Packing for Vegas and it’s taking me forever!! I have to try on each outfit as I go!! Since I started the Half Year Challenge I’ve been firming up so much that several of the items I pulled out no longer fit!! (Yea me! Sort of!) So I try on each outfit as I go…. I mean… I would hate to get to Vegas and not have anything fit!! But then… it is Vegas does anyone REALLY care if you wear the same things everyday!?!?

While I’m gone I will try and make good food choices the whole 4 days. I plan to do a lot of walking for my exercise. The weighted Hula Hoop didn’t make it in time for this trip so I’m off the hook… I mean… so sadddd I can’t do that exercise…. and you’ll have to wait till next week for a Hula update.

I am taking my laptop and I will update every evening as usual, I know how much you would miss me if I didn’t write! What ARE we going to do at the end of the Half Year Challenge and the blog goes away??

Next post from VEGAS BABY!!! I’m also going to try my hand a Twitter while I’m gone.

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