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Families everywhere have joined our Hydration Movement to enjoy healthy, feel-good lifestyles by swapping sugared beverages for water. Join the movement, share your own stories and photos, plus enter Nestle’s Pure Life sweepstakes for a chance to win free water for a year!

I am so impressed with my Granddaughter Alice. She is two years old and her drink of choice?  Water!!!  Water is so good for you. For your skin, losing weight and not to mention quenching your thirst like no other drink can!  What is your drink of choice?? 

Did you know beverages make up 21% of the total caloric intake in the typical American diet. We all get thirsty – that goes without saying. And, both children and adults require proper hydration each day to help the body function properly. The problem is, while sugared beverages such as soda, juice and sports drinks may quench one’s thirst, they contain upwards of 140 calories in a typical 12 ounce serving. 

For those who are trying to maintain a healthy weight, drinking water instead of sugared beverages can reduce your caloric intake. Replacing one 12 ounce sugared beverage per day with water can trim more than 50,000 calories per year from your diet! 

*Based on replacing one (1) 12oz. 140-calorie sugared beverage daily with water for a year. 

Join me in pledging to drink more water this summer.  Not just you but your kids too!! 

Pledge for a chance to win $40 your way!!  Either Paypal, an Amazon, Target, Walmart, Home Depot or a Visa GC. 
Just follow the link to pledge to drink more water.  You have to like Nestlé® Pure Life® Hydration Movement! on facebook and say why Water is important to you! Quick! Easy!!  It’s not a test.  It’s a pledge to drink more water this summer! 
Entries will be verified! 

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