Ouch Ouuuuch!!

Today was the first day Kaki and I have walked since DH’s heart attack back in January. I wanna know WHO made that hill steeper?!?  Who beefed that puppy up??  WHO!?!?  Cause I could hardly catch my breath! But I have to admit it felt so good! Beautiful warm sunny morning and then when I came home I was able to get so much done!! Fish tank’s clean (fish were amazed! And ohhh so happy!) I even re-potted my poinsettia plant to a spring container. I can’t believe my poinsettia is still alive and HEALTHY!! It’s April 27th!! Normally, I manage to kill them before the new year starts but… woooo hooooo loook at me with my green thumb!!  I guess since I’m in a braggin’ mode…….. look at my orchids! New blooms! AND my Christmas cactus is blooming again!! Look at me!! Earth mother…. (ok quit laughing……earth mother might be pushin’ it…. but, they are still alive and thriving!!) 

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