$50 YOUR Way #Giveaway June 2020

Welllll it looks like someone didn’t remember that May had 31 days! I TOLD you that this stay home order has my mind turned to mush… (that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it)
May was NOT a good month for our family. Both of my kids had 14 year old dogs that unbeknownst to the other had to put their dogs down on the same day.
That was a very emotional day all the way around. No Mom likes to hear their child cry and for some reason adult children crying makes my heart break.
One week later The Husbands father passed away. We all know there is only one way out of this world, but it doesn’t help the sadness and the tears.
Then I got the call I need to have a biopsy done on my right breast. But since that will all be done on June 2, I’m calling June a stress free/happy month. So, I am not worried about the outcome. It’s June. It’s a GREAT MONTH!!! My birthday is in June ya can’t have cancer in your birthday month. I think that’s a rule somewhere.
Subconsciously, maybe I just wanted May over and done so I gave it less days??

Whoaaaa this is usually a funny post or at least whine without all the drama…….so I should do some happier updates.
My perfect Granddaughter Alice convinced The Non (that’s me) to download and play Roblox. You have no idea how happy I am that I did. Every DAY she video calls me with a HUGE cheesy grin filling up the screen and says “Wanna play a GAME?!” then we play the game, talk and laugh until my phone dies. This is one HAPPY Non.

Last week we even did homework together. Ummmm math?? you want ME to help with your MATH HOMEWORK?!?! Crazy kid. But we worked together and I’m learning about fractions all over again. (I still hate fractions!)

My new license plates arrived and its official The Non is out and about. When I showed Alice her
reaction was “Those are GREAT Non but it’s supposed to have BEST in there. Can they do them
over?” How cute is that kid!?!?

The Non license plate

I hope your May was a good one. Hopefully, the stay in place orders will all be lifted and life can
start to get back to normal? What ever normal is. Stay safe. Stay well little Peanuts. Maybe say a quick prayer for our Country and maybe don’t go anywhere for awhile.

For those of you keeping track of my ‘to do’ list? Yaaaaaa still haven’t crossed off a single item.


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC’s would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

Good Luck little Peanuts.  Stay safe and stay well!

424 thoughts on “$50 YOUR Way #Giveaway June 2020

  1. Oh, Lord, this was a tough month to re-read. The ups of Tamra’s freedom & the lows closer to home.

  2. Today I Spent the day relaxing. Then I went to dinner and ice cream with my daughter and grandson

  3. Today I was listening to Dr. Fauci discussing the 40,000 new cases of the Coronavirus. That is the new cases today. It is really out of control and very alarming.

  4. I tried actually cooking today, rather than popping something into the microwave. I made fake lasagna. (I use some ravioli instead of lasagna noodles, lol. Otherwise, it has the regular lasagna layers.) It went okay, no big screw ups. Of course, it takes much longer than usual when you’re in a wheelchair or using a walker.

  5. No road work today but they brought a bulldozer farther up on what appears to be Crown Land….too far from my border to concern myself.. but I am a nosy parker….worked on flowers today in between the showers…..

  6. The Doc. is referring Mum’s case to the Community Care/Hospice Home Care Team for support & help, plus he’s issuing a prescription for morphine patches! She wasn’t a bit happy, but she’s ‘doing it for Kate, she needs help’. Popping into town in a bit to get her started on morphine. So sad, but now’s the time for action, not sentiment. I don’t want to feel guilty about her when all this is over.

    1. Kate I know it is sad but you are doing the right thing….this way you will have no regrets at all just peace of mind that you loved her so much to help her the best way possible…

    2. If she ‘does it for Kate’ that’s fine, I think, as long as she gets some relief from pain and you get some assistance. You both deserve some relief.

  7. Today I learned that there’s a class action lawsuit about the exact some model of refrigerator I have (the one I’ve been complaining about on this board all month). Looks like I’m not alone in my misery!

  8. Treated myself to a Smashburger run. Got a salted caramel shake and their truffle mushroom swiss burger.

  9. Well more torrential rain is coming tomorrow and no one has come to put down a base for the road..I see mud washing down below…the man of business came today and workers were supposed to be here at noon… well it is half 5 guess they aren’t coming……I see what this project is going to be like…with a Mercury Rx delays, errors and missed communications….

  10. Just got back from walking to town to do a couple errands, and picked up a crinkle cutter, too. I love crinkle cut fries, but think I’ll try it out on some carrots first (esp as I have no potatoes)! We are supposed to get another thunderstorm, we are on the cusp of a drought, so we can sure use the rain.

  11. I’m just sitting here watching TV. Last night I gifted myself a subscription to a streaming service that shows British TV and movies. Why? Because I haven’t seen an episode of Mrs. Brown’s Boys in too long, lol. It makes me literally laugh until I almost cry. If you haven’t seen it, go watch an episode.

  12. Mum has finally agreed to let Tom, our Doc, come visit her in order to assess her current needs. What a flipping relief! He’s popping in tonight on his way home and I haven’t told her in case she changes her mind.

  13. I spent the weekend watching Christmas movies. I know I am watching too much television but with this quarantine it’s unavoidable. June is nearly over already. Half the year passed by. Too fast!

  14. Today was a much cooler day. Which was kind of nice. Rosario did some laundry and then did some tv watching.

  15. I’ve been lazy today. I haven’t really done a thing…well, a little paperwork, but nothing else, lol. I’m okay with that.

    1. Doing nothing does not equal laziness! It’s re-charging your batteries – least that’s what I call it 😉

  16. I guess I’ll be glad we don’t have 104 degrees today. 95 is still too hot. And the same expected for tomorrow when I was planning to go to Chatfield Farm Botanic Gardens for the first time this year. Gave my ticket to the lady who was planning to go with me.

  17. Nice and sunny today, hope to get out and enjoy it for a bit later. I wonder if Idaho potatoes taste better getting them from right where they are grown! I love potatoes! I notice Idaho has it right on their marker plate!

  18. Dad would have been 87 today & Mum’s 87 on 07/07. We always had a joint birthday for the pair of them. Ah! Anyway, she’s sleeping 20 hours & either eating/drinking or peeing/pooing the other 4 hours. Not sure if she remembers what day it is, but I’ll go to the grave later to take him whatever roses haven’t been bashed about by the weather.

    1. I hope you got to have a good visit with him, Kate. I know you do a lot for your Mom and it must be exhausting, but you really are an amazing daughter.

      1. Thanks Tammie, yes, I did! A very much need 20 minutes of peace & quiet & tears – I seem to be crying a lot lately (not me at all!). Just tired, I guess.

        1. Oh, me, too! I just had a five minute cry, lol. With me it’s just frustration and stress at how much more effort and time it takes to do the simplest things right now. I know it’s a matter of time, just getting used to it, building more stamina, etc., but it still gets to me at least once a day. Sometimes a good cry is needed.

          1. I love a good “Ugly” cry. That’s a really good cry those kind of sobs that make your stomach hurt. I think that’s good to have every now and again. Tamra, you’ll get there!! Be patient! Think of where you were just a few days ago!!

  19. Extremely hot ? I don’t mind regular summer heat, but this is ridiculous! We can’t let our fur baby go on the hot pavement either!
    Between the COVID-19 and the heat, it is quite depressing ?

  20. Pouring rain today. When I talked to my sister and told her the weather, she wished that I could send it to her in New Mexico where it’s been so dry with temperature at 104 degrees.

  21. Day 23 of my refrigerator-less life and I finally made some progress. LG promised me that I will be receiving a partial refund, plus reimbursement for my lost groceries. More importantly, now that I know they’re not going to keep trying to repair my fridge, I was able to order a new one today. It’ll be here a week from Monday. I wish it was sooner, but I’m just glad to finally know when this will all be over. I love cooking and I can’t wait to have a fully functioning kitchen again!

  22. Serious yellow alert today.. all the drama.. thunder etc.. winds did topple some poles so we were w/o current for about 7 hours….what to do?? bake of course.. a few loaves of bread and a few loaves of raisin coconut sweetbread….feel bad for all the villagers below as the mud from the bulldozed new road went roaring down with the rain…..the gentleman had better come soon and put stones down…well big mouth me will be out there reminding them to put in box drains….all these developers tend to dismiss the people who live in the area…granted it is not homes being put up but a road does create a new environment…

  23. It’s kind of overcast today. Oh, well, a little rain is always good for gardens. But I don’t have a garden, lol…still, maybe I can get to a farmers’ market soon. Some good, homegrown tomatoes would be sooooo good. Don’t they taste so much better than those store-bought things?

  24. Just started some lentil soup in the slow cooker. We are supposed to have a thunderstorm today, we haven’t had rain for about a month, so for change everyone wants rain! They are still running the water for hours every day here for the gardens and underground sprinklers. Some towns are restricted, not this one yet.

  25. Saturday the 27th? What? Where is this year going? Honestly, I have to check my phone to find out the month, never mind what day it is! More thunderstorms, tippling down sheets of rain so no gardening but at least everything’s getting watered.

  26. Today’s excitement: going to the grocery store to pick up my groceries.
    Some thunderstorms in the area.

  27. Bulldozer came this afternoon and carved out the road….honestly all went well.. they observed the borders of my property so I can rest and relax for the rest of the day…

  28. Having some gut issues today, the issues left over from sepsis’ adventures through my body over two years ago. It really attacked my kidneys (they shut down but are back to normal now) and my gut/colon. I still have spasms on some days that are uncomfortable. But, the good news is it usually just lasts while food passes through my stomach and intestines. A few hours from now, it’ll be fine.

    1. Ask your doc about prucalopride (Resolor). Don’t know if it’s licensed in the States and it doesn’t work for 50% patients but it works for me. Stimulates peristalsis and reduces spasms so helps move things GENTLY. Useful for IBS, faulty valves (me) and ineffecient or non-existent peristalsis (also me). Worth a try?

  29. It is only 9:30 and a scorcher already. No complaints as this is better than winter! Getting ready to walk to town to do an errand or two.

  30. We had an awful night. There was a very powerful thunder/lightening storm & the power went off at 1am. Poor Mum had to pee by flashlight and got very disoriented. Luckily dawn is around 4.30 so she could get her bearings and the power came back at 10am thankfully. I’m dog-tired but HAVE to get to town today (been trying since Mon.) as she’s out of meds. I’ll have to wait till my sis’ grocery delivery turns up though so that could be anytime this afternoon.

    1. All I can do is send you all the best wishes that exist in my world….stay as strong as you can….

  31. Day 21 of my refrigerator being broken. Pretty sure I’m losing my mind from the stress of cooking for my entire family out of a cooler for the better part of a month.

  32. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday.

    I didn’t get much done today. I hopped around on YouTube and watched music videos.

  33. Lovely virtual walking tour of 3 of the different gardens at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Saw some parts of the gardens that I haven’t been to in a few years.

  34. I’m just sitting here, waiting for the home physical therapist to get here. Home Health provides home p.t. for a while, until they’re sure you don’t need extra help.

  35. Sorry I missed your birthday yesterday.. Happy belated Birthday.. I would sing but I am no Mariah thats for sure…Yesterday and today I was out in the road with a new owner of property back behind us.. in fact there is 100 acres before his!!! He thought part of my property was the access road as yet to be paved…It was cordial but his attitude of knowing where the property lines were amazed me to no end..He has no cadastral map and asking me to prove that I am in the way of him paving a road…well needless to say where do you get the gall to ask me.. where is your map?? All is settled with a handshake and some humble pie if he wants to develop an access road all the better.. it would take the govt forever wrapped in red tape… I really need a drink today!!

  36. I hope George & the extended family spoiled you rotten! Did you manage to get out of the pjs?

  37. Well, I just got a call from my aunt. She was coming up tomorrow with a few of my cousins to pick up some furniture that was my Mom’s that I have no room for. But my cousin, her youngest son, isn’t feeling well. They think it’s COVID-19. They’ve tested him, waiting for results. The other day was the U.S.’s third largest number of diagnoses since all this started…and we all go on like it’s somehow magically over. I’m afraid we’ve let ‘normality’ resume too soon and all the isolation will have been for nothing. I hope I’m wrong.

  38. I have some good news for a change! My niece starts work next month! She was going to take a year off before doing her Master’s Degree but was persuaded by the Pres. of the students’ union to go for the job of Education Officer with the union. The College gave their approval, it’s for a year, pays well for a 1st job, will look great on her CV and she’ll be doing something she really enjoys, so ticks all the boxes. She’ll still have to travel up & down to Dublin everyday which means she & my sister won’t be available to help Mum, but still, a brilliant opportunity!

    1. That’s great!!! I love to hear what my nieces and nephews are up to, especially when you know from being older and wiser that a good opportunity came their way and wise choices made.

  39. Replanted some plants starts so that was 3 hours out of the day a little lizard lay on a rock close by to oversee what i was doing in his yard.

  40. I had a doctor’s appointment today, just a routine one. On the way, I noticed the roadsides had all these orange flowers growing wild. I mean, they looked like tiger lilies, but I’ve never seen them growing wild like that. Anyway, they were gorgeous.

    1. Pictures please for identification! What was it like being out & about for the first time in yonks?

  41. Spent some time putting some new plants down the driveway… did some weeding then pruned some more trees…I deserve a cocktail and some lunch…

  42. I love that marker plate! And it would be cute, but probably too long to have “Best” in there, but should be. I hope all is going well with the biopsy. I think one of the dreaded things is having to wait for results.

  43. You have to say the next bit in your best Morgan Freeman, Connie: “And so, life goes on, one day after the next …”!!! Well, did you?
    The damn computer mouse died today and so I managed to hook up a really old one that needs a good shake & lots of clicking to get it to work. I’ve ordered a new one but the way the parcel post is going … let’s just say patience is NOT my forte!

    1. LOL!! There is a funny little meme I have on my phone. I swear that is exactly what I picture with your shaking. If you can go look for little girl, “mean girl” the little girl is wearing a red top with purple sleeves. OHMYGOSH it cracks me up EVERY single time.

  44. Had fun taking a friend to the botanic gardens. She brought a picnic lunch with grilled salmon and shrimp, roasted potatoes and fresh cherries. Lovely day to spend in the gardens.

  45. It’s 85 degrees right now. Thank God for central a/c. I was outside this morning watching the dragonflies zooming around catching insects after hubby mows the grass. Last night I watched the fireflies blinking on and off. If it wasn’t for Coronavirus, my 2 granddaughters would be vacationing with me and hubby. They love catching fireflies to examine them and then set them free. Miss them so much!

  46. Still trying to get everything sorted. My niece is doing a lot of laundry for me. Turns out when clothes, towels, sheets, etc., just sit for two years, they start to stink, lol. They smelled so musty! So, everything has to be washed.

  47. I see some things are starting to open up. Supposed to have thunderstorms today, so not walking to town. Summer is here, and it is nice to see all the flowers when I look out my windows!

  48. Dark and rainy day.. well I have quite a bit of cucumbers to pickle and today is the day…I see quarts and quarts!! Then some salsa and chow….Maybe after that the sky will clear a bit and I can go out and weed…

  49. Three hours sleep then had to change Mum’s bedding again. And it’s raining – not a great start to the week . Hey ho, things can only get better, I keep telling myself (but there’s an infuriating little voice in my head that’s saying “yes, but things could also get a whole lot worse”!

  50. Busy day: up at 9am to watch the virtual Pride Parade with my chorus on Zoom. Then went to the library (well outside the library) and got my 2 books that have been on hold for 3 months, then a stop to put gas in my car for the first time in 3 months.

  51. I’m tired but happy, lol. I’ve discovered that literally every piece of clothing towel, rag, curtain has to be washed. It doesn’t matter how well packed up they were, they smell musty. Oh, well, okay. Sigh.

      1. There’s a little front yard space but they don’t want you to plant anything. The front porch is big enough for some container gardening, though. Maybe tomatoes.

  52. Lovely rainy morning..the air smells wonderful.. full of cleansing water and the flowers that are blooming…Taking the day off and planning on starting it with an old Dusty Springfield record on.. memories oh memories….then a Georgie Fame and the Flames…

    1. I love thunderstorms and rain. That smell is awesome. I want to know why I can’t remember what I went into the kitchen for but give me a Dusty Springfield older song and I can sing along EVERY. Single. Word?! Why?! Even when I haven’t heard the song in years.

  53. Saturday I had a bbq with my family and played games. It was a lot of fun but stayed up too late.

  54. It’s finally stopped raining so I did a ton of washing at 6 this morning to take advantage of the cheap night rate as I was up anyway. Don’t know if I’ve got the energy to do anything else so I’ll head for a nap soon – ah, this is the life 😉 Happy Father’s Day to all the good Daddies out there x

  55. The most important thing I’m doing today is filling out my ballot for the local election. I’ll drop it off tomorrow when I go to the library to pick up 2 books that I’ve had on hold for 3 months. The library is only open for pick up and you have to make a reservation for the pick up time.

  56. Well, this is my second full day of being home. I’m figuring out how to get things done, what works for me these days. It’s slowly coming together, lol.

  57. I ache all over after yesterday’s events. I can only imagine the pain Mum must be in. We’ve been using a makeshift bed pan so far & that seems to work much better for her. I rang the local hospital & they’re going to permanently ‘lend’ me one until I can get one online. Hopefully Helen (sister) will be able to get through to Mum & get some help from the local home hospice team.

  58. Well the wasp bite fever has passed and I am as back to normal as I get…the lawn man is here so i had to hear how crazy I am from him.. join my daughters club…today I plan on baking and maybe going to go thru my seed packets…now on Monday armed with a head covering and a can of malathion I am going back to tackle that tree/bush again! happy weekend all…

  59. Today I went to dialysis. Then I went to dinner and for ice cream with my daughter and granson.

  60. Pollen count is high and my allergies are kicking in. My car is covered with the yellow pollen. I need to pick up Zyrtec. It’s the only thing that helps me.

  61. Compared to many here, I had a very quiet day. I did go out to the grocery store parking lot where they brought out my order. I still haven’t been IN a store for 3 months.

  62. Well here I sit with a face swollen and hot and feeling a bit strange..I think after doing my emails I will take a lie down…Well cutting the last tree today I did not notice, hidden deep in the branches , a small Jack nest. They were not pleased with me and bit like crazy… my face was on fire! LOL….

    1. Thank you for my sanity, Michele! Actually the crying was a long time coming, as we say here, so I do feel better. What on earth are Jacks and have you any antihistamine?

      1. They are small wasps that are indicative to here… I do not know the correct name…they are truly awful, give me a big wasp any day.. LOL.. The fever passed and today I feel back to normal.. Hope you are in a less stressed place….maybe your sister can get mum to agree…

        1. Make sure you drink plenty to get the toxin out. I always end up with a UTI if I get stung 🙁

    2. Holy moly! That must have been scary, Michele. I’m not a fan of bugs that sting. I stepped on a wasp once and nearly cried.

  63. Well, for every high there’s a low, to misquote Newton’s Third Law. After the tears of joy shed for Tamra I was up 3 times in the night. Hardly any sleep. Mum’s bag burst so I had to get her out of bed to strip the bed & her. I couldn’t get her back. We tried for an hour, every which way, but she just has no strength any more. Finally she agreed to getting my sister & niece up to help but it still took another hour with her getting weaker & more in pain. I broke down & just sobbed my eyes out. I just cannot do any more on my own but she still refuses to get any help in. My sister had absolutely no idea how bad things were. We need a hospital type bed instead of a super king-size that takes up most of the room, a hoist etc. all of which would be supplied by the community liaison nurse. Tomorrow my sister is going to pop in and demand that Mum gets help. I’m hoping that Mum will listen to her because the only other alternative is hospital/nursing home and that’s not going to happen with Covid still around. Am exhausted so going to bed.

    1. Oh Kate..I feel for both you and mum… praying that mum will agree to help coming in..so sorry to hear of the crying on your part..this is such a difficult time…what can I say but I know what you are going thru and by the grace you will get through this…

    2. Oh, Kate, I had no idea you had such a bad day yesterday. You are an amazing daughter, I can tell you that. I hope your sister is able to talk to your Mum. Sometimes, in my experience, my Mom was much more likely to listen when my brother talked turkey to her than when I did. I think, somehow, because she and I lived in the same house, she just found it easier to say no to me. I’m not sure why. Hopefully, hearing it from a third party will help your Mum see it has become necessary.

    3. That is a lot to be going through, I hope your mum will agree for help to the house because it is too hard for you. She will probably be happy once it is in effect, but getting them to agree to small changes beforehand is what is so hard. I can’t imagine trying to do that on a super-size king bed, it is very hard to do no matter. Saying a prayer for you and your family.

  64. Yesterday was a long day, but it’s behind me now. Of course, today there’s all sorts of change address and unpack boxes stuff to do, but I’ll take those problems.

  65. The refrigerator saga continues on day 14. But our new TV remote should arrive tomorrow so maybe that problem will be solved :::facepalm:::

  66. Great day today. Snapped out of my doldrums and got a lot of housework done. Listened to the 4 beautiful voices of Il Divo while I cleaned.

  67. Two years, four months and two weeks ago I was carried out of my house on a stretcher. Today, after going through surgery on my spine, MRSA, sepsis and two rounds of physical therapy…I AM HOME!! It’s not the one I left, but it’s not a nursing home! I’ll take that. Thanks to all of you for encouraging me over this time!!

    1. So very happy for you Tammi.. best of luck and with good health you wil be aable to really enjoy everyday from now on…

    2. Yeaa!!!! Congratulations!!! So happy for you! I was just looking up elderly housing, my cousin just moved into one. I hope it is a good place where you are and that you will continue to be on the mend.

  68. Busy day (sort of). The botanic gardens has a Thursday Hort Therapy live video and today’s was on the bonsai garden. Very interesting. Then a video call with my wonderful rheumatologist. Good to see and talk to her and be able to tell her that I was doing well with my RA. Connection was time-lagged and we agreed that next time we’ll just do a phone visit.

  69. The tropical wave will last until tomorrow so another day of rain and wind.. In-between I transplanted some cabbage and canteloupe, zucchini, cauliflower and tomatoes…. Added some flowers to my baskets sweet peas and rudbeckia.. set some carnations and sweet william seeds…..time to relax!

  70. Tamra, it’s Thursday! Any news?

    None at all here. We’re due thunder & lightening today – wish it would hurry up and get here, I’ve got a splitting headache 🙁

  71. I had a very lazy day today. I slept late which is really rare for this early riser. I even took an afternoon nap which I never do. I just can’t get motivated to do anything. I believe it’s because of this lockdown we’re in for so long.

  72. Hey Chris Ann, thanks so much for telling me about your refrigerator story! Good to know we’re not alone.

    It’s been 14 days and I’ve kind of just given in to the wait. LG says they’re going to replace our refrigerator but they are being exceedingly slow about it. From your story, it sounds like that might not be entirely their fault. I would be more understanding if we could just get an update. It’s hard to have to just wait and wait and not now when it will end.

    We are lucky because my husband had a mini fridge at work, so he brought that home. We still have to use a cooler but I’m grateful for the mini fridge so that milk can stay really cold for the kids.

  73. I am thankful that the sun is shinning…hopefully it won’t rain for a long time! We spent time out in the garden today 🙂

  74. Ah technology… Have a video call from my doctor tomorrow and have been trying to get the service tech to show me what to do. Been on hold 2 times for 15 minutes each. Then I found that they had called me back this morning and left a message, but my phone didn’t ring. Spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why it didn’t ring. Finally got it so it rings, but still haven’t heard back from the tech. Such an exciting life….

    1. Ahhhhh yes, technology is great until it isn’t. Alice and I play Roblox me on duo chat her on facetime. We play in the same game Alice is forever screaming at me, NON! CLICK THE BUTTON! I am constantly screaming back WHICH BUTTON!!!

  75. It’s been a long day. I got up at 6 and now I’m draggy, lol. Hopefully, tomorrow will be an extra good day.

  76. We are experiencing a tropical wave with a yellow alert so very glad I went out shopping yesterday..Have to go out and check my garden and start some seeds but other than that I am inside…Oh wait have to reap cucumbers first!

  77. I had to get up at 4am and just couldn’t get back to sleep so I’ve sorted out 2 wardrobes into keep, store or charity shop. The cat thinks it’s all great fun! I spent all day yesterday waiting for a delivery of bed pads (how exciting is my life?) that never turned up. BTW: for any of you with children/older persons who use them, buy puppy training pads instead – MUCH cheaper and just as good! 100 for €15 as opposed to €70 for the human equivalent.

  78. My day is going okay! Seems this entire month is flying by, even stuck at home and still seems days are short but enjoying time at home.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  79. I was up extra early today to help drop off my daughter’s car, so I’m extra tired today.

  80. Today I did another telephone follow-up visit with one of my doctors. It took 15 minutes. I’m glad that I didn’t have to go to his office which is in a huge medical center.

  81. Crystal K…we have refrigerator issues too, Went out Friday night it is old about 20 years, not an LG We purchased a new one had two choices due to our patio door size and the space in the kitchen. My husband goes to the store every day for ice…such a crime to have to throw out so much food…he’d gone to the store the day before and stocked up…We ended up with a small Kitchenaid, freezer on the bottom, this will be such a blessing for our backs! We haven’t even seen the model we bought as they didn’t have a display model…It will be delivered on the 24th…so many of the appliances are not available until Mid July to Mid August. We are a frugal, low income family and a major appliance purchase is a price shocker, we bought at Home Depot and I asked if this goes on Sale further will I receive a price adjustment they said if it goes on sale within 30 days, then Yes, I am hoping this happens…My sister who lives in another area ordered all new Kitchenaid appliances at least 6 weeks ago and they won’t be delivered until July 12th! Manufacturing has been so effected since the onset of the Covid-19…I can’t imagine how scary it is for those who work on assembly lines…I hope that LG gets their act together and takes care of your issue!!!
    Connie, hope you are well? God Bless You & your family and Crystal K. & her family…each day is a new adventure.

    1. Oh what is going ON in the world!! I’m hoping all the appliances aren’t taking out a suicide pact. We can NOT afford that!! I have a friend that works at Home Depot and he says they’ve never been busier! This pandemic has been great for them.
      BTW I’m doing great. Knitting away. Being lazy. Thank you for asking

  82. The broken refrigerator saga continues with a TWIST – now our 9-month-old TV has broken for no apparent reason. I’m ready to move out to the prairie and live like Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    1. Oh, I’m sorry but this made me laugh! I do hope you at least get some news from LG today – it’s been nearly a fortnight 🙁

    2. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!! We had a year like that several back thankfully. I swear our appliances all had a suicide pact. They went one by one… I am so sorry. Hopefully, this is all about to turn around and sunshine and happy is on it’s way.

  83. Okay, I refuse to actually say anything, lol. I’m not jinxing it. All I’ll say is one word: THURSDAY.

    1. See, this is what I mean! Ever since this latest development I’ve been checking here, there & everywhere for updates. Girl, I’m losing sleep over you and not for the first time, I might add! The frustration is grinding me down and I may have to go out and attack some weeds to deal with the stress. Buttercups will die, Tamra, buttercups will die …

  84. My wildflower seed bombs (free from Friends of The Earth Ireland) have arrived so while Mum’s sleeping I’ve been busy getting the ground & a couple of big pots ready for them. Check them out (seedbomb.ie), the bees & other insects will love you 🙂

  85. I am getting so hooked on different Netflix series that are made in Turkey. Of course I have to read the English subtitles but the plots are intriguing.

  86. Fridge still broken. Still hassling LG on a daily basis. They keep promising to do something. Anyway, went hiking with my kids and dog yesterday and today and that helped my stress levels!

  87. Had a good trip to the botanic gardens this afternoon. Was a bit too hot so I only stayed for an hour. I was wearing my rainbow pants AND MY NEW RAINBOW FACE MASK I won from here.

    Thanks again Connie!

    1. I love it! Oh my gosh when M.C.Hammer was so popular Zac wanted parachute pants in every color and I made him a pair of rainbow pants. It’s funny how your outfit triggered that memory. Skinny, like stick skinny, white blonde hair and M.C.Hammer pants. LOL

  88. 9 more tested positive after a long time… hmmm…. going out tomorrow to the shoppes….just in case we go back in isolation I need my hair dye!!! LOL.. have a great day all…

  89. I finished up having things transferred into my name for the new apartment. I think I will soon put this place behind me.

  90. Beautiful, sunny day in my neighborhood (do I sound like Mr. Rogers?). Hubby and I talked with our daughter, son-in-law and 2 granddaughters today. Can’t believe that we conversed for almost 2 hours! We miss them so much but know it’s not safe yet for them to fly here.

  91. I went to the grocery store this morning. And then my daughter and grandkids came over for the day.

  92. Good Sage Singers zoom rehearsal, except today was not rehearsal it was listening to one of the members tell his story. Next week is the virtual Pride Parade.

  93. Okay, I’m not going to say anything out loud because I might jinx it. ( Yeah, I’m a little superstitious, lol.) Let’s just say, if the Good Lord’s willing & the creeks don’t rise (as my maternal Grandma liked to say) I might have really good news around Thursday! I’m not counting on anything yet.

    1. Agh!!! Tamra, you cannot just put this out there and expect me to be able to sleep! I’ve got a special meme saved for ages for when you know for definite 😉

  94. Having a lovely Sunday.. spent the morning baking then putting the roast in for dinner… going to watch mass then read and relax.. tomorrow is another day of tackling those trees…

  95. There was a huge thunder & lightening storm last night & we’re due more of the same today. I think I’m going to put the washing line out of it’s misery so checking online for the best price and getting distracted!

      1. With wine b/c it doesn’t have to be refrigerated LOL
        Mostly I’m just outraged and refusing to give up b/c this refrigerator is still under warranty and I hate when gigantic companies rip people off.

  96. I rang Mum’s doc yesterday & now she’s on antibiotics for a UTI. Hopefully this will help her sleep through the night (and me too!).

  97. Well, Connie, you should have been in Southern KY last week. Back in my home area, one of my cousins got several photos of a big bear around his house. Then, he got video of it when he found himself driving down their road literally right behind the bear, lol.

  98. Another beautiful day.. bathing the dog then cleaning the aviary…after that there is always some trouble I can get into…Have a happy weekend all….

  99. Fridge still broken, repair still not scheduled, filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but I’m pretty sure nothing will come of it. In the meanwhile, still feeding my kids from a cooler. Sigh.

  100. I went to dialysis today and my grandson was over For the day. Then my son And I went out for Chinese food.

  101. I was up a couple of times in the night with Mum so we didn’t actually wake up properly till 3pm. I mean the day’s wasted by that time but it’s raining, cold & windy so there’s nothing I can do outside. I’m not in any mood for housework so today shall be bed bath for Mum & shower for me day!

  102. I really hope this will be my last weekend here. I hoped I wouldn’t have to be here this weekend, but things went slower than I hoped with some necessary papers, so I’m here.

  103. Last night and most of this morning we had torrential rains. We like to stop down the road on the 10 ton bridge to watch how high our river is and listen to the roaring sound of the water passing down. A few times the river ran over the bridge and eroded the roadway on one side. Mother Nature can be so fierce.

  104. Got up and went to get ready for a Horticultural Therapy class on Zoom. Bah! My computer monitor was black and nothing I did made it come on again. Got out an old laptop, had to download Zoom to it. Got signed in for the class and NO SOUND! Bah, Bah black sheep. I know they video the presentation so I’ll get to watch it later. Then dug out an old monitor and hooked it up. Why I never throw away old computer stuff.

  105. I feel my age today..LOL. Decided to try something today outside our wall to the road ..We have the grass taken care of by the lawn man but I have hibiscus ..huge plants and other tropical foliage..usually I have another man come and handle them but I decided why not do this myself??? Why because I do have moments of clarity and sanity..today was not one of those days..sharpened my machete, wd 40’d my hand trimmer and battery’d up my hedge trimmer and with ladder in tow gave it a shot… at it from 8 to noon and I did it! now I only was able to do 3 but they are trimmed lovely…so only heliotrope ,pomegranite, 2 more tropical foliage an acerola cherry and a carambola to go…. my wonderful daughter lugged away all the branches and vines….more green compost…tomorrow I will have to do something else cannot do this 2 days in a row….

  106. Sounds like your May was horrible. I am hoping you get positive results from the doctor. I am def thinking of you. May for us was like April and March pretty much.Still staying home for the most part. My allergies have been driving me nuts and my ankles have been swelling for some reason so this stay at home thing for the last 3 months is not good for me.

  107. Well, it stormed last night, but any hope that it might get rid of some of the humidity and heat only lasted one evening, lol. It’s better than freezing temps, though. I guess. Maybe.

  108. More rain & windy as well. My washing line broke again and is looking very sorry for itself. I may have to eat some chocolate biscuits (cookies) to make it feel better again! And that’s the lamest excuse I’ve ever come up with 😉

  109. Busy work day, fought some more on the phone with LG (fridge still broken, day 6, repair still not scheduled). Sent my parents a package to lift their spirits since they’re still quarantining.

  110. I just heard from my brother. The letter from Social Security that the apartment people needed finally came and he took it to them. I really believe that’s the final piece of paperwork. I do need to get an exact date of moving. That will depend on my brother’s schedule. Once I have that date, the social worker here will arrange delivery of a new wheelchair, etc., and arrange any home health care needed, like continuing with home physical therapy. I could very well be out of here by next week. Did I just say that??? Should I have actually written it down? Is that flying in the face of God, as they say? I hope it happens this time.

    1. OMG, OMG, OMG … I’m too excited to ‘speak’ and in too much pain to do my happy dance!! Just keep breathing … this will happen xxx

  111. I woke up to find a pimple right in the middle of my cheek – I mean, come on! I’m supposed to be past all that. No other news … rain, rain, rain! I may go back to bed to nurse my wounded self-esteem!

  112. A very loud clap of thunder and lightening caused me to jump out of bed this morning…thank goodness I have a very hard head! So it would appear that I am working inside today…Moving on to the bedroom downstairs which really doesn’t need new furnishings just a touch-up paint job and maybe another bookcase and a nice hanging light above the sewing machine.. this was my mum’s favourite room here….miss her very much as I go down memory lane… I remember the day I flew up and told her get ready you are coming to live with me…her joy in telling all her friends that her daughter wanted her to come and live with her and have a new adventure.. Bless you mum wherever you are….

  113. I couldn’t believe my eyes this afternoon when I looked outside. There was a fat woodchuck stretched out on my lawn chair like he was sunning himself. He stayed still for about 20 minutes. I thought he might be dead. The he got down and ran into the woods. He was so fat. ?

  114. Worked on the land today…cleaned around the mango trees and they are laden yes!! moved on to the guava… sterilized containers to process when all the mangoes come in.. mango jam, mousse and ice cream….came up and made a batch of almond shortbread cookies for dessert tonight…

  115. They’re playing BINGO. And it really smells like somebody burned the popcorn, lol. That’s a smell that lingers!

  116. A day of pottering about, or in other words, setting out to do one thing, getting distracted and ending up doing lots of little things instead! Sound familiar, Connie?

  117. We had bad winds today and had to rack lots of leaves up trash day coming so we had a lot to do.

  118. Spent THREE HOURS of my life on hold with customer service today. My fridge is broken for the third time even though it’s less than 5 years old. They’re sending someone out to fix it and not charging me, but I’m still so mad at all the wasted time. I’ll never buy another LG appliance, that’s for sure.

  119. Great start to my morning to find out that I won the mask giveaway. (thanks Connie).
    The a lovely afternoon at the botanic gardens with one lady from Sage Singers.

  120. Bright and sunny today so saw about my veggies then worked on an old bookcase that has the most beautiful detail….sanded it and started the staining process when it is done I will move it into the drawing room downstairs as the first piece..want to put a desk by the glass bricks then eventually the new sofa suite….

    1. I love old pieces of furniture. I have a chair that my Grandfathers Mom had. It was part of set and each child got a chair. It has the intricate carving of a lion in the center. Claw paws are the arms. It’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture.

  121. I’ve been tired all day. I actually fell asleep in this chair earlier, lol. It can get very boring here.

  122. Sooo tired today. Had to help Mum a couple of times last night. On the bright side, we can now travel ANYWHERE in our own county from today! If only I had the energy!

  123. Our church is still not holding services and so Sundays are not the same for us. I made a shopping list and will go tomorrow to Shoprite at 6 am during seniors hour to shop. It’s always pretty empty of customers at that early time slot.

  124. My day went great. I ran early this morning and then hung out with my kids the rest of the day!

  125. Good Sage Singers video rehearsal. Found a friend from there to go to the botanic gardens with me tomorrow. Weather should be good.

  126. The internet connection here has been a hit or miss thing for 4 days. It comes and goes every few minutes. So irritating. First World problems, I guess.

  127. We’re heading out somewhere pretty for a picnic today. Need the fresh air and change of scenery! If it’s too crowded where we’re going, a car picnic will work.

  128. Not much new going on around here. Pandemic has not really changed my routine. I was practicing social distancing way before it was a thing.

  129. It’s grey & rainy here too and chilly – got my fingerless gloves on all day! Last night Idris the cat kept looking for attention. I discovered a rose thorn just above his left eye. Managed to get that out without a scratch but it’s already inflamed so …

  130. Grey and rainy Sunday.. that is perfect for a day of relaxation…After I do the Sunday cooking watching mass then reading, listening to some old jazz albums and enjoying the sound of the rain in the gallery.. Happy Sunday all!

  131. Today was window washing day for us. We’ve got 23 windows and a set of glass sliding doors so it’s a big job to tackle. I do the inside and hubby does the outside. We use newspaper and spray bottles filled with vinegar and water. The newspaper makes the windows come out streak free. I think that I learned this household cleaning tip from Heloise’s Hints, a column in the newspaper many years ago.

  132. Ughhhh my refrigerator is INDEED broken. It isn’t even five years old and this is the THIRD time. Having a beer to drown my frustrations!

  133. Was going to be in another graduation car parade today, but it was called off due to bad weather: rain, lightning and high winds.

  134. My day has gone by great. My husband and I ran several errands and managed to find a few things at Big Lots. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

  135. I’m getting impatient. I know it won’t be long until I leave here, and I get aggravated at how long it can take for necessary paperwork to go through for the new apartment. Well, it can’t be much longer.

  136. The blackbirds and dunnocks have dug up most of my transplants but I managed to save most so no complaints. Pity they don’t learn to do the weeding where it matters! Up every 3 hours to help Mum go to the loo – how do new parents manage? Time for her bed bath now then I’ll quickly pop out for the papers – not essential items, I know, but essential for my sanity (and the car battery) 😉

  137. Sky is dark and stormy looking….well it is rainy season so no complaints…after breakfast I must get out and clean up sticks, branches and debris from yesterday…moving on to touching up paint in the kitchen/dining room downstairs…then if the rain is easy will do some transplants…

  138. Every year we get geese landing on our pond and they have babies. Today, I enjoyed watching two adult geese and six young ones swimming in the pond. It’s such a beautiful sight.

  139. I won two more sets of plane tickets for two more friends! This makes four people I entered into that giveaway who won so far! 😀

  140. 95 degrees today. It is NOT summer. Will be cooler on Monday when I go to the botanic gardens.
    Just a quiet day at home…..

  141. It’s Friday, so they played Bingo. That means numbers called over the intercom. I didn’t play but it does give some people some enjoyment. I’m waiting not so patiently to go home. Just waiting for some final paperwork about the new apartment. Hopefully, it won’t be much longer.

  142. Well today is the lunar eclipse and I have been trying to move and go so that today I can relax and reflect…It is in Sag so all you Sag’s here lunar blessings to you….Went grocery shopping and to the hardware and the chemist yesterday .. left at 6am and was back home by half 9…peeked into the furniture store and got the basic prices of what I want…Time to save up.. what is it. champagne taste and a beer pocket?? A tropical wave came in last night and dumped tons of water with winds.. it have calmed down but we still are on yellow alert for the day…

  143. I’ve been sleeping badly the last couple of nights so today I got up early & got stuck in to housework etc. Woke Mum early as well to make sure she got some food & fluids into her. She’s gone back to sleep, I’m still working. Is ‘choring’ a word? It flipping well should be!

  144. I planted succulent plants today and made some pizzas for dinner not much going on around here. Everyone is home because of the virus.

  145. Today I went to lunch with my son. it’s the first time we’ve been into a restaurant in a long time. Then we went to costco.

  146. Beautiful sunny day today with 81 degrees, highest temp so far. Hubby mowed the lawn while I hung out my laundry. I love how fresh the clothes and linens smell when they are hung outside to dry.

  147. Had a fun video conference with the Therapeutic Horticultural team at Denver Botanic Gardens. Good to see my old pals. Sure miss volunteering with them. Will be going to the gardens on Monday.

  148. Two days of internet going in and out. Aggravating. Now it’s storming, so the DirecTV is in and out, which is why I hate satellite TV. In other words, I’m having one of those days when every little thing just gets under my skin, lol.

    1. OHHHHHHH I am right there with you over DirecTV that’s who we have….. and now with the storm coming in I won’t have a good signal all weekend. AGAIN where is SUMMER?!?!?!? I’m tired of being cold.

  149. We’re having what in Ireland is called a ‘soft’ day. You know that really fine drizzle that makes your hair go curly? Damn weeds are loving it! Up to my armpits in poo again – other than that nothing much.

  150. We spent the whole day hiking and it was exactly what I needed. Plus the kids ran themselves silly and went to bed no problem!

    1. That was one of the arguments I gave my daughter when I was trying to get Alice up here. We could go outside and hike. There is no one up here within MILES and Miles……. plenty of hiking. That didn’t work either.

  151. Rainy day today. I spent a lot of time on YouTube listening to a variety of music. I especially enjoyed watching Il Volo concerts. Those 3 Italian men have such beautiful voices. I’ve been listening to them for years and just learned that they recently celebrated 10 years of singing together.

  152. Hello, Connie
    I hope that your biopsy went well and I hope that the results are non cancerous!
    I also have a June birthday and last June I was diagnosed with Cancer…I had two cancer surgeries…one major…I will be celebrating My Birthday later this Month! One thing I said to my doctor was I want to wait until after my birthday and they honored that…
    Look for the Joy, daily…
    God Bless You,
    Kindly, Chris Ann

    1. Chris Ann, THANK YOU so much for your encouragement. Were they able to get all the cancer with the surgeries? I hope that you are cancer free now.
      Happy June Birthday!
      I am hoping the results are in by Friday. I really don’t want to wait until Monday…….. unless it’s bad then by all means Monday is fine.

  153. Still waiting for all the paperwork to get done for my new place. Argh! But at least I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  154. Weeding in the garden today and planting seeds of wildflowers we had it will look great when we finish,

  155. Busy work day! But squeezed in some time to take a walk with my kids and play a board game with my husband.

  156. My day was quiet. I really miss seeing my 2 granddaughters (9 and 14). We connect with FaceTime but it’s nowhere near as good as seeing them in person. I’m hoping that they cancel this lockdown seen.

  157. Today’s comment: sorry Connie, I’ve only just noticed your new reg. plate! Never seen a customised one like that before, in fact it wouldn’t be legal in Ireland! Enjoy!

  158. 3.30 in the afternoon and I’m finally sitting down to breakfast. Mum had an ‘accident’ so everything had to be stripped & washed, including herself. Not easy when she’s barely able to stand up for more than a couple of minutes at a time. Trying to get everything washed & dried before the rain that’s forecast for tomorrow. Now, raspberries, apricots, homemade muesli & natural yoghurt – yum!

  159. We’re being invaded by teeny tiny ants. Hubby investigated outside and found where they have their nests by our brick chimney. A friend said to pour borax powder there so hubby bought it at Shoprite. Hoping it works. Anyone know other solutions?

  160. Lots of cooking today, and helped my husband with a boatload of data entry since his admin assistant is laid off.

  161. When I saw my friend last week at the graduation parade she noticed that I had lost some weight. So today she is bringing me her homemade soup and some pulled pork.

  162. I could comment on my day but I’d rather comment on your post above about having to have a biopsy. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone and I am sending you so much healing energy. I just beat breast cancer last winter. Hang in there and I hope you get a negative result!

  163. It’s a weird day for me. All the protests & riots have me on edge. In addition to the unemployment and Covid death. So much anxiety.

  164. It’s one of those days. You know the ones, where everything just seems designed to aggravate you.

  165. Well today is better than yesterday, but I need to learn to relax and not worry and then things will be some better.

  166. It’s been a rough year so I’m hoping June is better! My doctor is finally open so I have an appt in a couple of days.

  167. It’s a public holiday in Ireland and I was up way too early (5am) so decided to do the chores while it was cooler: Power cut. Reported it and went back to bed!

  168. Stayed inside the all the unrest going on. We did watch some movies on tv which were good.

  169. Sending you best wishes and good health for June!
    We had a nice, quiet day. Played board games and cooked delicious food.

  170. Connie, I’m sending out all kinds of good vibes for you on June 2nd. My youngest nephew tries to explain Roblox to me, lol. I’m hoping June will be good for all of us. And my sympathies to your husband. Your right, no matter what, it still hurts to say goodbye.

  171. I know it’s hard to keep track of the days, but to lose May 31 is sad.
    Thanks for the contest.

    1. I went in and looked around Giveaway Tools there isn’t even an option for a picture on the second one. AND we know from all the previous weird stuff Giveaway Tools isn’t good at answering my questions.

  172. Today’s comment: Keeping everything crossed for 2nd. June and please give my regards and sympathies to George, bless him xxx

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