Overwhelmed?? YES!!

I swear I think the “ROOM FROM HELL” is winning. 
My biggest problem is I really hate to throw anything away… So I sort each pile into different piles…… then I have to go back and sort those pile into other piles… AUGHHHHH!!  WHY!??!  WHY can’t I be one of those people that knows as soon as she touches something the first time whether it needs to be packed away or thrown in the trash, cleaned or donated?  WHY?? can’t I be like that!?!?  Nooooo I have to sort it a million times….. think about it…. sort it again…. UGH UGH UGH!!!   Trash day better hurry up and get here before I change my mind about everything I’ve thrown away this week!!!


  • Lael

    Everyone’s got an opinion, huh? I think you should just go rent a storage. That way you don’t rush into throwing anything out. Then you can take your time sorting…and sell what you don’t want to keep either on Amazon or eBay. 🙂

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