Photography Workshop Review Part 3

This weeks chapters are White Balance, Image Quality, Exposure Overview and ISO settings.

Do you remember a few weeks back I told you I didn’t post a picture because I was BLUE in the photo??  Well, the White Balance chapter taught me how to take that ‘blue’ out of a photo.  The chapter also taught me to take the ‘orange’ out of the indoor photo’s.

Orchid Picture Image Quality, GREAT chapter!!  I learned by changing these settings I can take ANY part of this picture and enlarge it and the photo will still be amazing!  (BTW… this is my orchid.  This plant is about 5 or maybe even 6 years old.  Blooms all the time!! It’s still has amazing blooms!!
Zoomed in on orchid

ISO…. what can I say…. I’ve never understood ISO before. I’ve always set my camera to ‘auto’ and let the camera do the work.  AH HA!!!!!! NOW I think I’ve got it!! 

Jack ISO shot1

Jack ISO shot2These 2 shots look a lot alike… but one shot lets you see almost individual dog hairs on Jack!!

Jerry’s class is really helping me understand my camera.  I’m enjoying this class immensely!! 

More bonuses on Jerry’s site……. if you are in the market for a new camera or camera equipment Jerry has a 2012 Digital Camera buying guide. The buying guide has extensive information!!  WOWOW!!

Jerry has 3 new Kindle books coming out which I will have more information and links for you next Sunday when I share what I’ve learned about Lens Opening, Shutter Speed and Shooting Modes.

Now I’m off to go practice more with my ISO settings!!

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