Brandyl Sealife: Neon’s Turtle Toss App

I have the cutest kids game app to share with you today!!  Just Released on July 19, 2012.

Seallife: Neon’s Turtle Toss is a simple, fast-paced game designed to appeal across all age groups.  The player guides Neon as he moves along the beach, bouncing the turtle shell to pop balloons and bubbles, and defending him from crabs and falling rocks. Neon will have to start back at the beginning if a crab or falling rock hits him.  Then the player’s score is added to their total experience count, unlocking new power-ups and balloons.
Sealife: Neon’s Turtle Toss engages players with adorable fun characters and casual game mechanics that make it easy to play whenever you have a free minute. It offers simple but fast gameplay with a mixture of light humor and story focused on courage and determinations.

*Adorable characters and beautiful island graphics
*Endless runner game in collaboration with ricochet – style mechanics
*Hours of shell – slinging fun popping balloons and bubbles while dodging enemies
*Hit power-ups for speed boost, multiple shells and increased multiplier
*Learn more about Neon and his friends as you level-up and unlock more exciting power-ups and achievements.
*Discover positive messages that guide Neon through his journey
*Easy to learn mechanics offer fun for everyone

Seallife: Neon’s Turtle Toss is now available for full version purchase on iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. Stay tuned for its release on Amazon Kindle Fire!
Refresh and exhilarate your summer with this year’s must-play mobile application.

Avaliable at and the Google Playstore

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