Photography Workshop Review Part 6

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This is my wrap up of Easy Photo Class.  I have learned so much during this class.  I’m using all of the features that my camera has instead of just the AUTO button!! I’m even using buttons I didn’t KNOW I HAD!!

I truly believe that using the Photography Workshops I am a better, more adventurous photographer.

Not only have I learned how to adjust for lighting, but I’ve learned about lens openings, lens care, battery care!  ISO to Memory Cards.  I also learned to make my own Lens Visor which Jerry gives you step by step instructions at the end of the Easy Photo Class. What a GREAT bonus this Visor is!!!

For me the most important aspects of the Photography Workshops are:
     # 1. Being able to go back anytime I need to and watch a chapter to refresh my memory.
     # 2. Each chapter is short. I don’t have a lot of time to sit and take a whole course at one time. The
            classes are the perfect length.
     #3.  The assignments at the end of each chapter.  I found that actually doing what I learned made the
            lesson sink in!
     #4.  Each lesson shows a real camera (several different cameras actually) so I was able to follow along
            and see where each control, button or setting was on my camera. (remember I actually found
            buttons that I didn’t realize my camera had!!! AND I use my camera almost daily!!)
     #5.  The Easy Photo Class is EASY!!!

Alice and her Foil hat

I took this picture of Alice in a dark room. She is crystal clear!!  (This is what happens when NaNa gets bored we make foil hats so the space aliens can’t read our minds!)  I really love this shot!! You can see how perfect her skin is! I LOVE the look on Alice’s face!! I would have been so sad to have missed this shot!!

I am so thankful to Jerry for the opportunity to review the Easy Photo Class. This class really has made me a better photographer, who understands her camera!!!

I hope you’ll take a look at Easy Photo Class.  From beginner to Advanced can really learn a lot!
Now…. I’m off to take more pictures!!

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