Lauren Nicole Gifts GIVEAWAY!!!

With Mother’s Day coming up along with my daughter Selena’s birthday I couldn’t think of a better more personalized gift than something from Lauren Nicole Gifts. OH MY GOODNESS!!

Alice is 5-years-old and her handwriting is the most adorable thing ever! I will be sad when her handwriting matures and it’s all pretty. Okay, maybe not sad… no I’m sticking with sad it’s just SO darn CUTE!

I can’t think of a better way to remember her handwriting than having her write a sentiment on a piece of jewelry.

Alice and I sat down and oooohhh’ed and aweeee’d over all of the items that we could personalized. We finally settled on the The Handwriting Cuff Bracelet in sterling silver. This bracelet is 3/8″ wide and 6″ long and has a brushed finish. Truly the very best feature is that the the bracelet is engraved with your loved one’s actual handwriting.

**SENDING IN HANDWRITING: The handwriting MUST be DARK BLACK on a pure white background (no lines, color or designs in the background). Please scan the image, save it in JPEG or PDF format and upload the image with your order.

We had the bracelet picked out then came the discussion of what to write on the bracelet! Alice is a funny kid. Selena is MY funny kid. Alice and I agreed it had to be funny, overly mushy just wouldn’t be well Alice or Selena! We wanted it to be PERFECT!! AND it IS!! Alice loves the line “Guess what chicken butt” it cracks everyone up when she says it with a southern drawl (one she doesn’t have unless she says that line!) It’s very funny. So, Alice wrote out her line and we scanned the paper and sent it off. This piece of paper:

Wait until you see this bracelet!! It is an exact replica!! Both Alice and I are over the moon excited and thrilled!

This bracelet is AMAZING!!


I am so excited to host a Lauren Nicole Gifts Giveaway!! One extremely lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win a $50 Gift Card to Lauren Nicole Gifts. This will be perfect gift just in time for Mother’s Day! Or to just spoil yourself. Good LUCK!!

The first entry is mandatory; go to Lauren Nicole Gifts and tell me your favorite piece in the comment section below.



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