My Kids Health iPad App

My Kid’s Health is designed for parents to track key information about their child’s health and development. This is all done in a beautiful, user-friendly interface, with appropriate graphs and reminders.
As parents, we were frustrated by the lack of apps that allow you to record your child’s key health data. This app fills that need for parents: 
  • general information such as blood type, health ID number, special condition
  • tracks height and weight (and head circumference in babies) 
  • includes vaccination schedules for children 
  • records doctor and dentist appointments, including diagnosis and medication 
  • tracks illnesses, including most common childhood illnesses
  • records allergies 
  • reminders for doctor/dentist appointments and vaccination are synched with the iPad calendar
One of the key differentiators we have is that the vaccination schedule is generated personally for the children, according to their birthdate and data for 194 countries (data is provided by the World Health Organisation, and national authorities).

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