The React Sidekick!

The React Sidekick transforms the way you call for help in an emergency!

Everyone worries about someone. Whether it’s your kids, spouse, grandkids or even your parents.  I’m excited about the React Sidekick, it’s a low energy Bluetooth device that pairs with React’s mobile app. This puts security within reach when it counts.


Early this year I did a review of the React Mobile app. The app alone is amazing! Upload it to your phone to turn it into a lifeline. Not only can React Mobile send out an SOS to the people you put in you lifelines, but, will also send them your GPS location as well. With a touch of a button you can even connect with 9-1-1!  I truly believe that this should be on EVERY lone runner or walker’s phone. ESPECIALLY since it’s starting to get dark earlier!!  This is THE app for anytime you are worried about your safety. Witness a crime? One button gets you in contact with the authorities.

Since the release of React the software has been evolving, getting better, adding more perks! BUT, NOW along with the app is the React Sidekick! You now have peace of mind at your fingertips without the need to find your phone, unlock it and dial. Simply press a button to send out a wide spread emergency alert. BRILLIANT!!

Let your friends and family follow you to safety by sliding the app to the yellow Follow-Me position. The React Sidekick will be illuminated yellow whenever your friends are tracking you.

This is a MUST have for college students and even high school kids. Actually, I think this is such a brilliant design that everyone should have one!!

On August 13, 2014, the new Kickstarter project launched. React Sidekick is aiming to raise $25,000 through the Kickstarter campaign to manufacture the new wearable Bluetooth safety device. The Sidekick pairs with the free React Mobile app so a user can quickly activate the SOS alert functionality, which signals to a wide network of trusted contacts that he or she is in danger, all without having to find and unlock his or her phone.

What Is The React Sidekick and How Does It Work?

The React Sidekick eliminates the need to find and unlock a cellphone to call for help. Simply click the Sidekick button to send out a panic alert to a wide network of trusted contacts. The Sidekick button send a text or email to pre-selected friends, family or the authorities that you are in need of help. Users can also choose to have Emergency Alerts posted on Facebook and Twitter.

The React Sidekick has a tri-colored LED visual indicator on the button that ties in with the React Mobile app. Green means the user is safe, yellow means contacts are watching over the users and following them to safety, and red means the user is in trouble and has sent out a widespread alert to trusted contacts.

React Sidekick Features

  • Small modular design that easily clips onto clothing
  • Compatibility: Apple iOS 7.0 or later of iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, iPad 3rd and 4th Generation, iPad Mini, and iPad Air iPodTouch 5th Generation or Later
  • Panic button pairs with the React Mobile app when in range of a user’s phone
  • Frequency Range: ISM Band 2.4 GHz
  • Bluetooth Version: BT 4.0 Low Energy
  • Active Range: 0–30ft / 10 to 30m
  • 1+ Year Battery Life
  • Suggested MSRP $49.99, the React Mobile app is free for users in the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores

Click HERE to learn more about the Kickstarter React Sidekick

About React Mobile 

React Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, React Mobile is an app and wearable tech solution focusing on transforming the way people call for help in an emergency. To learn more about React Mobile, visit

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