On Line Fundraising!

Raising money online…when did THAT become so normal? Online Fundraising is the EASIEST way to raise money for what’s important to you. From medical bills, honeymoons, college tuition, and new start up businesses…you can raise money for anything with Move Your Mountain.

There a quite a few social funding websites out there…but, be certain, that Move Your Mountain not only has the LOWEST rates but, also the customer service and mentoring staff to help you reach your fundraising goals. You actually RAISE more and KEEP more money with Move Your Mountain

Times really are changing. Gone are the days of suffering privatly for medical bills that need help getting paid. There will soon be no more candy bars and wrapping paper sold door to door for school fundrasiiers as school organizations learn more about Online Fundraising and how simple it is. Using the technology that we have available to us is simply AMAZING~What wonderful things can be changed as a result.

Get started today. Help a family member, friend, or neighbor raise money for a cause today! It’s FREE to set up and you’ll begin raising money in minutes!


  • Rosie

    I see more and more options are moving to online, I’ve never participated in anything like these, though, but I’ve been reading articles about it – how times are changing!

  • Dee Lafrenz

    So many things have changed with the internet. It does not surprise me, it is an easy way to get exposure for great causes. I really believe in giving back. My hubby used to fix computers and give them to kids whose families could not afford to buy new ones. He installed learning games, and memory games for them, and showed them how to use computers. Giving back is such a wonderful feeling!

  • Brandi Dawn

    I will really miss those door to door candy bars, but they already come so few and far between…I do however, love the convienence of online fundraising. This looks like a legitimate site.

  • polly

    It’s amazing that it can be done online. You have to think about the kids safety even though I never let my kids go by themselves for their fundraisers. We still need to help out the schools with $$$$$$ since so much is taken away nowadays.

  • Kelly

    When I was a kid, I really enjoyed the door to door sales. I think it helped strengthen our communities, and gave me a confidence, that on-line sales would not allow for. However, the online sales would be so much safer for the kids and allow for a much larger reach.

  • Stacy

    I would never thought to raise money for myself online, only for causes I support (like Relay for Life or the Komen 3 Day). It actually makes me mad that so many people do this. I understand falling on hard times (needing help with medical bills) but having people fund your honeymoon is SELFISH!! I guess I was raised to live within my means and would never dream of trying to raise money for myself for something extravagant. I work my butt off to pay my bills and I am a very frugal person and I save my money to be able to buy the things that I want and do the things that I want. Seriously I am so disgusted at the thought it this right now that I want to throw up.

  • Jessica

    Easy but not very successful. I’ve tried doing this to raise funds for a raise, it failed. Currently doing it to help cover legal bills. Also not succeeding.

    Heck seen one for a girl who was on TV. They got a huge chunk after that but after a month, nothing.

    I’d love to see how to make it more successful, but not really finding anything out there. Good luck though.

    By the way. You do YouTube, you should look into Patreon.

  • Carol Smith

    This really has become a popular way to do fundraisers lately. It is wonderful that this can be done in the comfort of ones home, especially during the winter months when traveling can be terrible. Sadly I have also heard of fake accounts being set up which only makes some people frown upon using this system.

  • Amie Heckman

    As a child, I remember knocking on doors to sell candy bars to raise money for our school. Now that it is online it may be a way to raise so much more money as you can reach so many people without leaving your home. As with anything I think there is a huge learning curve

  • Aimee Trader

    I love the random knocks on the doors of children who are trying to raise money for a good cause. It is teaching our children to help out!

  • Christine A.

    I love the “Move Your Mountain” slogan. I’m not very familiar with online fundraising but I have seen more cases of it on social media. I wonder how long before the idea really catches on in my area. I still see a few local sports team and schools raising money with car washes and things like that.

  • DD

    This definitely looks like it would make fundraising simpler, quicker, and more effective. Technology has done wonders for spreading the word about great causes recently!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I think it’s a great idea, but I suspect the door-to-door candy bar sellers will still pop up, lol. Those impulse buys probably make up a huge chunk of their sales!


    It’s definitely catching on over here in Ireland as well. All the big charitable agencies now use Facebook & other social platforms to raise much needed funds. Of course you have to have money in order to give money, but that’s another VERY long story!

  • ginette4

    I love the idea..no more calling, seems easier to set it up online..heck everyone is online anyway and why not help with sharing it along, people are giving,

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