Oh my!!

What a day!! Well, first! I had my hair done today. I’m blonde. VERY, VERY blonde!!!  I can’t decide if I like it or not.  I’m blonde!! As in ……. well, BLONDE!!!!!  I haven’t been blonde since 1983!!!  It’s very different from my red locks! Really, it has thrown my day way off………. I’m like  my Goliath or Samson………. or someone……… I can’t write………. hair ………… blonde………….




  • Sarah L

    Yes, your public demands a new picture of the blonde you.
    Alice’s hair looks very red in the Twix pixs. (had to do that)

  • maureen

    I get help in my blondeness. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I go a bit deeper (dark) but I was born blonde. I am more of an ash blonde.

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    Send pics! Then we can vote on it for you! 🙂 Just tell HD you mixing things up a bit and thought he might enjoy something different. Oh and they say blonds have more fun! Just sayin! I try to help where I can. LOL

  • Shannon

    I want to see a pic. I bet it looks great. And this reminds me of something an old friend used to say to me when I said something like this. “You’re a dork, but you’re my dork”. And Fight Club. See post on FB 5/30/14 😉

  • nancy chipriano

    Yay! Another blonde in the world! I say see what people think and it just might grow on you. Maybe you’ll keep it!

  • Sandra VanHoey

    Hope you post a pic, it is always a shock but maybe others will think it looks great. I remember going from dark hair to blonde years and years ago and left it like that. It shocked me as well at the time.

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