QCY Mini Wireless Earphones with 12 Hours Music Time!!

I have a great set of wireless, bluetooth earbuds. There is so much that I love about this set. Starting with the packaging. The plain brown craft box fit the QCY Mini Earbuds.Earbuds

Inside the craft box is a small fitted plastic case. The case is almost 3″ long and a little over an inch wide. The case is so COOL!! First the case is also the charger. A very nice gray color. Open the top and the earbuds nestle inside the fitted wells. The earbuds make a slight clicking noise when they are put in correctly. The wells are marked (r)ight and (l)eft. On the outside back of the case is the USB charging port. A very short USB cord arrives with the earphones. Also included are three extra sets of rubber ear pieces so that you can pretty much be assured that you will find a fit for ears.

Once you fully charge the mini earbuds. I charge them overnight and I get a full day of music or Netflix binge watching. The comfort is wonderful once you get the correct rubber ear piece to fit your ear. The buds stay in while I clean house, run around the park with 5-year-old! They fit comfortably and securely.

My favorite feature is the fact I can pair two devices. My Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and my iPad. I love that!!! I can make phone calls that according to the people on the other end the call is CRYSTAL clear. As small as the ear bud is I am blown away that the calls are that clear. WOW!!

Pairing is super easy. After the first pairing just turn on the ear buds and they auto connect. Either to my iPad or my phone.

Start with a long press on the right earbud and the earbuds will begin the pairing mode, I love that the earbuds have verbal confirmation for all of the steps.  The noise cancellation works perfectly for phone calls, music and binge watching Netflix shows.  I love that after I hang up a phone call my music or show automatically resumes.

The battery life is very good. I get about 11.5 hours of talk and music time.  I can listen in stereo or in mono mode.

Each earbud is marked on the underside with (r)ight and (l)eft. On the top of each earbud is QCY  in a pretty silver-gray.
Side note! If you forget to remove the tape off the charging port on the earbud? Yeah… they won’t charge. So be sure to remove the protective tape. 


Nope, not a one. These bluetooth earbuds are not just a comfortable fit but great sound, clear phone calls on both ends AND being able to connect two devices make these an awesome set!!



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