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Night Stars Landscape Lighting Celebration Series!

I am a huge geek. I can’t help it! I love gadgets and I adore decorations of all types!! I am giddy over this Night Stars Landscape Lighting Celebration Series light. This IS SO COOL!!!

This is a motion projection lighting system that displays a kaleidoscope of bright, fun, festive, and interchangeable images on your house or just in a room.

I have slides for every holiday and then some!! I can use my Night Stars inside or outside and ALL YEAR LONG!!

There are 12 specially designed slides are easy to switch and truly transform any area from ordinary to extraordinary. Display the images in a fixed position or at 3 different selectable motion speeds. You will have the dancing lights anywhere you have a power supply.

I can’t wait for the next birthday celebration!! At Christmas time I have the Grandkids over for the welcome the Elf’s (as in Elf on The Shelf) home breakfast and I can’t wait to see their faces when the room is covered in dancing snowflakes!!

The Night Stars light would be so COOL for dances! For pool parties!! The possibilities are endless!!


There are twelve slides snowflakes, fireworks, reindeer, fall leaves, birthday balloons, green clovers, bats & witches, stars, hearts, butterflies too.

The device is made with a cast aluminum body and stake. The entire thing is weather resistant.  The light has a 6 hour on and 18 hour off timer which is awesome!! There is an on-off-speed control button. If you don’t want to use this light outside there are rubber feet and a kickstand to keep it stable on the floor.  For use outside, attach the lawn stake to the bracket (kickstand) and you’re in business.

The cord is 25 feet long so it’s easy to set the light up outdoors.

Switching out the slides is super easy:

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Paaaalease!! I’m having a great time with these lights!! I can’t wait for Christmas!!! Or 4th of July or Easter or ummmm never mind I can’t wait till it’s dark and I can plug-in my light show again!! This is fun, easy to use, well made and durable. ViaTek has a HOME run with this baby!!



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