NICOmate Electronic Cigarette Review & Give AWAY!!

disposable cigaretteToday’s review is about a disposable electronic cigarette made by NICOmate. With a little help from my Mom!  Followers meet Mom!  Mom meet my peeps!!  Peeps this is Helen or Geeg, but really you can call her Mom…

Moms a smoker.  For 30 or 35 years even!!  This is the one thing I would change about Mom. I’ve never been a smoker……. I’m really not one of THOSE nonsmokers…I’m not rude and obnoxious I just…..  it’s just that well, cigarette smoke smells BAD!!!

When DH gave up cigarettes 2 years ago and I was hoping Mom would give up the habit too….she didn’t,  so, when I was offered a chance to review NICOmate I jumped at the chance!!   (I am all about the subtle!! GUESS what you’re doing MOM?!?!?!)

So, this review is from a smoker of 30+ years!

HELEN: The first thing I noticed was the cigarette felt heavier than a normal cigarette.  It’s the same size as a regular cigarette, just a little more weight.
After the first day I didn’t even notice that it felt heavier.
The NICOmate feels and tastes so real that I forgot I could actually smoke in the house, which I NEVER do!!
This single NICOmate Electronic Cigarette replaced 2 full packs of regular cigarettes.
The vapor from the NICOmate looks like smoke from a real cigarette but there is absolutely no odor.  The sensation of smoking the NICOmate is as real as smoking a real cigarette for me. The taste is that real.
I don’t have any withdrawal symptoms.  The first day I had 4 real cigarettes.  The second day only 3 real cigarettes and NO withdrawals! AWESOME!!

So, how do electronic cigarettes work?  Well, it’s pretty amazing actually!  Almost like a vaporizer that you use when the kids have a cold…….. same principal.  The three working parts are:
  • Cartridge
  • Atomizer
  • Battery

The cartridge resembles a cigarette butt and serves as the mouthpiece a well as a reservoir for the liquid nicotine. The liquid passes from the cartridge to the atomizer and once the liquid is vaporized the vapor returns to the cartridge and is inhaled by the user.

The atomizer vaporizes the liquid nicotine, and is equipped with a simple thread like metal netting used draw the liquid from the cartridge. The atomizer is located at the center of the electronic cigarette in between the battery and cartridge. The atomizers quality will diminish after repeated use due to buildup of residue which means it has a life limit.

The electronic cigarette battery is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and is the largest of the three components. Most e-cigarette batteries have an airflow sensor triggered by simply by drawing breath through the cartridge. A LED resembling the lit part of a cigarette will light up indicating activation. After about 5 seconds the light will repeatedly flash and power will shut off until air flow has completely stopped. The light will also flash rapidly when the battery is out of charge.Batteries are charged via outlet, car, or USB. Some brands also offer a portable charging case which resembles a cigarette pack. Like all rechargeable batteries are rechargeable, the electronic cigarette battery will diminish in quality over time.

For more information and more detail there is a whole page of information on how the cigarette works. How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work.   

For those who wish to purchase a full kit but are hesitant on making the investment NICOmate offers a 2-week free trial. Pay the shipping and handling fee of $14.95. Try the NICOmate for 2 weeks, send it back if you don’t feel it’s a good fit for you.  If you choose to keep the product you will be charged $89.95 Your card will be charged 20 days after their initial order date if NICOmate has either not received a returned package or one was returned with a post mark after the 14th day.
Disposable electronic cigarettes by NICOmate are the perfect travel companion and a great way to introduce someone to the a premium smoking alternative! Our disposable ecigarettes are ready to use out of the box and require no assembly or charging. Simply open and enjoy. Get a consistent vapor anywhere you go. NICOmate premium disposable ecigarettes generate more than 400 puffs…that’s nearly a pack and a half of traditional tobacco cigarettes!

  • Sold in packs of 4
  • 60% less than other disposable ecig brands
  • 400 puffs = about 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes
  • One-piece Construction
  • No charging or assembly required. Ready out of the package.
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece
  • Premium NICOmate Cartomizer Technology Ensure Consistant Smoke
  • All natural eLiquid available in both Tobacco and Menthol flavors
  • Perfect for first time electronic cigarette users
GGDisposable electronic cigarettes are non-rechargeable products that are ready to use out of the box and can be thrown away once the vapor has finished. Each NICOmate disposable ecigarette offers the same refreshing flavors in a convenient and low cost package. Keep them in your car, purse, or in your desk at work!

Mom gives NICOmate 2 very enthusiastic thumbs UP!!! Or a high five… or maybe that just means turn the camera AWAY!!

Did I mention that Mom HATES having her picture taken???

The awesome people over at NICOmate are not only offering a deluxe starter kit to try for 2 weeks for only $14.95 but they are giving away one NICOmate Electronic Cigarette for a lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower to try out!! Good LUCK!!

Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine Moms and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.



  • San Dissanayake

    Smoke have forever kind of gross me out. I feel bad that people who smoke feel so obviously socially shunned but I don’t know what to say. It sucks when you are a non smoker and someone is smoking around you. It sucks that people think they can just throw their “butts” on the ground and not give a crap about the surroundings. It hurt me to see people I love slowly hurting themselves badly by engaging in this habit. I’ve tried to date girls who smoked before and it just didn’t work for me. The smell, the taste, it’s just too much. I always look at people who smoke and wonder what we would do as a society if there were people who just walked around punching themselves sin the face in front of everyone. Wouldn’t we try to stop them? I know it isn’t the exact same thing but damn people, do I really have to watch you slowly kill yourself walking around the street? I don’t know, people can do what they want but we don’t let people do many other damaging drugs on foot around the streets in broad daylight, it’s weird to me that this one is OK. Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes

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  • Spots8105

    I am a smoker as well, but I do try my hardest not to offend others around me. I wash my hands immediately after smoking and keep some Frebreeze with me if I am out in public so as to avoid offensive odors. I have one of these electronic cigarettes, and they help somewhat, but it just isn’t the same, although I attempt to use the electronic cigarette more and more each day to help me quit. Thanks for the great review.

  • Anonymous

    I am a smoker also and I know how addicting it is. I get up in the morning and have my coffee and a cigarette to start my day. Thank you for letting us know about the Electronic Cigarette.

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