Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask Review

I can not sleep if there is any light in the room. I need a pitch dark room; unfortunately I live in Southern California there are lights everywhere!! Even shutters don’t keep out all the light. Then there is the clock light, the stupid red dot on the smoke detector, the fan has a glowing light; there are lights everywhere!! I’ve found a contoured sleep mask that fits comfortably all night long.

What’s different about this eye mask is the recessed area for your eyes. I can’t sleep with anything touching my eyes. Yes, I know! I’m a bottomless pit of wants and needs. But, pressure on my eye just keeps me awake. This Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask allows me to open my eyes all the way without touching even my eye lashes to the mask! Absolutely NO light gets in anywhere around the mask. The mask is very light and breathable! The sleep mask is made of a soft polyester interlock fabric. It’s soft and comfortable to wear all night long!!

The mask fits over your nose and is completely adjustable around your head with Velcro Straps. This will easily fit any size head. Added bonus is the fact that the eye mask is washable, hand wash in a mild detergent and lay flat to dry.

The Sweet Dreams™ Sleep Mask arrives with a handy cloth carrying pouch so I can take it with me when I travel. Added bonus is the fact that Dream Essentials includes a set of earplugs. A set of quality earplugs!! The earplugs are super soft and slowly form in your ear canal so you get the best fit!! Ahhhh a nice DARK and quiet room!! HEAVENLY!!

The Sweet Dreams mask is available in three colors to fit your preference: Black, Red and Royal Blue.

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Not a single one! My Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask is comfortable to wear and blocks out all those annoying lights!! Did I mention DH’s watch glows?? This sleep mask gives me the dark room I need to be able to get to sleep!!



  • Donna Martin

    These were better than the Bucky eye shades I also purchased, with the exception if you are sleeping outside…

  • Christine A

    I prefer a pitch dark room before I go to sleep. I could use a sleep mask like this because my alarm clock’s light bothers me when I have a hard time falling asleep.

  • Rosie

    I don’t mind a little light and I mean a little, but any noise really overwhelms me! So I can relate. This sleep mask looks comfy and if I need one I would try this one!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I prefer a dark room, too, but since my Mom got out of the hospital after a long stay there (due to congestive heart failure & a bad fall), I need to have my bedroom door ajar in case she needs to call for me. So, that means there’s light coming in the room. I guess I’ve adjusted, but I still would prefer a dark room. This sounds like I ought to consider it.

  • Brandi Dawn

    I cannot sleep with any light in the room either. I have to turn my cell phone upside down so that annoying blinking light does not wake me, haha. This mask looks nice and comfy!

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