Prepare Your Dog for Comfortable Kennel Times with These Tips

Going away without your dog can seem a little daunting. They’re a part of your family, and you may not have been apart from them for long. The idea of handing them over to a stranger can be frightening. However, there are many great kennels that will take excellent care of your pooch. The staff dedicate their time to looking after them, feeding them and making sure they get enough exercise. Even if your dog needs special care, you can find a kennel that meets your needs. Before you take them in for their stay, make sure you do the following things.

Go for a Visit

Staying in kennels can be stressful for some dogs. Some adapt easily and are happy to chill out, but others dislike the change in their environment. If you want to reduce the chance of this, you could go for a visit to see the kennels. Many have visiting hours and will allow you to take a look around. It’s a good idea to reassure not just your dog but you too. You can check the facilities and meet the staff to see if they are up to your standards. If you make a booking, your dog could feel better if they have already visited the kennels.


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Flea and Worm Treatments

You should make sure you keep up regular treatments against fleas, worms and ticks for your dog. All of these parasites can cause problems that you don’t want to deal with. Make sure you use them especially in the summer. Most kennels will require that your dog has been treated recently so that they can’t pass anything to other dogs. They might ask for proof from your vet, although many people do their treatments at home. There are several things you can use. They range from chewable tablets like Nexgard to spot-on treatments or even injections. Choose the one that works best for you and your dog.


Many kennels also ask that your dog has had certain vaccinations and that they are up to date. This is something you might want to think about at least a few weeks in advance of their stay. They might need to have a couple of appointments with their vet, depending on which vaccinations you need. Check with the kennels to see what they require. Your vet should give you a card or certificate as proof of your dog’s vaccinations that you can show the kennel staff.

Gather Important Information

You might need some important information to give to the staff at the kennels. This includes medical information, contact information, and anything about their diet. Most kennels are happy to give your dog a special diet or even give them medication. You need to make sure the staff have everything they need when you check your dog in. The better your instructions, the better they will be able to care for your dog.

You might be worried about putting your dog in kennels, but they will be well looked after. Make sure you check reviews and recommendations to find the best place for your dog.


  • michele

    As much as I know that most kennels are run by good people I have never left any of my dogs at one.. even when my dogs have gone overnight at the vet for surgery I was nervous… Thank you for all the tips….

  • clojo9372

    This is great advice. I have never left my dogs at a kennel because to be honest, I am nervous about it. I love them and I worry too much. I admit it limits how far I travel from home because so many places can’t accommodate dogs. I need to do a little more research about the ones in my area, and build a trust with them.

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    Thanks for the information on the type of flea treatment. We have used so many different ones this year without success. Guess we should have ask the vet. but you think you will save money doing home remedies and they just don’t work. My 3 little babies and I will be going to the pet store tomorrow.

  • Kristen

    If you can afford it, hire a petsitter to come to your home and care for you pets so they can stay in familiar surroundings….so much better than a kennel!


    Very important to check everything and get personal recommendations from friends etc. One of my sister’s dogs came home with a really bad ‘kennel cough’ that took ages to shake off. Obviously she never went there again.

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