Picture Time!

I have a couple of really cool shots to share with you!!

The sky on Sunday night was pretty spectacular so I thought I would share.

While washing dishes I always stare out the window and there was all sorts of activity under  the window.

I saved the best for the last! 8 miles away!!  One of our neighbors has a BIG KITTY CAT (mountain lion) come visit his trail cam. This shot is TOO GOOD not to share!!!  YES, I know it’s bad but I REALLY, REALLY want my own trail cam shot of this kitty!!

13 thoughts on “Picture Time!

  1. Wow, such beauty & power! Who in their right mind would want to kill something like that just to make themselves feel good?

    1. Tamra, I really do hope I can get a shot of her but I promise not to try and pet. AND if it’s a girl and tries to leave me her babies I won’t keep them. Mostly cause The Husband says I can’t. (Yes, I did ask!!)

  2. Gorgeous pictures!! Wowzer I almost jumped out of my chair – a mountain lion!! I don’t know anyone else ever who got an actual picture of one in real life. Amazing!

  3. Wow now that’s a big kitten! Look at those legs and feet! Wonder if it is a male or female? Either way don’t go on any moon light walks right now.

    1. Diane, You forgot to add if it IS a Momma I can’t steal her cubs. The Husband already laid down the law. He also put the k-bosh on a fawn and or a bear cub. Pfttttttt where is his sense of adventure?!?!

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