Small, Positive Changes You Can Make to Your Dog’s Lifestyle

dog in the park

Every dog deserves the best. But what’s best for your pooch can change over time depending on their needs and preferences. It’s important to always re-evaluate what you’re doing and to meet your pup’s needs as best possible. At the end of the day, they’re a loyal companion, a bundle of love and entirely dependent on you for everything from food to exercise, attention and love. So, here are a few areas to focus on that could help to improve their day to day life!

Switch Up Their Walk

Routine is good for dogs – just as it’s good for everyone else. Getting your dog into a routine means they know what to expect and can feel secure and at ease throughout the day. The part of a dog’s routine that most dogs love the most? Their daily walk. It’s absolutely essential that you walk your dog every day, rain or shine. Different breeds require different amounts of exercise, and this should be something that you looked up before getting your particular pooch in the first place. But if you are in doubt as to how much you should be walking your dog, or if their health has changed and you’re unsure if they should still be walking the same distance, it’s always a good idea to check in with your vet. Try to walk your dog at the same time each day. This way they’ll know when it’s coming and can get excited for it. But it’s also a good idea to switch up the location of their walks. The same route can get dull after a while and they’ll be excited with all of the new smells and sights they’ll encounter. It’ll be an interesting change of experience and atmosphere for you too!

Switch Up Their Diet

Many people make the mistake of thinking dog food is just dog food. But in reality, not all foods are made equal. Of course, you’ll buy what you can afford for your dog. But if you’re buying basic tins and can stretch your budget little more, you might want to consider making the switch to natural dog food. This has better quality ingredients and less filler, making it healthier and better for your pup!

Challenge Their Minds

Lying around the house all day can be boring if you have no distractions like we do. Most of us play with our dogs to counteract this. Teddies. Balls. Tug ropes. The list goes on. But you might want to try out toys that really challenge your dog’s mind and intelligence. There are plenty of challenge and puzzle toys on the market that require your dog to use logic and practice to access different treats. Test your dog with some!

Giving our pets the best care tends to be many of our top priorities. Hopefully, some of the suggestions above will help you to give your dog the best quality of life possible! They’re easy to implement and can make all the difference.


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