New Sport Neckband Hands-free Headset Review

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This is the first time I’ve tried a Sport Neckband Hands-free Headset and I had no idea what I was missing! This is a super comfortable way to wear your hands-free headset.  The neckband is a 3-D ergonomic design that rests comfortably behind and around your neck. The part of the headset that shows in the front is a hard plastic material that lays flat and comfortably at the collar-bone. It’s very comfortable! Behind the neck the headset is made of a very comfortable light weight rubber type material called a Elexneck strap .  This is really comfortable all the way around.  In the ends of the of the neckband is where the ear buds are stored.  To wear them gently pull them out and tuck into your ears.

Pairing this headset is super easy and took me all of 5 seconds. Push the call button and immediately on my Galaxy S4 popped up the words HV-900. I was paired. I also tried this headset on my iPad Mini 2 and my iPad Air 2. Equally as easy and fast to pair.

I’m quite happy with the approximately 10 hours of music/movie play time that was stretched out over several days. I love to lay in bed and binge watch shows on Hulu before I go to sleep at night. This little guy keeps up nicely! The additional 10 DAYS of standby time is a nice bonus. The HV-900 also offers up to 11 hours of talk time when connected to your phone. Again, I don’t know ANYONE that I want to talk on the phone with for 10 minutes; let alone 11 hours!! I’m more of a text girl. Phone calls, I’d rather do short and sweet!

When I connect this headset to my phone I have to be in the same room with the phone, it can’t be blocked by walls or windows or I do lose signal. However I normally keep my phone in my back pocket so this isn’t a huge issue for me. Your phone must be within 30 to 32 feet of your headset in-order to use your headset. That’s more than enough distance for me. As long as I am in the same room as the device I have not heard any static or noise coming over the headset. I also get NO echo and no ‘going through a tunnel’ sounds either.

More to love is the built-in microphone so I can easily talk on the phone with this headset. There is also a vibrating call alert which is awesome!! I can make and receive calls safely and easily, no matter what I’m doing. Another huge perk is the voice guidance so this really is an easy to operate the headset.

Call, Answer and Redial the last number. There is even a battery status alert; all you have to do to check the battery status is press and hold the Volume DOWN button for a second. There are 3 levels of battery status: “Battery high”,”battery medium” and “battery low”. The battery status indicator of the headset will appear on the iPhone screen.  I tried for that screen on my devices and the battery status indicator doesn’t appear on the iPad or the Galaxy S4. It’s okay that the message doesn’t appear on my devices because there is an audible battery status alert that tells you when it’s time to recharge.  The charging cord is included with your headset.

This style of headphones is super comfortable, stable to wear. The earbuds stay put in my ears and I actually forget I’m wearing them. The position of the controls is another great perk. There is a large Play/Pause button on one end with a small fast forward and rewind button on that same side on the outside of the collar piece. The other end of the collar piece is a button that launches Siri on my iPad or answers a phone call on my S4. You can also hold the talk button down for a few seconds to redial the last person called. HOW cool is THAT?!!? I can also control the volume directly on the headset. NICE!!

The sound quality is great, it has more bass than several of the other headphones I own. The music and movie sound is great. The phone calls were clear! What more could I ask for?! I really can’t believe how much more comfortable this device is than other ear-bud-style headsets; this is largely due to the fact that the neck piece evens out the weight of the headset and stops the ear buds from falling out of your ears.

Charging the headset was quick; although it took me forever to find the charging port! Which if you are using this to exercise with is a great thing because I don’t believe any sweat can get into this headset!! The charging port is inside the headset up from the phone icon. Tucked in nicely.


Not a single one! This Sport Neckband Hands-free Headset is comfortable to wear. Excellent sound. What’s there to whine about?

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