Pacific Beach Peanut Butter review

If this isn’t the PERFECT review subject for Peanut Butter & Whine I don’t know what is!!  
Pacific Beach Peanut Butter
Not only is the subject PERFECT!   Pacific Beach Peanut Butter makes flavored peanut butter. Ya’all know I LOVE my peanut butter!!  I eat peanut butter straight out of the jar with a spoon so this review had me doing the happy dance all over the place!!
Spoon full Pacific Beach Peanut Butter

First, you know me and packaging, PBPB comes in a bright blue box with a gold bow, nestled in bright yellow packing, the same colors as the jars. With an engraved SPOON!! How cute is that?!?!!  LOVE the packaging!!  CUTE cute CUTE!!

The peanut butter flavors we tried are Cinnayum, Toffee and Chocolate.
(I can’t wait to try the Butterscotch, Caramel and the Child’s Play made with M&M’s !!) Check out all the different flavors.

Empty jar Pacific Beach Peanut ButterMy favorite was the Toffee (I say WAS because that jar is long gone!! It was gone the second day!!) The peanut butter is not really chunky more like coarse cut peanut butter.  It’s not smooth….it’s not big chunks…. it’s perfect… I would say if your house is divided between chunky and smooth lovers this is the peanut butter for you.

The Cinnayum had DH and the Eli fighting over the pb!  The Cinnayum has really nice cinnamon flavor but you can still taste the pb.  YUM is right!!
(This is Eli with 2 thumbs up….. tried for real thumbs it just wasn’t happening!!)
Eli 2 thumbs up Pacific Beach Peanut Butter

Next up, Chocolate…… well, HELLO….. everyone knows that peanut butter and chocolate are meant to go together!!  PBPB does it to prefection! YUM YUM YUM!!!  You get the cocoa flavor and can still taste the peanut butter.  (okay one more YUM YUM YUM!!)

We tried our PBPB on apples, bread, bananas, gram crackers and mostly with the spoon straight from the jar.  I’m tellin’ you it’s that good!!  Just grab the spoon and hide or you’ll have to share!

Eli and Pacific Beach Peanut Butter cardApples with Pacific Beach Peanut Butter

This is a perfect peanut butter!!  PBPB doesn’t need to be stirred.  It isn’t oily. It’s gluten free. It’s delicious peanut butter.  I sooo wish I could give each one of you a bite so you would know how great this peanut butter is!!  (except… well, it’s peanut butter and I don’t share pb!!)
Sooooo if you are looking to send gifts at Christmas, birthdays or say just for no reason to your favorite blogger they do have gift sets (you decide which jars to send) as well as individual jars.
7 out of 7 in the Gruning family gave PBPB 2 thumbs up!!

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  • Rosie

    Wow – I never heard of such peanut butters! I”m a big fan of peanut butter, and feel pretty creative when I add a little chocolate or honey to it. These flavors are amazing, I have to look for these!

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