The Pivot Full HD Home Monitor by Zmodo

Wait till you see this new IP camera! This is the Pivot from Zmodo, and it’s cool in so many ways!! First, the look. This doesn’t look like a camera! The Pivot looks like a speaker. Oh and it IS a bluetooth speaker as well!! How absolutely cool is that?! There is more! The Pivot has a built in temperature and humidity detector. As far as I can tell these are just reading for inside the room and they seem fairly accurate. Made of matte black plastic and has rubber feet to help protect your furniture.

The image quality is excellent. 1080P; I get a crystal clear picture of the room from my iPad. (Pffftttt The Husband can’t get away with ANYTHING!)

Set up. Set up gave me fits at first because I searched on the app store, what came up didn’t match my camera. Finally it dawned on me to go through the Zmodo site for the app and ya know what? With the correct App installed, set up could not have been easier or faster. Once you download the app (Available for both Android and Apple products) create your account by entering your email address and picking a password. No other personal information is needed. After that plug-in your Pivot, enter your router’s password. BAMB you are done!! I do want to make a note about the app. I LOVE the app. Zmodo doesn’t cost extra! There is no up sell or add ons needed. I LOVE that! Thank you Zmodo!! The app will send me a notification if it detects motion. The app allows me to rotate the camera 360º with the option to record video or take a snapshot.  Another nice feature that you can enable is the alert. If the a significant motion is detected, even outside the Pivots field of vision a recording is made and sent to your device.

I’m very impressed with the Zmodo; their website is jam-packed helpful videos and step by step instructions. If you run into problems all your questions are easily answered there. Truly, the instructions are clearly written and easy to follow.

The camera has a built in 16GB hard drive that records directly to the hard drive of the Pivot. Not only does the Pivot record motion but also has a two-way microphone. So, yes, if The Husband isn’t working on his “honey do” list I can ummmm remind him to get to work through the Pivot!! My favorite though is the Bluetooth Speaker for my music. The sound quality is fairly good.
Here are a few shots of the family room in the daytime and in the middle of the night. The shots that include our fur baby Gracie are daytime shots.

Also included with the Pivot are window and door sensors for 2 doors, it will notify you if the doors open.


Just one minor whine. I wish that I could move the camera angle up and down. However, after I placed the camera on a different stand; our family room is on the small side so placing the Pivot on a side table works better for us. I’m quite happy with the angle now.

Overall, great little camera with great features!

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