Patio Ideas on A Budget: Which Materials are the Best, Stone, Brick, or Concrete?

Renovating an aging patio is something on many homeowners’ agendas. From replacing old doors with Renewal by Andersen Patio Doors. to repaving the floor with a trendy and modern paving design. However several of these paving designs can get expensive. But you don’t have to empty your wallet if you use the right materials and stick to your budget.

Building Your Patio with Good Materials

For a dream patio on a budget, you need a mix of creativity and ingenious ideas that will give your backyard a new look. 

We had the chance to ask a Lake Forest Concrete Pros in their opinion, what the best options are. 

So, let’s get started. Shall we?  

Natural Stone Pavers

Natural materials are also one of the most attractive options when it comes to creating patio slabs. The broad list of stone materials includes limestone, sandstone, and granite, which are usually mid-range options with suitable prices even for individuals on a budget. 

It’s not by chance that most patio slabs designed from natural stone are attractive and aesthetically appealing. The wide array of natural stone materials has made it possible to find the right option that suits your color, style, and personality. 

Taking individuality to a whole new level, natural stone has this unique variance that makes it a popular choice among a vast majority of homeowners. 

Pros of Natural Stone

Its time to freshen up your patio. Why opt for natural stone? Here are a few reasons this might be the best decision; 

1. Reduced Maintenance

You won’t have anything much to do in terms of caring and maintaining your stone patio. No painting. No patching. No bothersome mildew. Just a beautiful, smooth, and clean surface that requires minimal cleaning using a broom, then you can enjoy the scorching sun on a hot summer day. If that’s not convenient, then what is?

2. A Strong Material

If there’s a hard construction material out there, it is natural stone. Unlike other materials, natural stone is resistant to strong winds and hurricanes, doesn’t wear over time, and can withstand different weather conditions. Combine this with the beautiful view they give, and you will be getting huge bang for your bucks. 

3. Environmentally Friendly

Concrete is amazing but will cost you more money, energy, and mighteven pollute the environment. Natural stone is an incredible material that adds a unique touch to nature, costs less, and, most importantly, is environmentally friendly. And by the way, it is also reusable. 

Cons of Natural Stone

However, on the flip side, the natural stone absorbs moisture easily compared to brick and concrete. The downside of this is that the moisture buildup can cause freezing of the stones in the winter and break them, leaving obvious cracks in the process. Also, its installation process can be expensive for some homeowners. 

Concrete Patios

Designing a patio is an exciting project if you have the right materials. And concrete might just offer exactly what you need in a patio. A concrete patio will give you a cheaper alternative to natural stone, and its beautiful design can range from a smooth, clean finish to a sophisticated mixture with picturesque appearance.

Textured concrete will fit many backyards and is the first step when you want to increase your property value. With the modern concrete pavers, people like these concrete contractors in Minneapolis will no doubt have found that creating patio has quickly shifted from the one-time plain, boring designs to aesthetically appealing surfaces that are built to impress.

Pros of Concrete Patio

  • Provides easy maintenance 
  • Concrete is inexpensive 
  • Concrete patios are durable and cheaper to construct compared to stone patios
  • Allows decorative options to match the beauty of natural stone and other materials

Cons of Concrete Patio

  • It doesn’t match the durability of natural stone.
  • Repairs are expensive
  • Concrete can get slippery when wet, which poses a serious threat to your safety

Brick Patios

For many years, brick was widely known, not for its decorative purposes but for practical use. In recent years, this notion has changed as technological advancements have given birth to new techniques, making brick a valid option for decorative as well as building purposes. 

For elite homeowners, brick is a popular choice because of its appealing look, beauty, and durability. Bricks can complement any patio architecture to give you the perfect yard for recreation that will last for many years. 

Pros of Brick Patio

  • It offers multiple designs and color options, including white, black, orange, and brown, to mention just a few.
  • Requires low maintenance

Cons of Brick Patio

  • Bricks may crack, chip or accumulate weeds 
  • Can get costly if you opt for premium materials

Stone vs. Concrete vs. Brick-Who Wins?

So, who wins then? 

The healthy competition between concrete, stone, and brick only goes to show how fast the modern construction industry has changed. 

As you can see, several factors will play a role in determining the final cost of a patio design that will light up your backyard. It’s clear that all three materials thrive under specific circumstances, and depending on your preferences and budget, you should go for what suits your needs. 

Concrete is the most popular material today and offers plenty of decorative options for a fulfilling outdoor experience. It is also one of the cheapest options and can be customized to resemble natural stone and other high-end materials. 

On the other hand, natural stone is great for its decorative purposes, style, and design. But it can get quite expensive, especially if you are working on a budget. 

Finally, brick is another great option if you prioritize beauty and excellence over durability. However, most of the companies currently offer premium brick materials that can withstand weather changes. At the end of the day, it helps to go with what suits your budget, preferences, and style. 

The Verdict

Looking to shake up your patio when living on a budget? You will never lack options to boost your backyard and increase its value if you know what you want. A concrete patio is an invaluable investment that will live for many years to come. Hopefully, this article has covered everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the three most popular construction materials to help you make the right decisions for your next project. It’s time to fire up your outside space with the right patio design.


  • Kate Sarsfield

    I’ll have to uncover whatever kind of path/patio is at the front & back of the new house. The garden hasn’t been touched in years!

  • Kate Sarsfield

    I hate covering up the earth! I’d love cobblestones so that small plants could grow in between but I’d probably fall flat!

  • Rosie

    I love pavers. Our complex just covered over the cement steps and walkway with this stuff made of rubber particles that looks like kitty litter. The retired architect is having a fit because it is extra slippery when wet, and she said it is the cheapest of the cheapest. It is easy to apply over existing cracked cement. We only find out what they are up to when they have already started things, too late to intervene. I’ve tried sitting on the steps and you can pick it off with your fingers. It looks OK from far away, though, I’m glad they don’t sugget it here. Like it says, concrete can be expensive to fix, they didn’t want to do it the way that it would have been real repairs as it would have cost a lot more.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’d probably avoid brick because I have trouble walking right now and I like flat surfaces, lol. But I do think brick is pretty.

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