Pet Boarding Used To Be Quite Simple……………….

Pet boarding used to be quite simple; you brought your pet to a kennel and they placed them in an enclosed area, fed them, watered them and exercised them if you wanted that extra service. If the pet was cute enough, and an employee felt the urge, there might be some play time. However, as we began to learn more about animal psychology, it became clearer that pets are more than just guard dogs, and that their psychological well-being is as important as their physical well-being. Pet owners demanded better care; kennels became pet boarding centers; and standard care gave way to pampering.

These days, for pet owners who truly love to pamper their four-legged friends, there are some pet boarding services that cater to those needs exceptionally well. There are different sized pens, often called suites, to accommodate large or small dogs. There are extra services like brushing and general grooming, special treats, private play sessions, and much more. Some pet boarding services, like, even provide distinctive luxury services like a bedtime story and tuck-in, framed or emailed “vacation photos,” and a number of other delightful services designed to comfort and pamper your pet.

Boarding a beloved pet at a place like that surely ensures that your pet is being well-cared for and treated with love and respect. The days of simply putting your dog in a cage has passed. With extraordinary luxury pooch palaces like the ones available now, your family friend may miss you, but they won’t miss being pampered, petted and played with.


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