Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Be On?

It’s now undeniable that social media is one of the best ways to reach a wide range of audiences without having to invest too much at once. However, aside from boosting your social media performance, you want to make sure that you’re active on the right platforms. Here are some of the biggest and best platforms available and tips about who they’re best suited to.


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With one of the largest userbases in any online platform available, Twitter is a social media platform that just about every business should at least have a cursory presence on. It’s very easy to engage with followers thanks to the digestibility of the character-limited messages. It’s also a great way to disseminate things like blog posts as a part of your content marketing strategy. Furthermore, the hashtag system makes it easy for businesses to find trending topics and post content relevant to current interests.


As another one of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook is another one that practically all businesses should have some presence on. Facebook also has one of the largest ad networks on the internet. As such, working with a Facebook advertising agency can help you target the millions of users on the platform directly. It’s also worth noting that, in general, Facebook users skew a little older than the most active Twitter users.


Known primarily as the social media network for professionals, LinkedIn is best for those who are running a B2B business. After all, all your clients are going to be professionals who run a business, so this is the social media with the densest concentration of your target market. LinkedIn is also well-suited to posting long-form content, which is great for businesses that use informative content to build a better brand perception for themselves.


The biggest difference between Instagram and the other social media platforms mentioned here is just how visual it is by comparison. Everything that is posted is in video or picture form. As such, if you’re running a lifestyle brand, such as fashion, food, homeware, or travel brand, then this platform allows you to make the best use of the visual appeal of your business.  It’s also one of the best platforms for influencer marketing since a lot of people tend to follow the most photogenic and best produced of Instragammers.


With YouTube, you get a lot of the visual appeal of Instagram, making it a good fit for lifestyle brands, as well. However, YouTube is also better suited for longer-form video content of ten minutes or more. This can make it a good fit for products that might need a little more detail and demonstration to get their selling points across, such as technology and software.

If your business belongs on social media, then you had better ensure that you’re on the right channels. Hopefully, the tips above help you do just that but you need to do your research and find out where your audience is.


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