$50 Your Way #Giveaway March 2021

It’s MARCH!? I know, month after month and year after year I say the same thing! But, seriously WHERE IS TIME GOING!?!?

During the month of February we finished both beams. The main floor and my craftroom look amazing!

I started sorting our family boxes. Photos and art projects sorted and the scanning has begun! I splurged and bought myself a photo scanner. HOLY GUACAMOLE BATMAN this was one of the best investments I have ever made!

Seriously, watch this thing!

On to a question………… what do y’all think THIS is?? We caught it peeking in the front door too (on video but, no better pictures than this). But, no idea what it is!!  Badger? Racoon? House cat? Bob Cat?? What is your guess? I’ve moved the trail-cam to the front porch maybe I have a better shot next week.

I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide)$50 Your Way Giveaway

This is a Giveaway that is hosted only by me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!!

GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!

455 thoughts on “$50 Your Way #Giveaway March 2021

  1. Sunshine and 51 degrees so I went to Costco. Got regular supplies including one of their roast chickens. Then went to my friend’s house and we split the chicken in half. This works well for both of us.

  2. Really tired today for some reason. We are under a severe storm warning right now so I am listening to the alerts.

  3. My day is going good. Spring is here and I’m starting to work in my garden. I also got my first Covid shot today.

  4. it’s going well – lots of phone calls from friends, family; and cutting that ‘to do’ list down to size. thanks

  5. Today I am a bit manic so I have this huge list of things I want to get done. This , of course will surely disappoint me later on when I get half or less done lol. Doing good otherwise

  6. It is a lovely Wednesday morning here in the almost geographical center of the United States!

  7. Getting ready for the ride service to pick me up for groceries. I have been pretty much staying out of public except for the most essential needs. Pretty soon my second shot, and by the end of the month I should have the immunity – yea! Our state’s positivity and hospital rate for Covid is way up again, yikes.

  8. We had another beautiful day here in Kentucky and im trying to soak it up. Next week it will be chilly again!

  9. My day is going pretty well today. I had a lot of running around to do today and it was pretty quiet out there today which I love and everyone I ran in to today was so nice.

  10. Quiet day at home. Sun is now shining. We got about one inch of snow overnight. Still 30 degrees cooler than yesterday’s 75 degrees.

  11. the day is going well – sunshine, the wind has died down for the time being. time to get out and get some exercise. thanks

  12. Very early Monday morning. Full day ahead. No rest for the wicked. I guess I can sleep in my next life. All is good.

  13. I have an appointment tomorrow with my regular doctor to get ‘cardiac clearance’ for knee surgery. (No cardiac issues, it’s just a required thing for everyone.) Hopefully, my doctor will be okay with signing it and not require me to see a cardiologist. I expect he will. Usually they do unless you have heart issues. But of course with my past weird medical history…lol. I just want to get the show on the road and get back to normal walking.

  14. Quiet day at home. 71 degrees with sun and a lot of wind. Tomorrow 30 degrees cooler with SNOW. Up and down, up and down, up and down. 70s again by Friday.

  15. It’s a nice day today if you’re out of the wind. Wow – that makes it so cold. So, today is working indoors day. thanks

  16. My day is going great today. I am still celebrating my birthday. The older I get the more I make it last for a few days.

  17. It’s been a busy morning so far. Took my daughter to the doctor, got in some groceries and back home to do some laundry.

  18. Just back from seeing my consultant. Apparently nothing more can be done for the ripped tendons apart from losing weight & exercise. So it’s Catch 22; can’t lose weight or exercise if I’m in pain & until I lose weight & strengthen my core, the longer it’s going to take. Still, it was nice to talk to someone other than the cat!

  19. Day is going good. Not walking to town today because of big winds, so getting a few other things done. This month has gone by F-A-S-T-!!!!

  20. Sunday evening. The weather is calm and oh so nice. I enjoy living in Florida. Tons of Spring Breakers out and about. Great to see people getting back to normal.

  21. My day is going pretty well. It is my birthday and it has been a really nice one so far lot of nice surprises.

  22. It is raining hard with wind, etc., lots of warnings from the weather stations. Taking it easy, going to make some popcorn with cheese topping soon!!!

  23. Our clocks changed last night & I’m all mixed up! The weather’s awful, gales & lashing rain. Hope it clears up before I drive to Dublin in the morning.

  24. My day is going ok. Got a little more sleep than I have been lately. Still wishing the weekend wouldn’t end though lol

  25. Good morning on Sunday! It’s only 9:30 in the morning, but my day is good so far. Went out to Starbucks for an iced chai. It’s extremely foggy out! It’ll be a relaxing day to stay home & catch up on some chores.

  26. We are under a weather alert until Tuesday…the rain is pouring down.. was able to catch a break and walk Delilah and keep her dry…Palm Sunday remembrances…my childhood is rushing back at me… will take out the albums later and put pictures to all those memories…

  27. Quiet day at home. My friend called and her friend’s family all have Covid: 2 grandparents, parents and their son. Luckily for her it’s been 2 weeks since she’s seen them.

  28. Oh for cryin’ out loud. Now they say it’s going to get cold again, in the 30’s—and it might even snow a little Thursday. Whaaaaat??????

  29. Delilah made it thru Sx with flying colors but she did growl and try to bite the vet..bad girl Lilah! so now we have 3 fur babies in post Sx care.. all look so sad.. have to spend the balance of the day cheering them up!!

  30. It is a gorgeous day out today! Finishing up a few things and getting outside for a while – yea! spring is here!

  31. Today is going okay so far, woke up early and already got a lot of things done. Hope you have a good weekend.

  32. Going to give the car a bit of a blow out as I’m seeing my consultant again on Monday. These injections just aren’t working. Oh, and Wales won the 6 Nations!!! Yay!

  33. Saturday way early morning. Half way through the night at work. Spring break is among us in the resort beach town in Florida. Not too crazy so far. Knock on wood.

  34. It’s Friday! Life away from the hustle and bustle is the best life for me. Chilling in silence is what works for me.

  35. Started off slowly. Didn’t set my alarm since I had nothing going on today. I woke up after sleeping TEN! hours. Must have needed it for some reason. I usually sleep around 8 hours.

  36. Welp..schoolwork til late as always! Now it’s almost time for supper! Hope everyone has a great Friday night!

  37. My day is going better today than yesterday. I am just taking it easy today and enjoying a nice sunny day.

  38. Day is going good. It was rainy and dark until just a few minutes ago! My niece is having her baby today, so I’m on waiting for the update!!!!

  39. I’ve wasted half the day by falling back to sleep. Last night the wind was whipping round the house, the letterbox was flapping and every dog in the area seemed to be barking.

  40. I am so grateful to still be alive. I was told October 1st that I would die if I didn’t fly immediately to Kingston and get a cath done on my heart.
    However, I had seen a heart specialist earlier that year who told me it was not my heart and that I needed to see an internist.
    I finally got to see an internist and now I’m trying to get the tests done to get to the bottom of my pain. He believes it is a problem with my pancreas.

    Every day I am alive is a bonus.

  41. Off to the vet for Delilah’s Sx….will p/u at around 3pm… what am I going to do all morning?? worry about my girl and play with the cats….

  42. There are supposed to be storms and high winds rolling in here today and tonight. Well, at least it’s not ice and snow, lol.

  43. Good swimming today. The water was lovely warm. Then a quick stop at the library.

    Connie, how come YOUR thumbnail is showing up on other people’s posts?
    Just they don’t have their own, is not good for you to show up instead…..

  44. Missed my appointment today! Drove 30 minutes just to get in traffic and them not see me because I was late! Now its storming and im still doing kids school work! Have a great night everyone!

  45. ****OMG I made a mistake yesterday on the daily word it was dense and today the word is SNOW please forgive me things have been cray cray here.

  46. More day is turning around it didn’t start off very good this morning. I am trying to turn it around and have some quiet time right now.

  47. It’s a bright Thursday afternoon in Sunny Florida. No bad weather here at all. Chilling out the rest of the day.

  48. Supposed to be a rainy day today, so holding off on going to town. Got a few things last night from thredup, that was a nice treat, just some summer tees.

  49. Help! Ireland’s temperatures to drop by 12 degrees this weekend according to the Met. Office! They’re only just above freezing now. Oh and a couple of thunderstorms and gales as well. I may just stay in bed!

  50. My day is going fine so far. I am getting ready to roast a turkey. I buy extra smaller size turkeys around Thanksgiving when they are 29 cents a pound and put them in the freezer. I love it when the bigger turkeys cost less than the price of a chicken around Thanksgiving! Today’s 13.36 pound turkey cost just $3.87!

  51. Quiet day at home. Sent letters to my senators and reps about several topics including gun laws, voting act and dreamers.

  52. Wow already 4:30 and what the x$#% have I been doing all day, that I’ve been so busy. A little of this, a little of that, and bam, day has flown by! I’m enjoying the time change, with it staying lighter later, at least it doesn’t seem like night anymore at this time of day.

  53. One of those days when the chores are small..everything is up to snuff and the garden is weeded…maybe I shall take the day off!!

  54. I managed a bit of painting yesterday so I don’t feel quite so bad today. Hardening off some seedlings so I have window sills again!

  55. Wednesday, the hump day. Pretty early right now. Keeping my eyes wide shut. Few more hours to go until I go home. Then it is off to Z land.

  56. Trip to the grocery store to pick up my order. Why can’t they have the pickles I want? OK, so it’s not important in the grand scheme of things and I didn’t get shot like what happened in Boulder.

  57. My day went pretty well today. I did some running around town to do some chores and did a little grocery shopping gotta admit though it scares me to be in a busy store after what happened yesterday.

  58. Nice day out, and I just remembered that I was supposed to scrub a floor – woops. I guess I can do some of it today. Make egg noodles today, and am collecting clothes to donate. Wow, I’m busting out of my “chubby” clothes, bringing out spring things – should I keep in the hope of getting into them again? Hmmmmmmm…..

    1. I can’t wait for the ‘non-essential’ shops to open again. I’ve got sacks of clothes etc. all ready for a charity shop – can’t even see the spare bedroom floor/bed!

  59. Today is going meh. Very very meh. Been excitedly awaiting my new tablet from Samsung, was supposed to finally get here tomorrow, then received an email today telling me my shipment has been delayed and they will message me when they know when it’s going to ship – with no further information. And this is supposed to be expedited shipping. So not thrilled.

  60. My day is going fine, great weather for late March here in Wisconsin, looking forward to taking a walk soon.

  61. My hip hurts, I had another bad night’s sleep because of it. I’m going to have to take painkillers and try to get things done. I’m seeing the consultant again next week – hope I don’t lose my cool!

  62. Super early Tuesday morning and all is very quiet, not even a mouse. I guess mice need sleep too. Anyway, as long as the night is quiet, my night and into the day will be extremely well. Silence is golden.

  63. Cool and mild afternoon in Florida. Chilling and relaxing. Peace and quiet is the best. Love it.

  64. My day is going pretty good today. It is cold and cloudy out today so I am inside doing stuff around the house.

  65. Does anyone else despite going to the grocery store? Ours doesn’t even do curbside pickup! Wahh!

  66. Hmmm. I wake up full of motivation to get going but somehow can’t get myself in gear. Plus weirdly vivid dreams lately. I dunno, maybe it’s just lockdown weariness.

  67. A bit annoyed since yesterday…since we had a good bit of the land cleared I was able to walk to some of the areas that were so bushy I did not walk for a year or so….realized that people I allowed to plant on our property were taking a bit of advantage…well things are changing….when I feel this way things have to change…

    od bit of the land cleared I was able to walk to some of the areas i

  68. So, the doors here don’t have screen doors –just the main door. But I NEED some fresh air this Spring. So, I’ve bought one of those screens you can hang on your door, lol. Think it’ll work or just be a typical piece of crap like most things like that turn out to be??? We’ll see. My brother has to put it u. I haven’t told him yet, lol.

    1. Remember those coloured strips of plastic hanging over the doorways, especially in restaurants?

  69. I’ve got two sick boys right now..one sad moma! Hopefully they will feel better soon. Have a great Sunday night everyone!

  70. I am having a pretty nice Sunday hope you are too. I just did some housework and now am watching tv and doing some stuff online.

  71. Nice day out! I’m looking online for how to make bow hairbands, and some other cute baby items, I have a new grand niece in a week. I also have a new grand nephew, and am casting about looking for things I can make! I have to break my “no crafting rule” until I get certain things done, have to make some exceptions!!!

  72. Woke with a pretty crummy headache today but other than that not too bad. Slept through the night for the first time in quite some time so that was nice

  73. Today is going fine so far. I did my weekly grocery shopping this morning. The sun is shining and the weather is cool.

  74. The day is going well so far, but it is still early. The sun is shining and it looks like it will be a beautiful Spring day.

  75. Happy International Day against Racism! If this bloody lockdown has taught me anything it’s that life’s too short to hate. Be kind to each other, we’re all we’ve got!

    1. I didn’t know there was an International Day Against Racism. Finally, something worth having a day for!!

  76. Yes it is Sunday.. I have no idea where this week went.. I plan on taking the day off.. book, music and then an afternoon fil.. for me nothing could be better than that.. oh and yes a roast dinner and a single malt….

  77. Happy First Day of Spring! I went down to the Denver Botanic Gardens this afternoon. Took some pictures of the early blooming crocus. Beautiful Spring day with sunshine and 65 degrees. Tomorrow: SNOW…..

  78. I got my first vaccination today!! Ahhhh!! Im so happy! And I am still praying hard that we can all get ours soon and get back to normal!

  79. I am having a pretty nice day. I did a little running around today and noticed the trees are getting their blooms, the flowers are opening and the fields are green. Spring is the best time of the whole year I love it!

  80. It’s been a lovely day, wonderful first day of Spring. We planted a rose and a hydrangea bush today. We also got some fresh mulch put out in the flower beds. Couldn’t ask for a more blessed day.

  81. My day is going ok so far, glad it’s Saturday, planning on just trying to lay around the house and rest much as I can today

  82. I walked to town early this morning and got my town errands done for the day. Nice and sunny but still brrrry cold, but I saw buds on the trees for the first time – yeaaa!!!

  83. Today is going well so far. The sun is shining and that is nice. Today is the first day of Spring in the U.S.

  84. I’m still a bit down in the dumps but the sun’s shining, the laundry’s on the line, the hoovering’s done & I’m going to go for a drive (within my lockdown area). Then an afternoon of rugby, painting, music & pizza.

  85. Cats are doing well.. starting to eat a bit slowly.. the Elizabethan collars are driving them crazy!! snuggling with them carefully on our laps….

  86. Looks like a nice day out there, a little chilly, though. But I can almost smell Spring. I’ve had no problems from my first vaccine shot, but my brother said his arm hurt like hell the whole day. I hope my second one goes as well as the first.

  87. Day is going by! I’ve got a beef something (stew? soup?) in the slow cooker, and trying to get some things done here.

  88. Bit of a nothing kind of day. There’s so much I could be doing & the to-do list gets longer by the day, but I’m just tired and missing Mum & Dad. I’ll be kind to myself, maybe go for a nap and see how I feel later.

  89. The cats Sx went well..not used to being away from each other but are separated and I believe they miss each other very much.. today I plan on letting them at least see each other…well the sun is out and the sky is that perfect shade of blue…have to do some easy gardening today…

  90. Back to the swimming pool today after a forced week off. Sunday was blizzard, Tuesday was boiler problem. Sun is shining and some of the snow is melting.

  91. Well we dodged the bullet on the nasty storms coming up from the South thankfully. I made a crockpot of chicken breasts and broccoli with gravy and served it with rice. Easy and tasty!

  92. I am very tired today!! All of this mommying gets to ya after awhile! Have a great afternoon everyone!

  93. My day is going pretty well so far, been able to get a few things accomplished that have been stressing me out.

  94. I’m definitely getting older. 2 days after that early start I’m still tired. Last night I put on a ham to boil for dinner, fell asleep & the pot boiled dry. Saved it just in time & it’s a smoked ham anyway, so just a bit burnt didn’t spoil the flavour!

  95. It is still overcast this morning. We had rain during the night. We are supposed to have a large amount of rain later today.

  96. Off once again to the vet.. our cats are having their neutering surgery today.. drop off at 9am p/u at 3pm…while they are gone re-arranging things so they can be separated for the first 10 days…

  97. Early Thursday morning after working all night. Tired and ready to hit the sack. Hope everyone has a good day.

  98. Happy St. Paddy’s Day from SC Not much going on here today beyond the norm. Nasty storms headed our way for tomorrow,

  99. Well, I got my first vaccine shot today. So, that’s a relief. The next one is in a month…and then on to knee surgery.

  100. Day is going OK. Walked to town today, but it was cold not warm like the prediction, so I wasn’t dressed for winter, but I was glad to get a few things done. I just had lunner (lunch + dinner combined)!

  101. Happy Paddy’s Day from the Emerald Isle! Obviously no public celebrations again this year for which I’m quite glad. Usually I’d be roped in to The Musical Society’s parade float but I’m too tired to even think about it! Had to leave the house at 6.45 yesterday to take my sis to Dublin for a surgical procedure which meant waiting in the car for 6 hours. I took a blanket & picnic and did manage to sleep for a bit but I ache all over!

  102. All went well at the vet yesterday..My big baby was very well behaved.. made an appointment for her spaying…met with the surveyor and paperwork to Town and Country planning for sub-division has begun!! today is a seed starting day then getting Easter prepared….Happy St Patrick’sDay all!!!

  103. The swimming pool boiler went out during the blizzard I found out today. Pool temp is still very cold so no swimming today. Sigh… Means I haven’t been swimming since last Thursday. Cloudy with a chance of snow today.

  104. Day is going ok! It got really cold again, and is overcast, but I’m hoping to walk to town tomorrow, and it is going to be better, almost 50! Crazy March!

  105. Tuesday afternoon in Sunny Florida. Rather hot. Staying indoors. Just chilling and enjoying y afternoon.

  106. I’m dreading going to the doctor tomorrow!! So today I’m trying to get so much done. I know I will spend the majority of my day there tomorrow. Have a wonderful day everyone!

  107. I took a couple of half price bouquets to Mum yesterday and had a little chat. Dad kept butting in though 😉

  108. I am up early this morning. Going to be a long day, going in for a mammogram and then lots of errands after.

  109. Off to the vet with Delilah after the surveyor comes to do paperwork .. hate to go so late for her appt.. 11am but cannot miss the surveyor!!

  110. Hello everyone ? I’m having a new experience in this email stuff. It’s been hours now since I got off my chair Diego all the reading and only filled out a few entries. Kinda excited to see what happens.do I win a contest or money hmmmmmm…. Well Good luck ? I am going to cross my fingers crossed my legs and even have my eyes crossed? just kidding ? enjoy your time on line? chow for now

  111. Well, I’m scheduled to get my first vaccine shot on Wednesday. Everybody cross your fingers that nothing goes sideways and it actually happens!!

    1. Yay! Best of luck! No sign of mine on the horizon. Astra-Zeneca promise deliveries then they don’t arrive. It’s unbearably slow here.

  112. It has been a busy day, woke up to light snow and it was sooooo pretty. Now we are preparing for a very cold night here way below freezing.

  113. After the 2 feet of snow we got, today is all sunshine and blue sky and 41 degrees. They plowed the snow from our driveways early this morning so I’ll be able to get out tomorrow and go swimming.

  114. My baby is walking and he is getting ahead of his self! His little legs are moving so fast! Im one sad moma!

  115. Day is going along. The fire marshal is coming today to check the leaks around the fire alarm sensors right next to my unit, that I had brought to the attention of the property manager, but they only covered it up and not remedied.

  116. Boiler malfunction yet again and have to wait until tomorrow for repairs. At least I have a log stove.

  117. Have to get moving soon… raking and twigs and branches await me outside…last day of my lawn man and he did an amazing job! clearing land isn’t like the front yard and the driveway…

  118. Up early again today & Idris had made his way onto my bed. He was given an unwanted bed by my niece & loved it even though he’s too big for it. I worked out that he’d fallen off a kitchen counter trying to get out of the bed & hurt his back leg/hip. He’s much better today, thank goodness.

  119. Early Monday morning and I am very tired. But I work overnights so I get to sleep soon. Time for bed.

  120. It’s officially a BLIZZARD! I think I have almost 2 feet of snow at my house. Just put a casserole in the oven for dinner. No swimming today…… or tomorrow. I did make a reservation for Tuesday so I hope things will be OK for that.

  121. Day is flying by. I did my hair today, and it is such a production. I always realize afterwards I missed a spot, but not dealing with it today!! At least I know I’m saving money doing it myself. We’ve been having snow squalls this afternoon, another couple of cold days coming up, bring the long johns back out for walking to town!

  122. Kind of a dreary day. Overcast, looks like it might rain. It’s a little chilly, too, so I’m sitting here with the space heater pointing right at me, lol.

  123. It’s a cool rainy day here. Not thrilled we lost an hour – especially on the weekend .. knew it would go by too quickly, but still.

  124. Lawn man started the clearing yesterday and as always did a fantastic job.. today is day 2 and he will be here soon…tomorrow will be the last day…I don’t believe in fires.. burning all the bush.. at all.. so heaps of green compost in designated areas….

  125. It’s Mother’s Day in Ireland & the UK. I decided not to go to the grave today. No point making myself miserable and something’s wrong with Idris the Wonder Cat. He’s sleeping, not eating or wanting to go out. I got up early (for me) to get into a routine as I have to take my sis to hospital on Tuesday, leaving at 7am 🙁

    1. Remember mum as you emotionally can.. every day in your own way.. it is raw and very hard.. as for Idris hoping he gets back to normal soon….

    2. You’re still experiencing the ‘first’ everything without your Mom. You know what I mean. The first Mother’s Day, the first birthday, etc. I know you’ve done it before when your Dad passed, but I doubt it’s any easier just because you’ve been through it before. It sucks. Michele’s right, I think. Just do it the way you need to. And I hope Idris feels better. Maybe he got hold of a bad mouse, lol?

      1. Thank you ladies. You both know exactly what to say. After Dad died I was so caught up in Mum’s diagnosis etc. that there just wasn’t time to grieve so it’s a bit of a double whammy, however Idris is better, so there’s that. xxx

  126. Today I went to Chuck E Cheese with 2 of my grandsons. I was supposed to go to family game night but I was too tired

  127. The low pressure system has slowed on its way to Colorado. We are still supposed to get LOTS of snow but now it will come later tonight and tomorrow. I’m just staying home and keeping warm and watching the radar.

  128. My day is going alright doing a lot of cleaning today and taking a break right now. I didn’t realize tonight was the night we set our clocks ahead one hour. I love this time of year so much.

  129. it’s a good day – lots of things done, some good phone calls and making one of the family fav. dinners.

  130. Happy it is finally the weekend! Know it’s gonna go by too quick but gonna do my best to enjoy it while it’s here

  131. A day of sunshine.. wow…lawn man coming to start the clearing.. will probably take him 3 days if he takes his time… fine by me…I have a few odds and ends to do outside then my weekend of baking begins…late start but things are what they are…

  132. It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow. I know it’s inevitable but I can’t take any more ads etc. showing happy people who love their Mum. I really want to go to the grave but it’s not going to be nice so I might leave it for a bit.

  133. We had grocery delivery today and that always takes up the afternoon cleaning everything to put up. It had rained a lot so we have to clean up the yard too.

  134. Site finally up again. Wasn’t when I tried 2 hours ago.
    Got groceries and now I’m staying in. They are still forecasting 1 to 2 FEET of snow this weekend.

  135. Day is going OK. I’m making pudding right now, a healthy one, hopefully for tomorrow morning. Today went by so fast, I’m still trying to figure out it is dark out already so whaaaat happened to today!!!!

  136. it’s going well – saved from a trip to a crowded store and over $20 on small items that were necessary. thanks

  137. Well, next week, I guess I need to go ahead and schedule a doctor’s appointment to get clearance from my regular doctor for that knee surgery. I was trying to wait for some edema on my leg to go down before going because he’ll weigh me, lol. The edema pops up now and then when my gut acts up and I don’t want to weigh any more than I have to! (Surgeon wants me under a certain weight before doing surgery, so I’ve been dieting. I’m not losing one pound of that loss to edema!)

    1. Aw heck! Have you tried lying on the floor with your legs in the air up against a wall? Sounds silly but it works for my sister.

      1. Lol, I guess it would, since they tell you to get your feet above your head—but I’d have to call 911 to get me up out of the floor.

  138. No school for my three oldest today. So that means I tried to get cleaning done. HA! That doesn’t happen with my spoiled rotten 13 month old! He is the king of the house and demands i cater to his every whim. Lol

  139. It’s Friday! I have to work this weekend. But it is like whatever. So many without work, I feel blessed.

  140. Glad it’s finally Friday, but woke up today with a headache so not feeling too well, but still happy it’s almost the weekend

  141. Another very windy night so I didn’t get much sleep. Don’t feel like doing anything. And I’m cold. Just down in the dumps.

  142. Another day of pouring rain.. as I have said before someone tell the MET office that it is not dry season….My plans for today have to change so I will stay inside and try to stay out of trouble….

  143. Connie, I don’t know what you did to your site but it’s been down for me since 4pm until right now. It’s still being very slow. I went swimming today but won’t be going on Sunday since we’re expecting 2-3 FEET of snow around here.

  144. I am having a good day. I got to leave four hours early because I did a trade with a co-worker. That will mean a 12 hour day in about a week and a half, but I sure did enjoy today.

  145. Another really nice day today. Filled the bird feeder and the squirrels are trying to figure out the secret to open it. I am making shrimp and fresh spinach alfredo for dinner.

  146. I have been busy as a bee all day long, just now getting to sit down a minute. Sure am exhausted.

  147. Its going to rain soon and we had a nice breeze that feels so good right now! I’m excited for warm weather on the horizon!

  148. Day is going good, I’m leaving soon to walk to town to get my first Covid shot. Actually, I’m not sure which vaccine they are giving, I think we should be able to know which ones they are administering.

  149. I’m going into town on a catfood hunt. My supermarket has none of his fave brand (the Brexit fallout) so I’m going to the pet shop to see if they’ve anything he’ll eat.

  150. Pouring again…well I guess I will have to take the day off.. do my usual daily chores then put my feet up…

  151. Nice day here. It was up in the 60’s, sort of sunny. It would be so nice to see warm weather hang around.

  152. My friend and I went and got haircuts. Then a quick stop at the grocery store for her. I’m putting in my grocery order to pick up tomorrow. Forecasts say big winter storm coming on Friday, Sat. & Sunday.

  153. Welp..spent 3 1/2 hours at the doctor today and just got home. I’m definitely ready for bed! Goodnight everyone!

  154. I had a pre-screen for a job today, it is a long-shot, but I’m typing with fingers crossed. These jobs say work from home, but the recruiter said that if they company decides to change it to in-office, I’d have to be able to go to the actual office 1,500 miles away. So not going to expect them to take it to the next step, because I informed them I wouldn’t be able to relocate to do that.

  155. Today is one of those days where nothing wants to go right and I just wanna crawl back in bed and hibernate until the weekend

  156. Ugh! It’s turned really cold, wet & windy. Last night I pulled everything out of the airing cupboard (linen closet) so today I’ll sort them into sizes etc. and what will go to the charity shop when they re-open. Far too much ‘stuff’ I’ll never use.

  157. Gorgeous sunny day.. trying to get my lawn man to come and do some extra heavy cleaning for me…phone calls to make regarding the sub-division…I do hate being attached to a phone all day!

  158. It is early morning this Wednesday. The weather seems to be favorable in this beautiful town in Florida. Looking forward to enjoying this day.

  159. I think Spring has nearly sprung. I saw a hummingbird yesterday right outside the window an today we go up in the 60’s!

  160. Went downtown for my infusion. Then treated myself to a Truffle Mushroom Swiss burger from Smashburger. As of today I am fully vaccinated – 2 shots and now 2 weeks later.

  161. My day is going pretty well. I did a little shopping and now I am home but it is cold here snow storm coming in.

  162. Another busy day in this household! My 13 month old has been taking a few steps at a time for the last few days and im very sad!!! I dont want my last baby to ever grow up!!

  163. Last night I finally moved Mum & Dad’s super-king bed back into their room and today I’m hurting all over. That mattress weighs a ton!

  164. Nice day today, sunny and should get up to 50 degrees. I’m getting ready for my ride service to pick me up to do some errands.

  165. Wasted my time watching the Oprah interview….if my husband was alive he would laugh at how people are so invested in this….as a man raised in a British Crown Colony he was much more aware of all the hoopla than I ever was….I learned so much from him yet here I was behind the television….he would relate again to me Wallis Simpson and that history was just repeating itself….to be honest people are making money…Oprah, Markle and Harry.. laughing all the way to the bank…..

    1. Oh, I spent time on Twitter reading reactions, lol. And read all the BBC stuff about the royal reactions. What is wrong with me????? lol

  166. We expected DH’s work to give him the same amount of hours as before he went on medical leave due to Covid. Well, they didn’t. So he’s been scrambling for enough hours so we can get back on insurance in OCTOBER. *sigh* Thankfully benefits eligible is only 30 hrs a week, so it will likely be doable, but it’s a lto of not being able to do anything in case they have a call off. Thankfully he got an extra 8 hour shift yesterday, and five hours tonight. Considering he was gettin 6-8 hours when he first went back. . . we are really thankful for the extra hours.

  167. Still working on schoolwork at 518 PM. But that’s ok..I would rather be thorough and my kids learn as much as possible!

  168. My day is going pretty well today just doing some baking waiting for a winter storm to blow in today.

  169. Day has been going good. Sunny today, so I was scrubbing floors, still quite a bit to go, as I being picky and also trying to remove lots of paint spatters stuck to the flooring when someone helped me paint a long time ago.

  170. Slept better last night so, I am feeling better this morning. The sun is shining and it looks like it will be a lovely day.

  171. Happy International Women’s Day y’all! I’m going to do as much as I can outside today ‘cos rain is on the way.

  172. My day is going pretty well. I got up early and went out for groceries (to beat the crowd/Covid cautious) and got a nice sized hunk of corned beef on sale! I also got a harder to find box of canned food for my cat specifically for indoor cats, so win, win! Stay well all!

  173. I’m enjoying a relaxing Sunday morning. It is going well so far. Hope you have a blessed day.

  174. Glorious sunshine today. It always energises me so I’ve been quite busy scraping moss, tidying the road frontage, clearing Autumn’s leaves from the cattle grid.

  175. So glad that it is Sunday…want to sit and chill all day today.. not even making a big Sunday lunch just something quick.. spent yesterday getting all the linens for Easter washed , dried and pressed….changing all the rooms curtains/drapes and comforters..snd dining room linens… why I still do this I will never know but I get great enjoyment to see change for the holidays….

  176. I stayed up late last night and tried to sleep in. I went to the store with my daughter and then to dinner.

  177. My jaw hurts. I have a tendency to grit my teeth. Especially at night. Going to get a mouth guard made. The pain goes all the way up to my ears. Makes me cranky. LOL

  178. Not having the best day today. Just got home from grocery shopping trying to get food in before the next snow storm hits and it was like slaying dragons out there!

  179. Hello, Today was a pretty good day. Stayed home because it was raining. Thank you for the giveaway.

  180. Day is going well. Got my hair done today. Been over 3 months since I’ve had my hair done, so I’m thrilled. Hope you have a great weekend.

  181. My day is going good. Spring is here with the temperature in the 60’s. I’m just doing some laundry and then will run some errands.

  182. Still not feeling well this morning after my 2nd dose of the covid vaccine. Hoping I’ll start feeling better soon.

  183. I will attempt to get cleaning done today. But as always, I have to end up splitting it up between Saturday and Sunday because well..four kids lol! Have a great Saturday everyone!

  184. I’m off into town today to do a click & collect for groceries. First time in weeks! How exciting is my life?

  185. Pretty good today.. afterall it is Friday. And no rain in the forecast for a whole week.. YES!!!!

  186. Had my second covid vaccine dose today. My arm is starting to hurt, I’ve had a headache and I just feel so tired this afternoon.

  187. It looks pretty nice out there today. Chilly but nice. No rain in sight. It makes you believe Spring is coming.

  188. It’s a rainy tiring day here. I’m just really glad it’s Friday. Been looking forward to the weekend since the last one ended

  189. I’m hoping to finally get my books on my new bookshelf today! After the kids schoolwork of course..lol. have a great day everyone!

  190. Ugh, it’s cold again today but at least there’s little or no wind. I’ll pop a woolly hat on & go potter about outside.

  191. Making plans with the surveyor to come and do applications for sub-division of the property..spoke to the same man who did our original survey 22 years ago..now he is the owner of a large well known firm..he has done well.. hope he does well for me once again!

  192. Today was a good day. It was nice and sunny. My grandson was over for the day and then we went to dinner

  193. Good swim today. Then a stop at the library for a couple of holds. Having roller coaster weather here this week. 63 degrees yesterday with sun, 37 degrees today with rain turning to snow. Then back up to 59 tomorrow.

  194. Lately, it seems like I just never get caught up, lol. I swear, I end every day thinking, oh, I’ll do it tomorrow.

  195. My day is going pretty good got a ton of stuff done today and it feels good now in am so so so tired.

  196. My day is going ok. Glad it’s Almost Friday. Hoping to get to sleep in a little for the weekend

  197. Well..I got excited for about 2.2 seconds this morning. My mom and step dad scheduled their vaccine for next Wednesday and my mom said she was almost finished scheduling for me and stopped herself because she didn’t want to step on my toes. Which she wouldnt..but that was sweet. I went to schedule mine..zero appointments. I know my turn will come soon. I hope everyone is well and has an amazing day!

  198. Trying (and failing) to get motivated to do anything. It’s turned really cold again, that damp cold that gets into your bones and I just want to wrap my hands round a mug of tea!

    1. You have my admiration, Shelly. When I had sepsis, a few years ago, my kidneys failed and I had to do dialysis for a few months. Man, people are not kidding when they say it drains you! (I was lucky. My kidneys started working again.) I admire anyone who keeps going while going through dialysis.

  199. I really don’t like going to the doctor!! The drive there and back is over a hour. My appointment was 245 and I returned to my truck at 445! Not fun..not fun at all!

  200. Today is exhausting. I think I had maybe 3 hours of sleep last night. Just couldn’t sleep. Need an unending supply of coffee now

  201. My to-do list today is all gardening.. have many transplants to do.. from flowers to cucumbers, zucchini, cantelope and butternuts…. the pooch will aid and assist me!

  202. Today wad a good day. I slept in a bit. Went to Costco and then went to my daughters for dinner

  203. I’m tired of rain, already, lol. We had three days straight of rain, it’s flooding all over KY. It’s that time of year…made a little worse this year by the foot of snow we got just before because it melted and added to what’s filling and overflowing the creeks and rivers.

  204. Grocery store pick up this afternoon. They didn’t have the soy milk I wanted so went to Sprouts. Sun is shining and it hit 60 degrees.

  205. My day is going pretty well today just doing stuff around the house and getting ready for some spring cleaning outside.

  206. My day has been going great actually! That animal in your cam photos kinds of looks like some type of big cat. IDK

  207. Today is going rather crummy. I’m exhausted, had nightmares last night, and all I wanna do is curl up and sleep for 12 hours+

  208. I have contractors doing a master bath remodel and some kitchen repairs. My house is a loud, crazy, chaotic mess and my OCD self is struggling with it today…

  209. Went to Mum & Dad’s grave yesterday and coped quite well. Perhaps it was the fact that Spring is here and the sun was shining but I didn’t break down in tears.

    1. I still miss Mom but I think it’s fair to say that our coping skills get better as time goes by.

  210. Off to the dentist….what a way to start the month….oh well. then to the grocery and back home….

  211. I’m doing ok, my birthday was yesterday and I’m still digesting the awesome brownies I made

  212. Happy Saint David’s Day to anyone with even a drop of Welsh blood flowing through their veins! I’m taking a big bunch of daffodils from the garden to Mum in a minute. Haven’t been able to face going to the grave since before Christmas but today feels like a good day to go.

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