Mountain Living & Emerging Green

Life on our little mountain has some great perks!

Ahhhh the view! I promise you I never get tired of staring out over the trees. It is amazing!
my viewWe have amazing wildlife right outside the door!
I have beautiful flowers that pop up every year, lots of lavender and even wild raspberries!

Of course, I can’t leave out Miss Bear! She is 110 pounds of Mountain dog!

I am one blessed woman. I try not to take my amazing home for granted.  I want my kids and Granddaughter to enjoy living here long after I am gone.

Buying items that are biodegradable are import to me. I found a wonderful company that believes the same!

Better choices


We are a small family run business that is based in Singapore. Presently 75% of our products are made of biodegradable and sustainable source.

Emerging Green is a wonderful company with some great products! When Emerging Green approached me to review one of there products I shopped the entire sight and drooled over several items.
I finally settled on a pair of green gardening clogs.

Let me tell you these gardening clogs are exactly what you want in the spring, summer and the fall in Northern Idaho! We don’t have any sidewalks or easy walk ways. We walk dirt and rocks!
These clogs allow me to comfortably walk Bear, weed the garden or walk to the barn.
The clogs fit comfortably. The run true to size.
The base of the clogs have ventilation so my feet don’t get hot.
Short heel on the clogs mean they don’t slide off my feet.
Waterproof. Light weight, durable and made of EVA material.

Added bonus! Head over to Emerging Green and grab a $5 off bonus!
self watering planter
Check out what I have my eye on next!
A set of 2 self watering planters! Maybe next time I go to California to visit the kids I will come home to LIVE plants since The Husband forgot to water my plants last time! Yup, I came home to 100% of my plants dead. Tsk tsk tsk (thats a MUCH politer version of what I really said!)
I am anxious to hear what catches your eye over at Emerging Green! Happy Shopping little Peanuts!!


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