Oraline The New Way to Fight Germs Review

Oraline system

I’m excited to introduce you to the Oraline “The New way to Fight Germs system”. 
If you’re like me you fight with your kids to actually BRUSH their teeth and then that’s it. Yea!! They brushed!! Yea… they’re in bed!  What I never really gave another thought to, was leaving those same toothbrushes in the bathroom. Let’s face it, no matter how fantastic a house keeper you are….. the bathroom is still the grossest, dirtiest room in the house.
Thank heavens for the Oraline system!! The UV Sanitizer eliminates 99% of all germs!!  NINETY NINE PERCENT!!

The Oraline kit includes:
*UV Sanitizer 
*12 Tubes of BBGUM Toothgel 
*1 set of 6 Customized Toothbrushes 
  For only $59.95
****The first 100 people to order the Oraline kit will receive a fantastic gift bag with all sorts of extras for the kids!!  WOOO HOOOO!!!  

12 TUBES of toothgel? 6 personalized toothbrushes? WITH the UV Sanitizer?! For $59.95?? WOWOWOWOW!! 

SERIOUSLY!!! Aren’t these are the CUTEST toothbrushes!?!?!
I love the personalization with the E’s names on them and a cute little picture. I personalized the toothbrushes for Emma and Eli the way I wanted.  But, you could add your child’s picture on the toothbrushes if you want!!

Super easy ordering and personalizing!!  Start with the toothbrush, do you need a brush for a 2-4 year old (Features 22 Tufts of Extra-Soft bristles. It also has a wide grip for easy handling) or the 4-7 year old (Features 28  Tufts of Extra-Soft bristles. It also has a wide grip for easy handling). 
Click the bright red ADD NAME AND FACES button.
On the next screen you’ll pick the color of the edging on the toothbrush and add the text. SUPER EASY!!!  I love the customization!!

That’s it!!  You’re done!! How easy is THAT?!?! Then you’re on your way to kids that will be excited to brush and store toothbrushes in the UV Sanitizer that will kill 99% of all bacteria!! For only $59.95??  YEA!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!! 


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