Pillow Support Seat Cushion Review

I sit at my computer a LOT! It seems that if I am not in front of my computer I’m in the car. Which equals a lot of sitting. My lower back pays the price. I know using good posture could alleviate a lot of the pain in my lower back. Of course knowing that and actually doing it… two very different things!! Check this Memory Foam Cushion, is a support seat pillow that is designed as coccyx cushion. The cushion is super thick, high density memory foam that provides firm support, while molding to the contours of your body for optimal comfort. When I say firm foam I mean its dense, but super comfortable to sit on. The ergonomic cushion is designed in a way that helps me sit up straight. The two-cushion design works to re-position the lower back, stopping it from applying pressure to the spine and possibly causing back pain.

Whats more is that I can use this pillow behind my back as a lumbar support if I want.

Pillow cushion

The Memory Foam Cushion fits in any chair. I use it at the kitchen table, my desk chair, on the couch and in the car! I take this gem with me everywhere. The  cushion has been medically proven to eliminate back pain!! Take it from me it truly takes away back pain and it situates my body for good posture!! I feel so much better using this cushion.

If you live with pain in your lower back or tailbone (coccyx) area this pillow will relieve so much discomfort. The pillow doesn’t lose its shape and it doesn’t flatten out. Trust me, I’m no skinny little thing, this pillow bounces right back. Every. Single. Time.

Face the cushion with the opening to the back of the chair and let the memory foam provide support and evenly distribute your body weight and help relieve the pressure points around your pelvic bone.


The velour cover can be unzipped and is machine washable! Bonus! A black cover is included with your purchase so you don’t have to wait for the cover to dry.


None; not a single one. Not only is the pillow comfortable to sit on, but, I have better posture when I use it! It doesn’t lose it’s shape. I have far less back and tailbone pain!!



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