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Summer is time when we hit the beach and the park almost every day. Summer!! It’s time to GO OUTSIDE and PLAY!!  If you are lucky enough to live near the beach one thing that is always in your beach bag is a frisbee. I’ve got something better and way more unique to share with you today. Check this OUT!! This is the Pocket Disc.

So, what’s a Pocket Disc you ask? It’s a fair-trade Guatemalan, flying wonder.  Not only is this disc SO COOL LOOKING it flies!! It looks so cool flying through the air.
imageThe way the Pocket Disc came to be is really amazing! In 2005, 9-year-old Savanna had to crochet a doily for her 3rd grade school project. While she did a very nice job, she added a few too many drop stitches at the outer edge of the trivet causing it to curl and form a small lip. On the end table it sat idly for over a year, until one night a family friend, Chris, picked it up and tossed it across the room at Savanna’s dad, Patrick. As it floated across the room and landed softly in Patrick’s hand, the two of them stood silently, jaws hanging slightly. They played catch for the next hour, joking all the while about what a hit this thing could someday become.

A year later with a dozen or so prototypes that Savanna’s Mom created Chris and Patrick sent the prototypes to different village-based production groups in Guatemala. The discs they sent were fairly ordinary, two-toned discs what came back blew their minds!! Check out the patterns, colors and amazing variety that the Maya Artisans created! These are SO PRETTY!!

Fast forward to now, you can find these FUN, bright and colorful Pocket Disc’s at your neighborhood sports store like Dicks, toy stores and of course on-line.

As founders of the Pocket Disc; Patrick and Chris set out to not only introduce an incredibly fun, all-cotton Frisbee disc alternative to the world, but to also make a difference in their global community for instance in 2011, they installed water filtration systems in 20 different villages.

So, what can you do with a Pocket Disc? Some games will cost you house cleaning and probably flowers! Like Ceiling Fan 500: Spread around the room, toss the Pocket Disc into a spinning fan and hope it zings your way before your opponent gets it. Yeah…. you better hope Mom’s not home.

Use it as seat at the park. (Or quickly hide it under your tush when you’re tired of playing and tell the kids to find it)

Cobweb cleaner; yup just throw it at the corners. This one made me laugh.

Pocket Disc Bowling use cups or rubber duckies and toss the disc and knock them down.

My favorite is Wear The KIDS OUT!!! Sit with your iPad on your lap toss the Pocket Disc past the kids.  Fetch for kids!! Works with the dog too but at least the kids don’t slobber on the disc… well most of the time anyway.

On a recent trip to Guatemala, Scott and Patrick met with one of the village leaders, Luis. In his spare time, Luis is building a new work area for the women of his village on top of his home. He explained that “while many of the living conditions here are still not ideal, with the income we receive from Pocket Disc, we are able to provide a much better place for the women to come to work each day. Every year, things keep getting better for our community.”

Previously, Luis’ village had relied on making hacky sacks, but demand had been decreasing steadily. A friend of Luis’ introduced him to Pocket Disc’s main production manager in Guatemala and asked if we could give the village any work. The manager relayed their plea and we readily agreed. Four years later, Luis happily reported that we now employ over 150 artisans in their village for Pocket Disc crocheting.

Then, through a translator, Patrick told them the story of Savanna’s serendipitous doily. Patrick took the doily out of his pocket and handed it to Luis’ wife, Elena, one of the first artisans in the village to make Pocket Discs. Her eyes welled up and she hugged it close to her heart. She said, “Please tell Savanna thank you and how grateful we are for all the jobs that have come from her wonderful creation.”
That in a nutshell is why we do what we do.

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Not a single one. These discs are fun, bright and pretty and they help do good things! What more could you ask for? Best of all this fits in my purse so I always have it with me. (BTW when I am digging things out of my purse, and this gets spotted; it’s a fantastic conversation starter!!


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