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If you are looking for the and I do mean THE perfect gift for someone for Christmas I have found it!! Seriously, I know that  Mom’s (especially NEW Mom’s, Grandma’s and Great-Grandma’s are incredibly hard to buy for; what am I saying? It’s just plain hard to find the perfect gift for any loved one. That’s what makes PicturesOnGold so perfect! Dad? Husband? Grandpa? Wives? Seriously, Pictures on Gold is so much more than just lockets!! I really believe I have found the perfect answer for that sentimental, loving gift!! I am LOVING this site!! First, for the amazing selection and second for exactly how easy it is to design a locket that your loved one will adore forEVER!!!

I’ve created a short video to walk you through the steps of ordering so you can see exactly HOW EASY it is. Trust me the hardest part will be narrowing down which clip art design you want. I’ve created 16 different videos! Yes, 16 because I talked myself out of one design and decided on another. Yes! 16 times, I finally had to call in my daughter to choose. There are just TOO many wonderful choices!! Tons of categories to choose from as well.

PicturesOnGold gives you the freedom to create a locket that fits the person you’ll be giving the locket too. (Or keeping for yourself!! Seriously, I won’t tell.)

Additional things that I want to mention about Pictures On Gold;
Turn around time If you are in a hurry (seriously? YOU forgot Grandma’s BIRTHDAY!?! Seriously?!?) It’s OKAY, you’re safe!! Orders from Pictures On Gold ship in a day! A DAY! How insane is that?!
Laser Etching The Color Laser for the photos are 100% Waterproof, Scratch-proof AND Guaranteed for a lifetime.
Your message engraving is engraved with a high definition laser engraver.
Photos If the photo you choose doesn’t fit perfectly inside the locket, it’s okay because Pictures On Gold will automatically
fill that in for you. People spaced too far apart? No problem the digital artist can fix that too by bringing the people closer together.
Background Love the picture but hate the background? NO PROBLEM once again the digital artists can fix this!! These guys are talented! Love the background? In the Special Instructions Box (The Last Step) let them know you would like the background kept in.

My locket arrived today, beautifully packaged in a sturdy black box and velvety bed.
Locket box
When I opened the box I wanted to cry. Ya’know the HAPPY cry! It’s perfect!! I am totally and completely in love! This will be something that Alice can treasure forever.

The front of the locket is etched with the delicate, floating hearts.

Front of the Pictures on gold LocketInside? Well, the inside is nothing short of perfection!!  The sentiment on the side is exactly as I pictured it. I don’t even look as pale as I did in the original photo!! YEAH!! Thank YOU PicturesOnGold!!
Locket with etched colored picture

The sentiment on the side is exactly as I pictured it.  LocketThe chain is the perfect length and absolutely beautiful!!


NONE!! NONE at ALL! The locket is a million times better than the photos I’ve shared. The locket is perfect. The locket closure is strong and will stand up to a ton of opening and closing. I have no whines at all!! (Except of course that I am moving to Idaho without ALICE!!)

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One very lucky Peanut Butter And Whine follower will win a Sterling Silver 2 Photo Heart Locket w/ an 18 In. Box Chain valued at $150.90!! This includes an 18″ SS Box chain.  How amazing is that?!?!  I am so excited!! So get to entering! Good LUCK!!! (Pssttt… yeah you…. don’t tell the others but I really hope you win!!)



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