Pembrook Fleece Wrap Review

I really hate myself when I mock you guys in the east. HONEST I do!! But, today I’m not REALLY mocking because it’s kinda gray outside. And a few minutes ago I saw a rain drop. So see?? Southern California has extreme weather too!! HEY!! We also have earthquakes; enough said!

Honestly, when I moved to California from Colorado; some 33 years ago and I would see these Californians in UGGS, turtlenecks sweaters, and big down parka’s and I thought these people have lost their minds!! Now? Now I am one of them! I can’t believe I can get this cold in California! One thing about the cold weather that kills me is my elbows! ACKK!! The weather turns and they just ache!

This Pembrook Fleece Shawl is the perfect answer! This wrap is perfect for California weather. Absolutely perfect for inside!

First, the Pembrook Fleece Shawlis big! 28″ wide and 78″ long.  This fleece wrap is super cute with POCKETS at the end of the wrap! The pockets sport a silver embroidery design. The wrap even has a collar! Making this a very stylish looking wrap.  This is a lightweight fleece; it would look cute over a jacket for you guys that are buried in snow right now.  This is large enough for any size to wear and look good in it!!

Now, the shawl is shaped to give you a large stylish collar along the top to keep your neck warm and truly look stylish, but if you are using the shawl at home turn it the other way and the wrap hangs lower and offers more warmth. Ya, know just sayin’ butts get cold too!

The Pembrook Fleece Shawl comes in black and a super cute pink as well. Since I want to take this for our yearly Yosemite camping trip I didn’t think pink was the color for me. Besides, hanging out with a 3-year-old all day means I have stains on everything! Black does hide a multiple of sins!


Are you kidding? I’m wearing my Pembrook Fleece Shawl right now, I’m warm, I look stylish and bonus I have pockets to carry my phone!! What could I whine about?!?!




  • DD

    This wrap looks so comfy. I like that it’s big enough to really give some coverage from the cold. I love the designs on the pockets too!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I could use this right about now. It’s freezing outside & the DIRECTV guy is here fixing a cable the ice & snow brought down, so the door is being opened…yikes! Cold!

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