Pay attention!

Here is my public service announcement for the YEAR! I just spent the entire day fixing my computer.  I got a NASTY virus and a very official looking “Windows7” error message that caused quite a panic for me.  HOLY CRAP!! My computer screen went black even after rebooting.  So this is my friendly reminder to always check to be sure your anti virus is on!! I don’t know how or why but mine was turned off!  It took me 6 hours to fix this mess!
So now after a virus check, scan disk and defrag my little computer is happy as a clam once again.  Course I wasted an entire day!!! But at least I didn’t end out with a 3 pound paper weight!! So all is good.
Seriously, if the people that designed these viruses actually created software that HELPED people they could make big bucks! What’s the thrill of ruining someone’s computer? Just to be #$@ (*&%$!?!
I hope your Sunday was better than mine.

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