PowerLead Waterproof Camera Review

Living in Southern California means we are in the water a LOT!! From LEGOLAND’s water park, the swimming pool, the beach and the lagoon, everything we do seems to include water. Swimming, paddle boarding and water slides, we are always in the water. In the water has been one place the kids were safe from the camera. HA!! Not anymore!! I’m so excited that my obsession with photography continues in the water!! Check out my new camera from PowerLead. Not just underwater photos but it also takes VIDEOS!

This camera looks great in blue, but looks equally wonderful in yellow and red; each color has black accents.

Sturdy, this camera has taken a few tumbles in the past couple of weeks and doesn’t have a single ding or dent. I also love the fact that after being dropped the camera is still securely closed.

I’ve been using this camera everywhere from inside to underwater. There are plenty of modes that you can use just by scrolling through. From action, face detection, sunny etc. It’s pretty much a point and click camera with perks. I can do basic edits in camera; like cropping.
There is a timer so I can actually be in the shot. There is also a ¼” thread on the bottom of the camera so you can utilize your tripod.


I can set the camera to go off in 60, 90 and 120 seconds of no use OR turn it to constant on.
Completely waterproof to 10 meters. Which is about 32 feet!!
The camera comes with a fitted nylon pouch, perfect for keeping this camera in my beach bag.
USB cord for charging also included and a Drivers CD (I haven’t had to use the CD)
The camera takes a micro SD card which is not included. The camera will accommodate up to a 32GB. I recommend a class 10 SD card for better quality photos, especially if you think you will want to enlarge any of the shots.
Long lasting charge. I’m still working on my original charge. SWEET!! The camera has an internal battery which is great, just charge overnight and you’re ready to go.
Super easy to use.
I am quite pleased with the quality of the photos and especially underwater!!


I do have a couple of whines! First, man OH man it is hard to see the screen in the sunshine. Second, it takes some muscle to close the camera. Which technically can’t be a whine because it’s what makes this camera waterproof. Just be ready to get your muscle on to close this puppy!

Overall, this PowerLead Waterproof Camera is a great little camera, it is tough and durable and takes pretty good photos and videos. Personally I am very pleased!!



  • Sarah L

    That would be a fun camera to have. I’m sorry that the display is hard to read in the sunshine, where you’d want to be able to see.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I do need a new camera. And I like the waterproof feature–not because I want to take photos underwater, but because I have nephews who are likely to drop the camera in water!

  • Ann

    I remember being amazed by those pricey little underwater-disposables. How things have changed! What’ll they think of next– special underwater selfie-sticks?! :p


    I’d love to take underwater photoes but the only time you’d venture into the seas/lakes around Ireland is in the middle of summer when the water’s had a chance to warm up a bit. Of course, they’re are those foolhardy types who swim all year round and I did do a charity swim once on Christmas Day but I am a lot older and a wee bit wiser now!

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