New Years Traditions And Novica #JadeObelisk

2016 is racing towards us at lightening speed!! Do you realize we will be singing Auld Lang Syne in just 9 days!! Seriously, nine days!!  Didn’t we JUST say Happy New Year a few weeks ago?!?!

Our family has a few quirky traditions that we do every year to ring in the New Year for instance; at 11:58 pm we open the back door and let out all the bad things that happened the previous year. At midnight we open the front door and let in all the good luck and prosperity.  At the front door are 12 green grapes for each of us. The 12 grapes represent 12 months of good luck. Of course the grapes are tricky!! You have to eat 12 grapes in a minute!! Be sure all 12 grapes are gone before 12:01!  Bite and swallow, try not to choke; that would take the year in a whole different direction!

Black-eyed peas On January 1st have a bowl of Black-eyed Peas to bring the entire family prosperity.

2016 I am adding a very beautiful and much easier GOOD LUCK tradition to our home!!  Displaying our new Prosperity obelisk.  A beautiful jade sculpture!! This is a Carved Jade Obelisk Sculpture ‘Prosperity’ Speckled Jade. This beautiful sleek obelisk is not just elegant but beautiful focal point to our home!!

My NOVICA Jade obelisk, ‘Prosperity’ Geometric Jade Obelisk Sculpture from Peru arrived quickly, very well packaged and arrives in perfect condition without a scratch on it.

Did you know that Speckled Jade Stone is believed to attract wealth and prosperity. The Jade Stone is smooth and polished. The stone weighs in at 1.6 pounds and is 7¼” tall and 2″ wide. It looks beautiful on our mantle and on our side table. I can’t make up my mind where to showcase this beautiful piece!! I truly thought about the coffee table, but Grandkids AND GROWN kids want to touch it and hold it!! So up high it goes!

Another reason that I love Novica products is the fact they send information about the artist that created your new treasure. For instance this piece was created by Cesar Gonzáles.  Born on February 20, 1962, Cesar Gonzáles has worked as a stone carver since 1988. Before that his job was in residential construction, building and finishing houses. But after learning the technique of stone sculpture in the workshop of a friend, he found he preferred it; the following year he became independent and began to create his own images. 

A married man, Gonzáles has a son and three daughters. The oldest girl shows the most interest in her father’s art and even assists him.

Gonzáles works with serpentine, rose manganese, calcite, celestite, red jasper, mottramite, chrysocolla, rhodochrosite and quartz. He travels to mines in the central sierra to acquire minerals and materials of all kinds. “I work in stone because of the beautiful things that can be made with each kind,” he says. “I like stone’s naturalness and purity of color.”

“I like stone’s naturalness and purity of color.”

When was the last time you knew so much about a new piece of art in your home?  Not just art but jewelry too. Everything that comes from Novica comes with information.

If you’ve been around Peanut Butter and Whine for a while you know that I am a HUGE fan of Novica! My wish lists always include something from Novica. Not just for me but it’s the first place I look when I am shopping for gifts because I am never disappointed.  Since new items arrive daily there is always something new to see and and of course tuck away on my wish list.
NOVICA logo with black background

I can’t help it; I am thoroughly and completely infatuated with Novica; they make it their mission to GIVE BACK! I love that!! To date Novica has sent over $60 MILLION dollars back to artisans around the world. Novica gives artisans around the world fair prices, no binding contracts, and the freedom to make a success of their craft by building a sustainable business. What that means to me? It means I can feel good about purchasing products from Novica. HUGE bonus is the quality and workmanship is amazing. I have NEVER been disappointed in a single item I’ve purchased.


None! Not a single one! My new NOVICA Jade obelisk is so beautiful. It’s truly a beautiful sculpture!



  • Stacy

    I never heard of eating black eyed peas until I moved to the south, and now it is something that I like to eat for New Year’s too. I love Novica and I have a few items I have purchased from there (my purse, a necklace, an ornament, and most recently, a dress). I love that everything comes with a story about the artisan who created it.

  • Carol S.

    The Jade sculpture is stunning, you are so lucky! I remember as a child my Mom used to open the back door to “air out the bad and negative” also.

  • Dee Schwark

    I’m so glad you said to comment on this post…I love rocks and crystals so I will have to check this out 🙂 P.S. love the reading these comments!

  • Rosanne

    I love all those superstitions and I mean that in a good way! I wish I’d known this and had been letting all the bad out the back door. There has been so much over the years. If it’s not to late I’m going to try it next year.

  • Angela Poplar

    Too bad Im reading this post after January 1st or I would have made my family eat some Black eyed peas lol! Maybe if I eat some late I will still gain prosperity?!

  • Audrey Okaneko

    I think opening the back door and letting out the old year is cool. We tend to hang on to so much. I love new beginnings, new opportunities, new friends etc. What a cool tradition you have.

  • Kelly O

    I love the idea of opening the back door, then the front door. That is such a great way to visualize the start of good fortune and letting go of the old. That Jade sculpture is beautiful. I have a jade elephant, and it is so beautiful. I love the idea behind Novica. Such a great way to spend your money.

  • Kristen

    I once gave my mom a Novica GC, and the ring she chose was lovely, but the best part was the time we spent together pouring over the site trying to choose. So many lovely things!


    The ‘grape’ thing is done all over Spain as well – very traditional there. Obviously not here in Ireland though (with our weather?) but there are lots of old Celtic/Druidic traditions that still exist especially in country areas, more in line with the Winter Solstice.

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