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Online Entertainment Options for Lockdowns

We’ve already been through quite a few lockdowns and when people are confined to their homes, they turn to the web for their social contact and entertainment. Here are a few examples of entertainment options when the next lockdown comes.

Online Gaming – Whether you like Call of Duty or a session on the online slot machines looking for that elusive jackpot, there’s an online game for everyone. There was a surge in membership to online casinos when Covid first emerged; people who usually played sports or went for drink at the pub registered to play online games instead. For the footy fans who were missing the excitement of watching games in person, football betting became a great way to add excitement back into it. Even though the restrictions have been lifted, most players continue to visit the casino and bet on sports, as it is an enjoyable user experience.
Streaming content – There are many digital platforms, some free and some subscription; if you love nature or sci-fi documentaries, it’s all there and for a few dollars a month, you can access thousands of top-rated docs streamed directly to your digital device. Netflix is mega-popular; search for the top series and binge-watch 4k content whenever you feel like it. Load up on the popcorn and the lockdown can last a year as far as you’re concerned. Here are a few fun activities to keep your kids engaged during the festive season.
Podcasts – You can listen to Joe Rogan while doing the housework and if the weather is OK, plug in your pods and away you go. Type ‘podcasts’ into Google’s search window and be amazed! The list is endless and every topic imaginable would be covered by someone. Podcasts have been around for years and since lockdowns started, the number of people who listen is growing; Joe Rogan has millions of followers, Shaun Atwood also attracts a huge subscription following, with really interesting guests and whistle-blowers for the conspiracy guys..
Streaming live sports – The UFC is probably the most popular, with pay per view for major events and lots of free stuff on YouTube. A lot of people attend live sporting events and when that isn’t possible, they turn to livestream events, which they can enjoy in real time. If you follow the F1 circuit, you can be there in a virtual sense, in the paddock and hear what the drivers are saying. The MotoGP calendar is covered, along with the Superbike class; the Isle of Man TT races can be enjoyed virtually, what’s not to like about that?
Zoom chats – If you have a wide circle of friends, arrange Zoom meetings and you can share your experience with family and friends. While it might not be the same as face-to-face contact, you have audio, video and a host of features like sharing files and using a whiteboard. We all need social contact and if we are in a pandemic, Zoom and other VoIP platforms are perfect for staying connected with those who are important to us.

The World Wide Web offers much in the form of entertainment and for most people, the Internet is an integral aspect of their lives and digital development is ongoing with the 10x speeds of 5 and 6G to enrich the experience.


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