were little!  I miss those days of watching them sleep, run around screaming like banshee’s.  I miss FAMILY time!!  It comes so few and far between now that everyone lives in their own places. Moms just remember “The days are long, but the years are short!” truly remember to enjoy and treasure every second that your children are young!!  (AND get all the yard work you can out of them now cause they ain’t comin’ home to help once they move out!! I’m sure I just saw one of mine drive right on by while I was mowing the yard!)
All our family get togethers now have to include Skype.
The other blogs also made it clear I need a much ‘catchy’er’ (easy to remember) name for my blog.  Somebody go get me one.  Please!?

My site is also ummmm cluttered….. but if you saw my house…. you would understand it’s well, very me.  I’m addicted to family pictures.

Okay so now I’m off to fold the clothes. Stupid noisy dryer! Doesn’t it know I was on a ROLL!?!?!

Maybe one or two more kids pictures just cause I’m in a reminiscing mood.
See ya tomorrow!

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