OraMD Breath Spray

DSC_4740I’m a huge fan of OraMD! From the drops that you put on your toothbrush in place of toothpaste or on your tongue for a mouthwash. NOW??  Now there is a BREATH SPRAY!! This tiny little bottle packs a POWERFUL clean!!

The 5 ml size OraMD Breath Spray makes it easy to pop in my purse and take anywhere. Coffee breath? GONE! Garlic? GONE!  No amount of gum or little candy breath fresheners can even come close.

Truly fresher breath than you can ever imagine.  One spray and you’ll feel like you’ve just brushed your teeth. Your breath will be fresh for hours!!

OraMD has no GMO (Genetically-Modified Organism) ingredient
OraMD is fluoride free
OraMD contains all-natural ingredients – oils of peppermint, spearmint, almond
OraMD contains no alcohol or extra sugar.

The 5 ml spray bottle equals 60 sprays!!

OraMD’s mint oils gives your entire mouth that clean minty fresh tingle! OraMD’s formula helps to kill the bacteria that causes your bad breath. You can’t get any easier or better than that!

    *Preliminary clinical studies have shown OraMD’s ingredients to be very effective against fighting periodontal bacteria and eliminating bad breath
*OraMD is used by people suffering from dry mouth, bad breath, red gums, bleeding gums, swollen gums and gum problems
    *OraMD Extra Strength is for patients with receding gums and more progressed periodontal issues

OraMD Breath has no bacteria-causing sugars or chemicals in our product – unlike all competing products that use chemicals and artificial and refined sugars which can actually add to the bacteria count. In most cases their products just mask the bad breath smell for a while, and then their ingredients continue to create the breeding ground for more bad breath bacteria. For example, sugar found in breath mints actually feeds bad bacteria. Alcohol in mouthwash dries out the mouth, and a dry mouth is the perfect breeding ground for more bad bacteria to grow. Artificial chemicals, additives, and flavors potentially carry other health risks.

OraMD also comes in drops or sprays, check Trusted Health Products for all of the OraMD products AND MORE!!!

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Two thumbs UP for Clean Breath from OraMD!!

Disclosure: I have received complimentary/free products for the purpose of this review. The opinions are 100% mine. I have not been influenced in any way. I am disclosing this in accordance with Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials In Advertising. Peanut Butter And Whine.

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