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Thank heavens for the Oraline system!! Emma and Eli Love, love, LOVE their personalized toothbrushes! More importantly, they are excited to brush their teeth and always want to be the one to put their toothbrush in the UV Sanitizer when they’re done. Think of how much healthier all around they will be!!! The UV Sanitizer eliminates 99% of all germs!!

So, what do we love the most about the Oraline System? First and foremost, Emma and Eli WANT to brush their teeth!!

Little girl brushing teeth


The E’s love their cute little toothbrushes!! Personalized toothbrushes! Just the right size for their little hands!!
Tooth brush system

Emma and Eli always put their toothbrush in the UV Sanitizer when they’re done.

Once the brushes are in the UV Sanitizer you can treat up to 5 toothbrushes at once. The Ultraviolet light automatically comes on when door closes, and cycles for 10 minutes. The UV Sanitizer has built in fan for fast drying and eliminates 99% of the germs!!

Order your own Oraline Kit:

*UV Sanitizer
*12 Tubes of BBGUM Toothgel
*1 set of 6 Customized Toothbrushes
For $59.95 
Don’t forget!! The first 100 people who order the Oraline kit will receive a fantastic gift bag!!! Just for ordering – No additional charge! – Free!

Learning about the Oraline System has taught me a lot about oral health. I started with the Fact or Fiction Healthy Mouth quiz. I only got 7 out of 10 right!! For instance, did you know your child should go to the dentist by their FIRST BIRTHDAY!?!?!?  I had no idea!!! When you take this quiz come back and tell me how you did.  (Unless of course you score 10 for 10 then I’ll just feel worse!)

Here are a few more ways to help you get the kids excited to brush!  Printouts, games and videos! Like this one!!

Oraline Logo

Woman’s Day magazine article 10 Things YOUR Dentist wants to tell you

Woman’s Day magazine article 3 Ways to Get Kids to Brush Their Teeth


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