The Surprising Benefits Of Movement And Dance For Toddlers

You’ve probably seen the videos where babies and toddlers are dancing in their car seats to the latest pop or rock song. You may feel that some parents have too much time on their hands or simply listen to the same song too often.

dance class

However, the truth is that movement and dance in particular, can be a great way for toddlers to learn new skills. Once you realize the benefits of dance you’ll be wondering why you didn’t sign your toddler up to pre-school dance lessons sooner.


Toddlers are just learning about the world around them and their own physical limits. At times they can be ungainly as they learn how to coordinate their movements and undertake what may seem like a simple task to an adult.

Dance helps them to develop awareness of their body and it’s movement patterns, ensuring they are better coordinated.

Brain Training

Toddlers have brains like sponges, they are said to absorb everything. That’s why this is such a critical stage in their learning process. Dance can help as they are listening to music, connecting patterns and identifying new sounds and words. Doing this stimulates their brain, allowing them to create new connections and pathways, improving their knowledge and understanding of the word around them!


One of the most important skills that everyone should learn is how to communicate. It’s essential to success and happiness in life. Regardless of what career choice your child makes they will need to communicate with others.

Dancing can help with this. Listening to the music and then reacting will encourage them to interact with others. This will help them to develop the ability to communicate their own thoughts as well as listen to what others are saying.

It can be argued that this is the most important skill in life.


The great thing about dance is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. Dance classes teach children to embrace the motions their bodies are capable of. They also teach them specific styles of dance. But, the simple act of dancing allows children to express themselves. 

You can learn a lot about their outlook on life by watching them dance.

Of course, dance can also allow your toddler to express themselves when they are unable to do so in words.


Dance lessons teach your toddler that there is more to life than study, television, or video games. Your toddler can learn to let their imagination go wild as they listen to and react to the music. It’s an effective way of boosting their natural curiosity and encouraging imagination.

Those are two things that all children should explore simply because they can.

Final Thoughts

You may not have considered taking your toddler to dance lessons but this is the perfect time to introduce the creative world to the. While they can learn a lot through dance classes, they can also explore their own personality. It will help them know who they are and have a positive attitude in later life.


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