Photo’s On Canvas! My FAVORITE Way To Decorate

If you know me via the Internet or in real life, you KNOW I love taking pictures.  I love to decorate with my photographs on canvas.  I would say 99% of the art in my home consists of photos I’ve taken. There is Idaho and of course family photos. If you follow me on Instagram (no?? Why not? I’m funny! But, mostly my view is spectacular! AND there’s a DOG!!)

I’ve taken so many photos from my deck that over looks Lake Ponderay. This view! I STILL can’t believe I live here!  No matter how many pictures I take of this view each one is different.
Then the wildlife! Oh MAN. The wildlife.  Whenever I am lucky enough to capture a critter on my phone, camera or trail cam, well YOU KNOW the really good ones are getting put to canvas.

Ohhhh but I think I have a new addiction now.  CanvasDiscount has so much more than canvases!!! (YES! You do know me!! I was squealing like a little girl and clapping!!! It’s good that you can’t hear the squeal though… it was super high pitched!)

Decorating my walls is truly an obsession with me. Creating a unique gallery wall is my idea of FUN!

How about an absolutely cute as a bugs ear 2″ by 2″ MixBlox?? It’s so cute on my desk!! Truly, I loved this so much I ordered a second one for The Husbands desk.  (How sweet am I? I know, I’m a keeper)
Next, my eagle photograph on acrylic. (When you order on acrylic be sure to include the mounting hardware with your order. It will make hanging your photo easier) This is a stunning 8″ x 8″ acrylic tile with colors as crisp and beautiful as real life!  I love this shot so much I did it on canvas as well.
How about a StarMap view of your favorite spot in the world on a particular day??
This is fabulous.  Mounted on heavy duty foam board ready to frame. OR HAVE CanvasDiscount frame it for you!! Don’t you think this would make an AMAZING house warming gift!! Or a wedding gift?  So personal and unique!
Of course, I know what the Peanuts are thinking…. no picture of Alice?! Has she lost her mind?!?! (well, yes but that is a whole different post!) I can’t imagine not putting this recent picture of Al to Canvas. Dang this kid is soooooooooooo cute!!
photo tile


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I would LOVE to know what your favorite item is at CanvasDiscount SO MANY CHOICES!!!! MUST HAVE MORE!!!!!

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