QACA Pack of 10 LED Stair Lights Deck Lighting

I almost hate to jinx the whole processes here but it looks like we are moving to Idaho into the most gorgeous house on the top of a very large hill. (I call it a hill, they say mountain. I come from Colorado, this is close… but not a mountain). So,tomato/tamato. Either way, this gorgeous house is off a dirt road with no street lighting what-so-ever. So, we have been shopping for lights to at least get our guests into the house from their cars! When I saw these lights from QACA I knew I these would be perfect!! This is a shot of the front door and these are steps we will be adding our lights too.

My new house

The lights are low voltage, waterproof outdoor lights. These lights are designed to be recessed into the wood steps of our front porch. The lights are available in warm white and cool white. I choose to have the warm white to stay with the natural type lighting of the night. There are 10 lights in the package. You can add or decrease the amount of lights easily.
Recessed step lights

Pack of 10 LED Recessed outside lighting Stair Light Low Voltage Waterproof IP65 Outdoor Φ1.38″ Wood Recessed Warm White LED Deck Lighting.

The bronze color is beautiful. The light is nice and soft. The lights plug into each other. The plug-in then there is a connector that fastens together so they cannot pull apart.  The lights are very secure once put together.

The power supply cord is slightly over 7′ at 7.2′.  So the set will easily do my front steps.  There is 3.28″ between each light.

The lights themselves are 1.38″ by 1.44″.  Mount them in a .79″ hole.

These are low voltage lights at just 12 volts. Energy saving and environment friendly as well using only 0.4W.

Light color: warm white, color temperature: 2800-3200K, lumen: 10 lumens per light. IP65 waterproof, safe for indoor and outdoor use.

This is a shot of the lights outside in our current home. These are still plenty bright even though I have street lights, patio lights as well. So in the dark yard of Idaho this will be wonderful!!  Yes, I will update pictures when the lights are where they belong.
Lighting outside sample of wooden recessed lighting.
All lights are certified to CE and RoHS to ensure the product quality and safety.

recessed lighting for wood

These lights will last for a lifespan over 50000 hours. Yes, I had to do the math on a calculator for this one. It’s over 5.75 years!!  (Did I do the math right?? You math geniuses might want to do the math yourself and never, EVER trust me when it comes to numbers!! (or how much gas is in my gas tank)


Absolutely none. These recessed deck lights put off plenty of light and will not distract from the beautiful porch!


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