Playbees100 Piece Magnetic Building Blocks Review

As excited as I am with the Magnetic Building Blocks, Alice is head-over-heels THRILLED with this set!!
This is the Playbees Magnetic Building Block set.
The set arrives well packaged, double boxed so that everything fits nice and snug. However, there is a bright yellow carry-bag so that all the pieces can be stashed away when you are done playing.
The pieces are brightly colored and magnets are inside the hard plastic on all sides. That means not only do the pieces attach easily in any formation but they stay attached. I’m also thrilled because the kids can’t pick out the magnets! Seriously, what is it with kids and taking things apart just to see if they CAN!?!
The magnetic building set is for ages 3 and up. Let me tell you, even I am having fun building things with this set. The set gives us endless hours of possibilities. Want to build a house? Done! What to build a car? Done! There is even a large piece with 4 wheels connected to the base just for that purpose.
The colors are fun and bright. We love building in the afternoon when the sun is streaming through the front window, it makes it look like the pieces are stain-glass. So pretty!

There are 100 pieces and in various sizes and shapes. From larger sized base pieces that are slightly smaller than 6″ by 6″. There are window squares, fence squares, equilateral triangles, right triangles, isosceles triangles, and the cart with wheels. There is also a booklet included to give you even more ideas of what to build.
This set truly does spark imagination and creativity.


Not a single whine from me or from Alice. We are having a great time creating and building. If you have a builder in your family this would make an amazing gift!!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    I really like any toy that stimulates a child’s imagination and most importantly they don’t hurt as much as Lego when you stand on the pieces in your bare feet!

  • cjsoyer

    This is really cool. My block days are kinda behind me now – my nieces and nephews are older now, but it’s a great gift idea for one of my friends’ young kids! 🙂

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