No bye bye…. yet….please…..

I’m going to miss summer. It’s so much easier for me to eat healthy. Number 1 it’s too hot to really over eat (who am I kidding?!? I could over eat in an oven! But in my fantasy blog saying it’s too hot to eat sounds so much better!) Number 2 I love fresh fruit. Green grapes, white meat peaches and watermelon. I know I KNOW! I live in California where I can get all that year around but I like it when it’s more $$reasonably$$ priced!! (that’s just nice way to say I’m really cheap!)

I did really good today. I ate smart. I exercised this morning for 45 minutes with Kaki. But tonight I feel bloated like I just went on a candy free-for-all…. WHY!?!? WHY??!?! That’s not fair. I WAS GOOD!! EVEN when no one was LOOKING I was good!!! What’s UP WITH THAT!??! Is it because I said I was going to cheat later this month? My body just said…… fine… we’ll show you!?!? Or is it this stupid menopause thing?! It would be nice if the hot flashes and night sweats at least burned fat! It’s the least they could do!! (ohhhh someone is a LITTLE testy tonight aren’t I??!! Good thing DH went to work already. HEY!!! wait a minute …. is that why he left early?!?!)

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