$50 Your Way #Giveaway!! February 2021

February Single Blog Giveaway $50 Your Way

Do you Little Peanuts remember when I use to be so organized?? Yeah… it’s been so long ME EITHER!!!

I woke up this morning THE 1st! Realizing I didn’t add my monthly giveaway. Ackkkkkkk!!! HOW is this already FEBRUARY 1st?!?! Has to be the fact that I’m waist deep in old photographs!! OR WAIT, WAIT!!! Wait it’s COVID brain!!!!! Buying any of that?

I swear the older I get the faster time is flying by, that can’t just be me right??

My monthly update is pretty exciting. The beam that stretches across the entire main floor of the house had a makeover. This is a very large wooden beam and It was stained orange. Yes, orange. We covered it with barn wood blanks. It changed the entire look of the room. It’s soooooooo pretty!! Now the focal point of the room is the view and not the big orange beam. Now getting a good picture of a beam that is 18 FEET off the floor is a feat in itself. I just can’t get my mind around the correct spot to shoot a picture. So instead you get a few different view. Or just come over for coffee and I’ll show you.

Next project is the sister beam (yup, still orange)  that goes across the ceiling in my craft room. At least it’s only up 12 feet. I hate ladder work! Although it is a workout on my calves.  Getting my craft room ready for a make over was quiet a feat. The beam wasn’t in the plan to do this year so I started the very large project of sorting, scanning and creating photobooks for my kids. This may not sound like a task. BUT, remember me? The hoarder? Add two other generations of hoarders.  This is not even an eighth of the boxes of photographs.  See that Pink Bunny ear in the first pile?? That’s a bunny son Zachary made for me in KINDERGARDEN!!! Zac is 42. It may possibly be time to scan it and can it.

So I am going through my Mom’s pictures, GRANDMA’s pictures AND MINE!  I figure if something happens to me…… if I don’t put them in a book with names my kids will just toss it all. As it is I have a stack of people that I do not know, and I have no one to ask. I guess I could sprinkle these pictures throughout the book and name them Mystery Person A. A1. B1. ……… in other words there are A LOT of mystery people.  Like WHO IS THIS?!!?

I’ll tell you who, this is mystery persons 1 and 2.  It’s crackin’ me up where and how the flash ended up.

Now for the real reason you are here!


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. I– am blown away by your support!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!
GOOD LUCK Little Peanuts!!

422 thoughts on “$50 Your Way #Giveaway!! February 2021

  1. Typical last day of the month when I’m trying to get all my contest entries is. I really need to be more organized.

  2. It was actually sort of warm today, in the 60’s. But of course, it’s pouring rain, and actually thundered some. Figures, lol.

  3. My day is going pretty good today. I am doing stuff around the house and getting ready to make a nice dinner salmon tonight.

  4. Today is going ok. Wishing tomorrow wasn’t Monday. The weekend always goes by way too fast. Also a little both hopeful and nervous for March. For the last year+ every month something crazy has went on, and every month I go into it hopeful for a good one. So… here’s hoping.

  5. It is a rainy Sunday today, glad it isn’t snow. But found out too late my relative’s 100% adult disabled daughter (with no strong helper) is planning to take her to a CVS to get Covid shot today. That sounds great, except my relative cannot safely navigate getting in and out of a car. Nobody seems to care enough about it, and my relative is in sufficiently in charge of her life that I can’t effectively do much about it. I think this is how many elderly end up breaking a hip and then straight to a nursing home, when it could have been avoided, the beginning of the end of an independent life. I can’t get through to my relative, she just screeches, but she had told me she did not want to go to CVS for her shot she can’t safely walk or get in or out of a car. So now I have brace and wait. Even if she makes it OK this time, I can see this is not a good situation going forward.

  6. So that’s it. February has come & gone, the sun is shining. Going to do a bit of pottering about in the garden.

  7. Walking Delilah last night around 11pm and the full moon was gorgeous… stood there until Delilah asked me if I was going to sleep with her in the dog house….last day of February. where did the month go??

  8. I had a lazy Saturday. Slept in until lunch time. Watched old Westerns on tv, napped, watched more tv and am now getting ready for bed.

  9. I wanted to sleep in today but that didn’t happen. I did relax today and also looked at a couple houses with my son

  10. Day is going along. Rainy day today, just got finished making tortillas from scratch, cleaning up, vacuuming and some laundry. Taking a break.

  11. a good day – sun’s out, it’s a little warmer, no precipitation in sight, and it’s one day closer to spring. thanks

  12. I’m glad today is Saturday. But my neighbors woke me up extremely early on a Saturday morning working on something right outside my bedroom window. Not thrilled.

  13. The sun is actually out. I kid you not–I saw a few people go biking up the street, lol. I mean, actual humans out for a recreational bicycle ride, lol.

    1. Sounds like something I would do, lol. ‘Oh, I’ll sleep another hour…’ and I wake up six hours later, lol. But I don’t feel guilty! I just assume my body needed sleep.

  14. Up and at em in the kitchen….Baking chocolate cupcakes and naan bread…. after that some Moroccan chicken and spinach.. lunch will be done early so I can read for the rest of the day.. feeling a bit under the weather since yesterday afternoon.. tea and rest…

  15. Had to get a blood draw for Endocrinology so I treated myself to a pizza to take home. Sun is shining and warming up a bit to 43 degrees. Supposed to hit 60 next week.

  16. Super tired today because I couldn’t sleep last night. Had major heartburn nothing would faze and just tossed and turned. I am happy the weekend is here though! I hope you have a great one!

  17. Today has started out well enough. It is dark and rainy this morning, doesn’t do much for a good mood though.

  18. The electricity will be out today for line work….the dog and cats are telling me take the day off and play with us!! I think I will.. this was not a very productive work week for me…LOL

  19. It’s Friday, although, to be honest I had to check first. Mended my washing line again & put it to the test today.

  20. My day is going great. I went to grab just a few things at the grocery store and ran into a great sale. All of the Valentine’s Day items were only 25 cents each so I was able to get several bath sets and socks for only a quarter each what a score!

  21. We got about 6 inches of snow at my house overnight. Some places got a foot or more.
    I did not go swimming today. And there are no reservations for tomorrow. Sigh.
    Made my reservations for Sunday and for next Thursday.
    My arm is still a little sore but better and I’ve had no other symptoms -YEA!!!

  22. Another warm and beautiful day here. But that will change tomorrow. Going from 70 to 50 and Sunny to pouring rain again. Yippee 😛

  23. Day is going OK. I’ve been trying to help get an elderly relative her Covid vaccination, and she is starting to have dementia. Wow, this is soooo hard. She gets angry and starts hollering. I can’t get there, as I don’t drive and am too far. She’s not able to get in or out of a vehicle, and they do not go to homes to do shots. Our state is leaving the elderly who are still at home to die of Covid, they don’t care if they can’t get out to get vaccinated . The state says they have “No Guidance” for these vulnerable residents.

    1. Rosie, that’s not right!
      I can’t even imagine the commotion my mother would have made during this. She wouldn’t want the shot and then she’d be mad she couldn’t GET the shot.

      1. I just spent so much more time today. My sister isn’t her normal “sharp” self. I haven’t gotten any traction, only more “leads” to nowhere. Her senator agrees the state has not been responsible in addressing this aspect of the population. Scary. I can relate to how you say your mom may have reacted. When I say I did something related to this, she’ll say GREAT and THANKS in all caps. Then the next day it is “none of your business” after she had asked me to contact someone, and I said that I did. I see a problem coming on fast…..

  24. My day is going ok so far. I’m just glad this week is almost over, it’s been crazy and hectic. But it’s finally almost Friday

  25. Hoorah! It’s stopped raining. I am actually giddy with excitement at the thought of heading outside the house!

  26. Pouring again…after more coffee I will have to go out and see about debris in the yard.. there is really nothing much to do garden wise so I think I will take the day off and relax and play with the dog this morning.. by afternoon i will probably see all the things I should have done but oh well by then it will be too late!

  27. You know when you have those weeks where every single day you have something going on? Yeah this is one of those weeks ugh!!!

    1. I started a project in my craftroom and I’m feeling overwhelmed and under motivated. I hope your week slows down.

  28. Nice and warm again today but my allergies are kicking my butt. I woke up this morning looking like someone punched me in the eye.

    1. Dana, have you ever tried Zyrtec? I’m a lifelong asthmatic but since I started on this, I’ve been able to go from taking handfuls of antihistamines to just this – hardly ever need to use an inhaler either! Just a thought.

  29. Day is going! It is one of the first warmer days today and I’m not going out to do any errands, but it is supposed to be almost 50 in a couple of days! Yippee!

      1. I’m enjoying it for sure. I even put a monokini in my thredup cart – notice I didn’t say I checked out!! My “pretend” shopping, hope I don’t embarrass myself!

  30. Another day of rain – the garden is sodden but the daffodils and crocuses are out so I have to keep reminding myself that things will improve.

  31. Rain again…as soon as it clears a bit I have to put some flower plants in then well I should weed but to tell the truth that is the last thing I want to do today…will reap some green beans and cucumbers and call that a work day!

  32. I finally got my taxes done today..and left with a headache. Came home and took a 2 hour nap because I was so stressed. I hope everyone else had a better day than me.

  33. It has been a stressful day dumping an car insurance company and going back to another one who knows what customer service means!

  34. Got my 2nd vaccine this morning. Then treated myself to a sausage mcmuffin with egg. It hit 60 degrees today with sunshine as opposed to when I went for my first shot in a snow storm. My arm is a bit sore but so far not as sore as last time.

  35. It’s been a pretty nice day today. We had lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures. Was able to get a lot of things done. It was a blessed day.

  36. It finally broke the freezing mark with lots of sunshine today, so lots of the snow has disappeared. Makes me very happy.

  37. Day is going along. No cooking today, so have been getting a few other things done. I’m looking at a huge container for shredding, I do it by hand, I should start on it. It is going to start snowing and sleeting again soon!!!

  38. Another day, another gale & torrential rain. My newly-mended bird feeder & washing line are back on the ground, however getting out & about a bit yesterday did me good so all is not lost!

  39. Off to the vet with puppy for 2nd round of shots.. then to the feed and grain for dove food….yesterday would have been my husbands birthday.. thinking about all those celebrations and I miss him so very much….

  40. I’ve been trying to get my taxes done since Saturday. I had a sit down 60 min apt but when I arrived they took my paperwork and said they would call me when I needed to come sign. I have yet to hear back from them.

  41. Well, the snow has somewhat melted, it rained a little and got rid of some. So, I think I’ll make my doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Fingers crossed, lol.

  42. A snowstorm is starting, and so I’m staying in, have plenty to do. I bought fish for the first time in ten years or so at least, and I’m looking around for recipes good for stove top.

  43. I have to pop into town to collect meds for my sister & niece. I’m going to head for the motorway to give the car a blow out (don’t tell anyone – it’s outside my lock-in zone)!

    1. My Dad, who sold cars his whole adult life, insisted that once in a while you needed to take the car out, on an open stretch, and ‘blow the soot out!’ Lol, go for it!!

  44. It’s pouring the rain here this morning & I have to go out for a doctor’s appointment. Could be worse, I’ll take the rain over the ice and snow from the last 2 weeks.

  45. It is pouring out but Delilah is still getting her bath today.. Cannot go to the vet tomorrow w/o smelling sweet! after that we shall see what the day brings….

  46. It finally got above freezing today. It’s supposed to get up to 60 this week. Wow. Seems like a heatwave, lol.

  47. It was a nice day out today, even though I didn’t go outside. I’ve been chipping away at the taxes, and oh I hate doing them, and still do them by hard copy. I don’t really trust the volunteers I have no idea who would be doing them – I know some of them, and one is really good, but others, I would not take chances with ever, realizing their limitations.

  48. a sad day here – a memorial service for a friend over the Internet. It does allow people from around the world to ‘attend’, though. thanks for asking.

  49. Today it stopped raining and blowing a gale for the first time in what seems like weeks so I opened the windows, fixed the bird feeder, fixed the washing line (I hope), pruned back some overhanging branches, put the car on charge, sorted seeds and bulbs, fed & watered the houseplants, did a HUGE load of laundry, scraped some moss near the house, and all before lunch! Nothing like a bit of fresh air to get this woman moving!

  50. Yes. Sunday…I plan on relaxing all day after the roast is in the oven….Reading, listening to music and planning the week which includes going to the vet for the 2nd round of shots for my Delilah….

  51. We tried to go hiking but it started snowing buckets on our way out of town, so we stopped and played at the park for a bit and then headed home instead. Still a great day!

  52. I had a good day at work. It was slow enough that I could study. Every two years we have to recertify for Emergency Medical Dispatch and Emergency Fire Dispatch. Last Saturday I had taken the medical part of the testing. So today I stayed late and took the fire part. I got 96% which made me perfectly happy. So now that is done. The police part of that test is not due until the end of October, so I am good there. It feels good to have this out of the way.

  53. Today was nice I went to the store and did some grocery shopping it was a nice day not too many people were out and it felt good to get out and about for a while.

  54. After freezing temps and snow and ice, it’s supposed to get up around 60 this week! Of course, this means we’ll probably get one of those March blizzards, lol.

  55. Today is cleaning day! I usually have to split my cleaning up bathrooms on one day and the rest of the house the next because with four kids its very hard to get anything done! Have a great weekend everyone!

  56. Day is going good. It is sunny out, and a good day to get some chores done here, and finish up a few other things!!!

  57. Uh, still not sleeping properly 🙁 It’s been really windy for the last week & I just lie there listening to it howling round the house. I could use ear plugs but then I’d be afraid I wouldn’t hear the smoke alarm/cat/phone/burglars etc.

  58. It started out early this morning with heavy rain but now the sun has come through and it appears that it will be a lovely day with cool breezes…Baking this morning then outside to see what trouble I can get into with the pooch!

  59. Day is going by! I was just talking with my sister in Louisiana, they have been without water and don’t know when it will be back. City pipes broken, National Guard is bringing water. We sometimes take for granted turning a faucet and having water come out. Prayers for all these people in the south, esp the vulnerable and elderly, and sick.

  60. Hoping today will be a better day. Temps are finally (barely) above freezing and we currently have water so at least there is that.

  61. Today we are taking quizzes over what the kids learned this week and catching up on anything they haven’t gotten done. Meanwhile I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to make it to the store with the snow!

  62. The other day the top ‘tray’ of the dishwasher fell off it’s runners. Yesterday I just sat & looked at it. Today I fixed it.

      1. Now if only the wind would die down I could try to mend my lovely new rotary line. My own fault too; hung out a load in between showers. The wind went from 7 to 47 km, the washing got caught in the hedge & the pole bent. So cross with myself!

  63. Friday already.. wondering where this week went?? right now I wish I could go to an art gallery or a museum and wander around surrounded by beauty and history.. instead I plan on doing my chores then going on a virtual gallery tour…just as good for now….

  64. I’m having a good day. I took the day off so I could visit my mother in a nursing home. The home has been shut down since the beginning of November from Covid 19. I have not seen my mother in person since late October. This was the first day it has reopened. It was wonderful to see my mother!

  65. Good swim today then a stop to pick up my grocery order. We got about 3 inches of snow overnight. My complex is good about getting the driveways and sidewalks shoveled. Sun is shining now.

  66. My day has not been off to a great start. We have no water whatsoever in our house because the city has turned off a lot of waterlines in the area due to breaks.. this sucks. My water was working fine til this

  67. For the last two weeks we have had snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain. This morning we woke up to a whole bunch of snow! Do you wanna build a snowman?

  68. Day is going ok. We are supposed to have a snowstorm today, but so far, it hasn’t gotten going. Lots of arguing going on this morning on our local FB group over the state’s decision about priority of who gets Covid shots before others. Also, many seniors have no way to get one because they are homebound.

  69. The dog is at my feet and the cats are in my lap and the coffee is next to me.. how am I supposed to get motivated to work????

  70. So, looks like more snow tonight and tomorrow. But, the temps are supposed to get above freezing by Sunday, so hopefully, some of this will melt and I’ll be able to get to my rescheduled doctor’s appointment Tuesday.

  71. Pretty sunny day here. But storms coming back later tonight. Keeps this up I will be able to catch fish in the front yard.

  72. Day is going good. Picked up my stud finder at Ace today, and I need to read the pamphlet to understand what all the different flashing means, but it looks like it works! The first two I tried didn’t with my plaster walls.

  73. I am exhausted and if I didn’t have other people to care for and things to do I could so easily crawl back in bed and sleep all day

  74. Ash Wed…social distancing this morning went I went for ashes….now my day can begin.. breakfast then off into the garden for seed starting and some reaping!! Back to normal…

  75. Finally back to swimming today. I missed swimming on Sunday when the high temp was 1 degree. Today was a balmy 47 degrees for a little while.

  76. I’m staying inside because it’s -2 here. Thankfully we still have our electricity. I’m doing laundry and cleaning.

  77. Well it finally stopped raining here. And I saw the sun for the first time in days plus it made it into the 50 degrees.

  78. Not good, my husband has covid and is pretty sick so im just taking it one day at a time trying to get him better.

  79. My day is going meh. Dealing with freezing pipes even though we left the water dripping as recommended.. it’s just been SOOO cold here

  80. My day is going good although it’s blue cold here in Cincinnati, OH I’m getting a lot of laundry done and doing some house cleaning.

  81. Day is going along. I’m realizing how good I am at procrastinating things I don’t want to do, I keep trying to figure out strategies to get me to buckle down to loathesome tasks. One good side benefit, is I do manage to do other needful things as an excuse why I “can’t do” the things I simply haven’t been able to drag myself to do, so at least things still get accomplished.

  82. It stopped snowing and we didn’t get as much as they were predicting. Waiting on another round coming on Thursday.

  83. Today it is -39 in Iowa. I can’t wait until Spring! I promise not to complain about how hot it will be in the Summer! I hate cold weather so much! My bones tell me every day they hate winter too!!

  84. Off to the village early.. feed and grain then the chemist and lastly the cats to the vet for their 2nd round of vaccinations….back as early as possible if all goes well….

  85. Well, this truly lousy weather. It started with sleet. Then snow. Then Back to sleet. Then something more than sleet but too heavy to be called snow, lol. There are layers out there. I think even the grass area is so covered with ice that you could ice skate on it. It’s a solid sheet of ice on the roads and yards.

  86. Day is going OK. I spent quite a bit of time trying to get our property manager to handle water intrusion in my area, water coming down from the roof and collecting above my ceiling. It did this before and then would come down in gallons. They don’t think it is a problem…….. I wonder how many buckets they’d live with at their own residence.

  87. It’s a very snowy day here …. probably got 4″ already and there’s another 6-10 expected tonight. Another day of staying inside

  88. Another quiet day at home. We almost had a heat wave today. Yesterday’s high was 1 degree, today we got up to 30 degrees.

  89. At the moment, we are preparing for an unforgiving snow storm that is supposed to drop over a foot of snow on us! So, for the time being, staying warm indoors and trying to stay productive inside, lol.

  90. Yep the snow..ice..sleet whatever is going on out there is piling up!! We ain’t going nowhere for a few days!

  91. I am just ready for it to warm up again – snow is pretty and all, but this is just too much with these subzero temparatures and wind chills

  92. So quiet here w/o the traditional Carnival Monday mass parades…..so my daughter has analyzed how my small baking business is going after a few years of data and she sadly informed me that I barely make even and in some cases work at a loss…I either have to downgrade my ingredients or raise prices.. I can do neither! so she suggested that I might as well just give some cakes away as a friendship gesture and thats that….so…. aside from my Irish nun friend St Pattys Day cakes are done…well I really did it out of a love for baking … moving on as they say…..

    1. Michele!!! Your baking must be amazing since customers keep coming back. I’m sure they’d understand if you have to raise prices. They’d tell you you’re worth it!

  93. I’m just sitting here waiting for the snow to start. I mean 13″???? It’s been a few years since I saw a snow like that.

  94. Happy Valentines Day! Had a lovely Zoom meeting with Sage Singers where one member told her life’s story. I usually go swimming on Sundays but since the high temp is 1 degree and it’s snowing….. I did not go out at all.

  95. Day is going along. Sending Valentine’s on FB. Made parsnip fries for the first time, and with my crinkle cutter, very good!

  96. My day is going alright but it would be better if it wasn’t so below freezingly cold outside with an ongoing snowpocalyse

  97. Wishing you all here a very Happy Valentines Day.. It is Dimarche Gras here but with the pandemic not sure how the show will go.. maybe virtual maybe on the telly….years ago husband and I would always go to the Queens Park Savannah watch the show then wait until ” the cock crowed” and started the JuVert chipping along with a steel band until we got tired…gone are those days… great memories….

  98. I haven’t slept a wink thanks to last night’s (and still going on) storm. It’s horrible out there 🙁

  99. Today was kind of a weird day. my ex is in town to take care of my grandkids while my daughter is in the Bahamas and I took my other grandson over and visited for a while.

  100. We’ve been working hard lately. I took a break today and played board games with the kids, and read lots of kids’ books. It was a great day!

  101. Well, they are calling for up to 13″ of snow by Monday. Great. I guess I’ll be rescheduling that Tuesday ortho appointment, lol.

  102. My day is going pretty well today, did some grocery shopping and also got myself a new pair of slippers and they are so nice and warm.

  103. Day is going along! I made a nice chicken soup with root vegetables, and tried adding parsnip for the first time, nice! Also made homemade egg noodles to add.

      1. I haven’t tried that yet. I just tried cauliflower roasted for the first time, yum, must try! First need a new stove, can’t use the oven, hopefully soon!

  104. Today I’m trying to get laundry done and cleaning. Its nearly impossible with my crazy kiddos. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

  105. My day has been going fine. We lost power for 3 hours from icy trees falling on power lines in our town. Our power did come back on, so we are thankful for that!

  106. We’re in the middle of a blizzard – lots of sleet & high winds forecast. My washing line blew over yesterday but it’s too windy to try to fix it even if I knew how! Anyway, plenty of rugby on the telly today and homemade pizza – yum!

  107. Been baking since 5am…all cakes and cupcakes will be nice and cool to frost later on this morning…making specialty cocktails and have them in containers to go also….hopefully by 6 this evening all will be picked up…..

  108. Kind of mad today because I ordered a fancy smancy Italian pound cake for my Valentine. Fed Ex was supposed to deliver it today.. I guess it ran off with your wine Connie.

  109. Not going outside since current windchill is -4 degrees. But better than the -30 windchill in North Dakota. Very thankful for a good furnace and a warm house.

  110. My day is going ok. It is super-cold here and we are expecting a big snowstorm this weekend and below 0 temperatures

  111. Day is going along. It seems to go by too fast! Washing drapes today, I’ve read cleaning businesses are busy with peoples’ drapes and covers, due to people being home more. I believe it!

  112. I have a few breaches in my fencing around the property and right now I cannot call my repairman .. so….I did a ratch and a pretty good one with concrete foundation bricks and small coconut trees…in March I plan on sub-dividing and sell off acres then I will re-do the fencing and continue on the barrier wall to include more of what property I plan on keeping….so many plans for the months ahead….

  113. Help! It’s 5am & I’m sitting here singing the Hallelujah Chorus (alto line). What can I say? Couldn’t sleep so started singing. I must post some photos of Mum as Musical Director of the various choirs/musicals she was a part of. On the other hand, that means sorting through photos. Not ready for that just yet …

  114. Good swim today. Then a quick stop at Sprouts to pick up some calcium and some soy milk. Cold today, colder tomorrow and frigid on Sat & Sun.

  115. We have over 2000 residents in our county without power today after the ice storm. We are very grateful and crossing our fingers that everyone stays safe!

  116. Another bitterly cold day but I wrapped up and went for a walk to the village post box. It’s years since I’ve walked anywhere (and I used to go mountain walking regularly) but I used my stick & took my time. We’ll see if I end up aching but I was going bananas just sitting inside listening to the clock ticking my life away.

  117. Here on the new moon I am planning my intentions for the month….so many that I must get my thoughts together in some cohesive order…good luck to me.. right now my mind is going in 10 directions at once!

  118. I was exhausted most of the day today, but had a lovely dinner where we tried out a new pasta recipe with salmon, so definitely finished on a happy note!

  119. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday an astrophysicist discovers time really does go by faster the older we are! And maybe it is good to not be quite as organized, in that living in the country people aren’t wound as tight, and is healthier! I love the beams, and the photo albums are very cool, a good use of all that picture stash!

  120. The weather has been nasty today: ice storm. I hate to think what it must be like to drive on it. It’s definitely freezing out there.

  121. Our big ice storm is coming. And so I have been packing bags in case we have to go next door to my moms. I really hope we don’t lose power!! If anyone else is being affected by it I hope you stay safe!

  122. Today isn’t going too bad. Wish it weren’t so cold outside and didn’t get much sleep last night, but other than that not too bad

  123. Hi! It’s about 9:30 am, and my day is going pretty well so far. Got up, got caught up on some games on my phone, caught up on some email, checked in with some friends on Facebook. I even went to Starbucks drive-thru. Now just continuing computer stuff while listening to hubby on the phone/computer for his big monthly meeting.

  124. It hasn’t budged over -4 for the last 48 hours but thankfully it’s dry. I’m saving on the heating by vacuuming the house! I dropped my sister’s de-humidifier back to her as it’s done it’s work on the chimney breast. She’s lost over 80 pounds since her bariatric surgery and is delighted but tired. It’s a very tough regime.

  125. Trying to get moving but the chair and coffee is holding me back..sitting here going over all sorts of things in my mind … smiling and going back in time…..

  126. Dropped off my thingy to Kaiser. 24 hours of saving. Then a trip to the grocery store. High today was 30 degrees which is 25 degrees warmer than it will be this weekend.

  127. We are supposed to get a big ice storm!! J hope not because I am still traumatized from the one we had in 2009. It was really bad and I had only one kid to keep warm and safe then. Now I have four!!

  128. Snow!!! Only half an inch but it’s sticking and there’s more on the way. I cleared a path for myself to the bird feeder & made a huge pot of veggie soup with smoked paprika – yum!

  129. Received Valentine cake orders last night….have enough of all ingredients so I don’t have to make a quick grocery run….today I shall put the boxes together and prepare the packaging so Saturday I can just bake.. then out into the garden to weed and feed!!

  130. Went to the clinic for a blood draw ahead of my visit with Endocrinology on Thursday. Turns out I also have to do a 24 hour urine collection. How fun. not.

  131. Well its 335 PM and I’m still not done with kids schoolwork! But thats okay..I am still cherishing every moment with them!

  132. Waiting for a package delivery today.. local shoppes are doing online ordering now and I love it!! Now I also have to rake today that I do not like….

  133. I cooked today while the kids and hubby watched the game. It was a fun day but we did miss the rest of our family that we have not seen for a year now.

  134. I’ve noticed lately that these giveaway entry forms from Giveaway Tools are rolling over for the day at 10 p.m.. They used to roll over at 11. Wonder why they changed? Just an observation, lol. Even the 11 p.m. time never made sense to me since the day ends at midnight…but if that were my only question in life, I’d be doing great!!

  135. Good swim with my friend. Then I stopped at Arbys since I had a coupon for a free sandwich. Very windy but sunny.

  136. it’s going well despite the bitter cold. more gratitude here for shelter, layers of clothes, and food available.

  137. Today my babies were able to play with one of their cousins! It made me very happy to see them playing and laughing!

  138. Have some muffins and parmesano oregano rolls in the oven.. baked yesterday but today the goods are for my neighbour.. delivering them later on and will stay for a brief chat…

  139. Been a stressful couple of days so we decided to relax by taking the kids on a hike and going out for ice cream. Much needed!

  140. I decided I needed to buy new books today, lol. It doesn’t matter that I have a stack of ‘to be read’ ones waiting—I always like new books.

  141. Today I’ve only done about ten loads of laundry..lol. not a good time! I hope everyone has am amazing weekend!

  142. Here we are at half 7am and no lawn man.. well Mercury is in retrograde and communications get mixed up.. will call at 8 to see what is happening…then I have to bake bread none in the bread box or freezer!

  143. A long day. My brother-in-law was hospitalized but we’re out of state so we’re just kind of waiting around to hear what’s going on.

  144. Lordy, I got to sleep about 3am, woke at 7 & turned over, the cat woke me at 10 then went back to bed and finally got up at 7pm! I have missed a whole day. I’m 61, I should be making the most of whatever time I have left but nature called & I obviously needed it.

    1. Kate if you didn’t need the sleep you would have woken up.. relax and let your body guide you..life is too short to study the small stuff…take care of yourself…

  145. The lawn man is coming tomorrow so have to get out there and pick up all the debris left by the wind driven rain last night…what genius said that dry season has begun? LOL…then seedlings to be transplanted…

  146. Today I picked up groceries. Then I drove to Idaho with my daughter and grandson and had lunch and got cookies from a place called Crumbl Cookies. They were yummy.

  147. My day was really nice today did a lot of shopping for mom’ birthday and it was nice to get out and about with my two masks on.

  148. Another day of schoolwork, schoolwork and dirty diapers! The life of a mom is nonstop..but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  149. Trying to get back in the swing of things….watching how big all our fur babies are getting…gotta love them..went out into the garden today and cleaned out old beds and have to get them ready for some bok choy and eggplant seedlings….

  150. I’m trying to get the motivation/energy to hang the laundry out but it’s cold & grey out there and I’m tired.

  151. Called family and friends today to check in with everyone and see how there doing. East Coast friends hit with lots of snow nice and warm here which is nice for working in the garden now.

  152. For the first time in over a year I GOT A MASSAGE! From a friend of a friend in her office with a heated massage table. It felt so wonderful.

  153. Today is a better day outside. Yesterday we had a wintry mix , today it’s clear but cold. I basically relaxed today, but it’s time to cook dinner.

  154. Well, it’s still freezing, but at least the sun is out today. It actually looks like daytime out there…until about 4 o’clock when it’ll start getting dark, lol.

  155. My day is going well so far. It is sunny today but cold and with lots of wind. We are having chili for dinner tonight.

  156. I’m going out today! Well, if you consider popping into town for a ‘click & collect’ of a month’s groceries ‘going out’! Still, it’ll be nice to see a bit of the world 😉

  157. Had my annual face to face appointment with my Rheumatologist. She is pleased with how I’m doing. Was a beautiful day for the 40 minute drive to her office. 63 degrees with lots of sun. Until we get the snow tomorrow night through Friday.

  158. Cold and windy here today so I made a pot of chicken soup for dinner. Might have used a smidge too much garlic but it was good LOL

  159. Happy Groundhog Day! Let’s hope Phil’s prediction is not correct for 6 more weeks of winter. Today is a sunny day here. My day is going fine so far.

  160. No way! I can’t believe I have won the Giveaway (Januar)! 🙂
    Thank you very much for this prize and I’ll keep entering in the new giveaways but please don’t pick me up as the winner anymore. I am doing it because it’s fun and you can actually learn something smart on your blog and read real person life experiences. So yeah, thanks for that and good luck everyone!

  161. Happy groundhog day!! Let’s hope the groundhog gives us good news because I am ready for warm weather asap!! Have a fabulous day everyone!

  162. Always enjoy your posts. I also have lots of projects going. I did get lots of dehoarding done yesterday. It felt pretty good. It could feel even better.?

  163. More misty rain forecast for all of today. I didn’t get much sleep last night so I may curl up this afternoon with an old B&W movie.

  164. We had to trim in our garden today the plants had gotten so large over the past year. It took us most of the day to clean it all up/

  165. Happy February 1st! Today has been quite hectic with all the packing & details for moving. Hope you are doing well.

  166. How can it be February already?! I’m having a slight panic attack because I turn 50 on February 7th. ECK!!! And what’s worse is turning 50 during a pandemic lockdown and not being able to celebrate. And my husband seems to be more excited about the Super Bowl on that day. So I may just change my birthdate…

  167. I’m still sick so my day is going as well as can be expected. Hoping to kick this soon and have a better month

  168. Today in Ireland we celebrate Lá Fheile Bríde (St. Brigid’s Day) as the first day of Spring. It’s so misty out there I can’t tell what’s happening.

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